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  1. Koby

    Free Games Megathread

    Kabounce free on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/431930/Kabounce/
  2. Koby

    The Video Game Deals Thread

    Shining Resonance Refrain is 75% off currently on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/809890/Shining_Resonance_Refrain/
  3. Koby

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    It's been a while (since March), but I finally got back to The Legend of Heroes: Cold Steel 2. Hoping to get it finished within the next month. Now on Act 2, Part 2.
  4. Koby

    Summer 2019 Anime Season

    Forgot to mention Movies and OVAs, even though most of the movies listed for Summer won't actually be viewable to people outside Japan until like 8 months later when they hit BD typically. I've added the ones I'm interested in seeing to my first post in the thread.
  5. Koby

    American Gods (2017 TV Series)

    To me it's kind of an interesting show, but it's definitely a slow burn. Not much actually seems to get accomplished each season when you look back on things.
  6. So if a show stars a woman it automatically must be sjw trash?
  7. Netflix is launching a show billed as Game of Thrones for feudal Japan, covering the conflict between kingdoms led by power-hungry warlords. Age of Samurai is described as a docu-drama, co-produced by Smithsonian Canada. So while we can expect plenty of battles and backstabbings, it will also be educational and historically accurate. One of the lead characters will be Date Masamune, a warlord nicknamed “the One-Eyed Dragon” because he supposedly plucked out his own eye to combat a smallpox infection. By 17 he was in charge of his family’s clan, and he is an iconic figure from Japanese history, inspiring numerous fictionalized depictions including a TV series starring Ken Watanabe. As Deadline‘s announcement points out, his samurai helmet is thought to have influenced the design of Darth Vader. While Western audiences are familiar with the concept of samurai, most have minimal knowledge of the real historical figures. It sounds like Age of Samurai will correct some misconceptions while also featuring epic drama and action scenes. Filming in Japan, Canada and the U.S., the show will arrive on Netflix later this year. Meanwhile, if the term “docu-drama” sounds a little dry, Age Of Samurai is going to be a “stylized drama that will pay homage to the noir of graphic novels and Japanese art.” The show is also being co-produced by Smithsonian Canada and Cream Productions, and it’s supposed to air at some point later this year. That seemingly quick turnaround implies that it won’t be as lavishly expensive as Game Of Thrones was.
  8. Koby

    Summer 2019 Anime Season

    You must have problems reading? No where did I ever claim any diferent. What I said was in fact "Sentai confirmed that DanMachi S2 will be Dubcasted".
  9. S03E16: Holy crap. Who the heck is left? Wow. This season has been something else. Is there gonna be anyone left after this? lol. I hope this ride continues through the end. What a fabulous second half to the season this has been.
  10. Koby

    Summer 2019 Anime Season

    I usually like to read over RandomC's seasonal preview as they delve a bit into the people behind the show and some past projects while kind of giving their impressions and including a couple PVs, but they don't release it until right before the season begins usually. That's usually when I make a decision on some of the iffy ones on my list and then some that I'm still not decided on I'll watch a few eps and either drop it or continue it. Mainly because I know for a fact I do not have the time to keep up with that many shows in a single season and my backlog continues to pile up as it is. So I attempt to cut down my seasonal pick-ups as much as I can without missing out on something I'd probably really like. Whether a show that I'm iffy on gets Dubcast/Simuldub or not also affects my willingness to watch it as I can multi-task better with it going if it's dubbed and thus more likely to stay caught up. That said, FUNi has confirmed a Simuldub for 'The Ones Within'.
  11. Koby

    Cartoon Network Godzilla

    Unfortunately we cannot help locate pirated material here.
  12. Koby

    Final Fantasy VII Remake is happening.

    They've already confirmed they vastly expanded the Midgar section. Also from what I've read/understood, it sounds like they cut a substantial amount of original content out such as Honey Bee Inn, Bro's Gym and Don Corneo's Mansion, which also means they cut out the sewers. “Remaking Final Fantasy VII has allowed us to dive much deeper into the world and its characters than ever before,” said producer Yoshinori Kitase. “The first game in this project expands on the story of Midgar and is such an elaborate retelling that it’s become a solid standalone game in its own right.”
  13. Koby

    Summer 2019 Anime Season

    Summer Anime 2019 AniChart | MAL Chart | AniDB Chart *Click image to enlarge* Sentai confirmed that DanMachi S2 will be Dubcasted, while FUNimation has confirmed only a few shows so far. My Personal Summer Watch List is currently as follows: Left-Overs: Black Clover Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Fairy Tail Definite Pick-ups: A Certain Scientific Accelerator DanMachi II Vinland Saga Possible Pick-ups (Pending Impressions on further PVs and/or first couple episodes): Are You Lost? Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Dr. Stone Isekai Cheat Magician Maou-sama, Retry! The Ones Within Movies Dragon Quest: Your Story KonoSuba Movie One Piece: Movie 14 Ni no Kuni Weathering With You Violet Evergarden Movie OVAs Mob Psycho 100: The First Spirits and Such Field Trip - A Journey that Mends the Heart and Heals the Soul One Punch Man S2 - OVA That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - OVA Totsukuni no Shoujo
  14. Hmm you linked to FF7, when this is talking about FF8. =p
  15. Teaser Trailer released today: