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    Have a Happy Spooktacular Merry Halloween-mas.
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    Sentai announced DanMachi Season 2 for Dubcast on Hidive in July!
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    Did you know... that The most notable period of piracy happened between 1650s and 1730s in a period that is today known as "Golden Age of Piracy"? Then, large amounts of organized pirate fleets managed constantly raid trade routes of Caribbean, West Africa, Red Sea and India, and various publications started promoting their idolized way of life, great adventures and riches that they captured. Some of the most notable pirate captains managed to inflict such a fear and devastation to the trade community, that they even manage to completely stop naval commerce between commerce in few occasions. Exploits of pirates such as Blackbeard (who operated in Caribbean and was famous for his theatrics and personal image), Henry Every (who managed to capture incredible wealth and retire without being caught by authorities), Henry Morgan (who fought against Spanish as a privateer his entire life), Edward Low (famous for his cruelty and love for torture), and Anne Bonny (one of the rare female pirates) managed to attract such attention, that European and US governments had to react. For years their armies were occupied with fighting among themselves, but when peace treaties have been signed threat of piracy became unbearable to all of them. With few organized attack they managed to kill several major pirate captains (such as Bartholomew Roberts who captured over 470 ships in Caribbean and West Africa), destroy their hideouts (at the peak of the pirate activity, their bases at Madagascar held over 1000 people) and provide better support to trade fleets and end so called "Golden Age of Piracy".
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    Fact of the Day - PIRATES Did you know... that Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of all ? Blackbeard ( aka Edward Teach ) was known as the most terrifying pirate in the world . Before capturing a ship he would weave hemp into his beard and light it on fire , an intimidation tactic that made him look demonic .
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    Blimps are commonly used for advertising purposes, and some blimps have 1000s of LED lights on them to shine messages. Blimps are often deflated in transportation processes. Also, some blimps were used for patrolling purposes for the United States Navy in the World War I period.
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    Fact of the Day - BLIMPS Did you know... that A blimp is an airship that has no internal framework to keep its helium gas bag rigid? They lift due to high pressure and helium pumped in the balloon and uses less fuel in two weeks than it takes a 747 airplane just to taxi to the runway. The only solid parts of a blimp are the gondola, where the passengers are, and the tail fins used for stability. Blimps require propeller motors for steering mobility purposes. Pilots power and steer blimps with two propeller engines and a movable tail and rudder system. On average, blimps can travel 150-200 miles per day. The usual cruising speed for a blimp is 35 miles per hour in a zero wind condition. There are 4 air valves on each blimp- two at the front and two at the back. The valves are opened and closed to either let air out or keep air in the ballonets. Without any lifting gas, the empty ship (GZ-20) weighs about 12,840 pounds. Inflated with helium, the ship weighs only 100-200 pounds, depending on the amount of fuel, payload and ballast aboard.
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    4 is well known to be an unlucky number because 四 sounds similar to 死 (sǐ), which means "death" in Chinese. People will go to extremes based on superstitions of the number 4. In China, the presence of the number 4 is avoided in most public settings; in addition to elevator buttons, addresses, ID numbers, phone numbers, license plates, and product names will usually omit the number 4 for fear of being attached to bad luck. Houses and apartments that have 4 in the address number will sell for much less than ones without. Mentioning the number four to an ill family member is considered to be highly offensive, and giving anything with 4 on it to someone can be seen as a death threat.
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    Did you know... that there are four species of kangaroo : the Red , Antilopine , Eastern Grey and Western Grey Kangaroo ? Kangaroos are the only large animal to use hopping as their primary method of locomotion . Hopping is a fast and energy efficient means of travelling which allows them to cover large distances in habitats where there is little food and water available .
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    Did you know... that red kangaroos are the largest marsupial and can grow up to 2 meters. They can reach a top speed of over 65km/h out-pacing a top racehorse. In one leap they can jump 3m high and 7.6m long. Fun Fact topic is repeated
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    Fact of the Day - KANGAROOS Did you know.... that female kangaroos can determine the sex of their offspring.? They can even delay gestation when environmental factors are likely to diminish the chance of young surviving. Like all marsupials, kangaroos are born extremely early; the equivalent of the seventh week of pregnancy for humans. They travel from the birth canal as little more than an embryo by blindly propelling through the mother’s fur to the safety of the pouch, where they will spend several months developing before finally leaving to explore the world.
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    Did you know... that India is the world’s largest milk producer, with 16 percent of global production. Also, Chess was invented in India. Never Imagined that one would be a thing.
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    Did you know... India has the largest postal serice in the world ? Its postal network contains 150.000 post offices , yet it is also considered one of the slowest postal networks in the world .
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    Fact of the Day - INDIA Did you know... that Hindi is not the National Language of India? There are more than 20 official languages and Hindi is one of them but it is not India's National language. Official languages are the ones which a country uses to communicate on an official level. In fact, there are some cities in India like Chennai, where people are happy not to communicate in Hindi.
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    This is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable features of the castle, as if the castle weren’t uncomfortable enough; there were no toilets, but rather little constructions called “garderobes,” a hole through which users would aim their waste products, which would ultimate go through shoots which wound up in the surrounding moats. Adding to the wretchedness, these “bathrooms” were often cold and breezy, hardly conducive to progress. Another gross detail: the “garderobe” was called such as residents would keep their clothing inside, as the odor would repel insects (and any human with a sense of smell, most likely).
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    Ok, this is post WWII but concerns a renowned German cruiser the Prinz Eugen. After the Potsdam Conference of 1945 the Eugen was ceded to the US and used as a target ship in the Crossroads atomic tests at Bikini Atoll in July 1946. The cruiser survived both 'Able' air burst bombs and the more powerful 'Baker' underwater shot. She remained afloat and was eventually towed away to sink off Kawajalein Atoll in August 1946.
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    Did you know... that the America Class is one of the largest assault ship of the US Navy ? So far , only one ship , the USS America , has been completed ( in 2014 ) . The ship has a total length of 257 m ( 844 ft ) and displacement ( weight ) of about 45.000 long tons ( 46.000 t ) .
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    The rulers of Minoan Crete were the first to raise a navy specifically for the purpose of battling piracy. He managed to clear the surrounding waters of piracy for a time, until his navy was destroyed by a tsunami around 1400 B.C. and piracy resumed.
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    Did you know... that the largest balloon-like part, or envelope, is made of a special polyester fabric that is specially designed to be strong and light. It is shaped like a bullet to be aerodynamic, reducing friction as it cruises through the sky.
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    Did you know... that In 1925 , Goodyear Tire and Rubber created the blimps we now know today ? The term ''blimp'' is a mix of the original British word for blimp , ,,limp,, and the most common type of blimp class , B , thus creating ,,blimp,, bizkit .
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    Did you know... that 17 is considered unlucky. When viewed as the Roman numeral, XVII, it is then changed anagrammatically to VIXI, which in the Latin language translates to "I lived", the perfect implying "My life is over." Also 9 is feared in Japan because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for torture or suffering, so it's also considered unlucky
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    And that's my birth date. Finally got the reason for my bad luck.
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    Did you know... that other planets have them? Voyagers 1 and 2 were the first probes to bring back pictures of auroras on Jupiter and Saturn, and later Uranus and Neptune. Since then, the Hubble Space Telescope has taken pictures of them as well. Auroras on either Jupiter or Saturn are much larger and more powerful than on Earth, because those planets' magnetic fields are orders of magnitude more intense. On Uranus, auroras get weirder, because the planet's magnetic field is oriented roughly vertically, but the planet rotates on its side. That means instead of the bright rings you see on other worlds, Uranus' auroras look more like single bright spots, at least when spied by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2011. But it's not clear that's always the case, because no spacecraft has seen the planet up-close since 1986.
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    Did you know... that the aurora borealis is visible from space ? Satellites can take pictures of the aurora from Earth's orbit and the images they get are pretty striking . In fact , auroras are bright enough that they show up strongly on the nightside of the Earth even if one were looking at them from another planet .
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    The northern lights look like fire, but they wouldn't feel like one. Even though the temperature of the upper atmosphere can reach thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, the heat is based on the average speed of the molecules. After all, that's what temperature is. But feeling heat is another matter – the density of the air is so low at 60 miles (96 kilometers) up that a thermometer would register temperatures far below zero where aurora displays occur.
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    Fact of the Day - AURORA BOREALIS Did you know... that the Aurora Borealis makes sound ? The answer is yes! However, not everyone hears the sound and not all aurora produce it. Several credible witnesses in both the Northern Hemisphere (aurora borealis) and Southern Hemisphere (aurora australis) report hearing a sound accompanying the Northern Lights and Southern Lights. According to Neal Brown, former director of the Poker Flat Research Range, which conducts extensive experiments on the aurora borealis, witnesses say they hear the sound of the aurora when it is visible. Since the lights we see from the aurora are produced at 60 miles (100 kilometers) and higher up in the atmosphere, it’s unlikely the sound is coming directly from the aurora. This is simply because the light reaches an observer much faster than any sound. However, the reports of sounds, usually described as a hissing or crackling, are credible. Certain blindfolded subjects, unable to see the aurora, correctly announced the presence of the aurora, based on sound. Not everyone hears the aurora, plus it seems likely the conditions aren’t right for all aurora to produce the sound. The sound has been reported in both summer and winter, on a variety of terrains.
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