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    Nihon Falcom's JRPG series The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has found a passionate audience in both Japan and western markets. Focusing on a band of military school cadets, the squad faces off against ever-growing threats across a wartorn land, while slowly building up their skills in combat and forming greater bonds of friendship. While Trails of Cold Steel 3 dropped for PlayStation 4 in the west last October, NIS America has revealed that the series will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch next year. Coming sometime in Spring 2020, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 will launch on the Nintendo Switch in the U.S. and Europe ahead of the Japan release--which is something of a first for the franchise. Earlier this year, Nihon Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo stated that he hoped to get more games on the Nintendo's portable console following the Switch release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Published by NIS America, a Switch demo for Trails of Cold Steel 3 will also be available shortly around the time of the game's launch. In comparison to its PlayStation 4 counterpart; The Switch version runs at a locked 720p resolution and 30 frames-per-second in both docked and undocked modes. Just like the PS4 release, the Switch version of Trails of Cold Steel 3 will also launch with special editions of the game. With the Extracurricular Edition, you'll get the base game, a 20-page art book, and a reversible cover. Whereas with the Thors Academy Edition, it comes with everything in the previous collection, along with a box set including a steelbook, game soundtrack, postcards, and a Mishy plushie. All versions of the game, including the standard release, will also have all Trails of Cold Steel 3 DLC items packed in as well. Though the west just got the third entry in the series, the final entry--Trails of Cold Steel 4--has been out in Japan for over a year. As of this time, the developers at Falcom are already looking ahead with the Legends of Heroes franchise, teasing a new storyline focusing on another group of characters. Just before the western PS4 release of Trails of Cold Steel 3, Kondo spoke about the JRPG series, and why it takes so long to release the games in the west. "As creators, we would love for everybody to be able to play the game as soon as possible but the reality is, because these [games] are so story focused, we're actually still fiddling with the text up until the very end, and we won't let localization partners work on it until it's complete," said Kondo. "These games are known for their very luminous stories, and it takes a long time to translate. This one, for example, has 2.4 million Japanese characters, and it just takes time."
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    Near the end of the lifecycle of the original PlayStation, Sony Japan Studio released JRPG The Legend of Dragoon. While it received mixed reviews from critics and currently sits with a 74 Metacritic score, the game has garnered somewhat of a cult following through the years. While there has never been a sequel or another entry in the series, it appears that there could be a remake or remaster currently in the works. While a remaster of The Legend of Dragoon is far from confirmed, recent tweets from a developer at Bluepoint Games, a company known for its remakes and remasters of classic games, appears to open the door to the possibility that the game could see a remake. Technical director Peter Dalton shared a video on Twitter about the Shadow of the Colossus remake developed by Bluepoint Games, to which someone replied and asked Dalton if he liked The Legend of Dragoon. Dalton replied: Dalton's response may very well be an innocent question to garner interest about the 20-year-old JRPG rather than a hint that Bluepoint Games is working on a remaster of The Legend of Dragoon. But that is not stopping fans from speculating and piling on their own praise for the PS1 classic. After his original tweet got all the attention, Dalton acknowledged the passion fans shared for The Legend of Dragoon, tweeting that it is motivating to see: It is not at all unreasonable to think that Bluepoint Games could partner with Sony to remaster The Legend of Dragoon considering that the developer has worked on remaking or remastering some of Sony's biggest games and franchises including Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Gravity Rush, Flower, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and The God of War Collection. Bluepoint Games' last release was Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 in 2018 and the developer has yet to reveal what it may be working on currently. Outside of the original game, The Legend of Dragoon has never seen any kind of sequel; however, Dart Feld, the main protagonist from The Legend of Dragoon was originally on the list to become a DLC character for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale but was scrapped early in development for unknown reasons. The thought of a remake or remaster of the game is exciting for its fans, they will have to wait for a more official announcement to see if the JRPG may return three console cycles after its original release. Source: GameRant
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    Dragon Quest Heroes II was probably one of the most overlooked games of 2017. The hack and slash sequel had a solid combat system, an enjoyable story, and plenty of cool characters, but it just didn't seem to get the attention that it deserved. It was also a real improvement over the original, boasting a much better gameplay structure overall. Given the second game's quality, another sequel should be on the cards, but it sounds like the potential project has never been given the green light. According to director Tomohoki Sho -- who works under Koei Tecmo -- Dragon Quest Heroes 3 has been discussed, but putting it together would be quite a challenge. Speaking to Nintendo Everything, Sho says, "Obviously this is a Square Enix property so we can’t really say anything, but I have kind of mentioned to them before, ‘Shouldn’t we consider a third entry?" She continues: "So we’ve been talking a little about maybe putting out a third entry, but really the big thing is between I and II there were so many improvements made. If we were going to go from II to III, what else can we put in to really impress the players who played both games that will get them really excited and really emotionally moved by it? So there are a lot of hurdles. What would it be that we can put into the game? That’s still something we’re not sure how to do yet.” Indeed, a third game would have to be quite a step up, so Sho's comments on the situation make sense. Hopefully we'll see Dragon Quest Heroes 3 at some point.
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    Cover art for a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has appeared on Sony’s PlayStation Store. News of the leaked cover art comes via gamstat, which culls publicly available information from Sony’s API. In western markets the game will be titled Resident Evil 3. Alternate art includes a listing for Biohazard RE:3, likely intended for the Japanese market. A third piece of art refers to Biohazard RE:3 Z Version, likely an uncensored (or Z-rated in Japan by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) version of the game. Last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake also received a “Z Version” in Japan. The leaks come in advance of The Game Awards, which will stream live on Dec. 12, and could be home to an official reveal from Capcom. The third entry in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 3 was originally released in 1999. The survival horror game tells the story of Jill Valentine and her escape from an urban center affected by a biological weapon. That game’s boss, known as the Nemesis, features prominently in this new cover art. Today’s leak coincides with a report from YouTuber SpawnWave, who claimed to have credible reports that a remake was in development and on track for a 2020 launch. Eurogamer later reported similar details. In a financial report from October, Capcom called last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake an “indisputable success” for the company. The publisher said it would utilize dormant game properties and remakes to promote growth in the future. This isn’t the only Resident Evil game that developer Capcom has on the drawing board. Project Resistance — now apparently known as Resident Evil: Resistance — is a four-against-one online multiplayer game.
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    Black Widow Teaser Trailer
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    https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rayman-legends/home Rayman Legends is currently free on Epic Game Store. https://freebies.indiegala.com/potatoman-seeks-the-troof/ Potatoman Seeks the Troof is currently free on IndieGala. https://freebies.indiegala.com/glorkian-warrior-the-trials-of-glork/ Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork is currently free on IndieGala. https://freebies.indiegala.com/rex-another-island/ Rex: Another Island is currently free on IndieGala.
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    https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/jotun/home Jotun: Valhalla Edition is currently free on Epic Game Store. https://freebies.indiegala.com/the-deed The Deed is currently free on IndieGala.
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    At this rate, I won't be able to catch up with the amount of Legand of Heroes games out there.
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    I'd definitely buy it if ever happened. Legend of Dragoon, the Shadow Hearts series, and the XenoSaga series are some of my favorite games but we've heard very little about them since their original release.
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    Zombie Driver HD is free to keep when you get it before Dec 5 @ 12:00pm. https://store.steampowered.com/app/220820/Zombie_Driver_HD/
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    Demon's Souls remake seems more likely at this point from both a financial and popularity standpoint.
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    Fact of the Day - TIME TRAVEL Did you know... that time travel — moving between different points in time — has been a popular topic for science fiction for decades? Franchises ranging from "Doctor Who" to "Star Trek" to "Back to the Future" have seen humans get in a vehicle of some sort and arrive in the past or future, ready to take on new adventures. Each come with their own time travel theories. The reality, however, is more muddled. Not all scientists believe that time travel is possible. Some even say that an attempt would be fatal to any human who chooses to undertake it. What is time? While most people think of time as a constant, physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is an illusion; it is relative — it can vary for different observers depending on your speed through space. To Einstein, time is the "fourth dimension." Space is described as a three-dimensional arena, which provides a traveler with coordinates — such as length, width and height —showing location. Time provides another coordinate — direction — although conventionally, it only moves forward. (Conversely, a new theory asserts that time is "real.") Einstein's theory of special relativity says that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else. Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a spaceship would age much slower than his twin at home. Also, under Einstein's theory of general relativity, gravity can bend time. Picture a four-dimensional fabric called space-time. When anything that has mass sits on that piece of fabric, it causes a dimple or a bending of space-time. The bending of space-time causes objects to move on a curved path and that curvature of space is what we know as gravity. Both the general and special relativity theories have been proven with GPS satellite technology that has very accurate timepieces on board. The effects of gravity, as well as the satellites' increased speed above the Earth relative to observers on the ground, make the unadjusted clocks gain 38 microseconds a day. (Engineers make calibrations to account for the difference.) In a sense, this effect, called time dilation, means astronauts are time travelers, as they return to Earth very, very slightly younger than their identical twins that remain on the planet. General relativity also provides scenarios that could allow travelers to go back in time, according to NASA. The equations, however, might be difficult to physically achieve. One possibility could be to go faster than light, which travels at 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) in a vacuum. Einstein's equations, though, show that an object at the speed of light would have both infinite mass and a length of 0. This appears to be physically impossible, although some scientists have extended his equations and said it might be done. A linked possibility, NASA stated, would be to create "wormholes" between points in space-time. While Einstein's equations provide for them, they would collapse very quickly and would only be suitable for very small particles. Also, scientists haven't actually observed these wormholes yet. Also, the technology needed to create a wormhole is far beyond anything we have today. Want to read more about Time Travel? Click here.
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    Fact of the Day - DISTILLATION Did you know... that distillation is a way to separate mixed liquids by utilizing the different boiling points of the liquids. We can distill a mixture by heating it to a temperature which lies between the boiling points of the two liquids. The liquid with the lower boiling point here evaporates; while the other liquid remains in liquid form in the flask. When the first liquid is in gaseous form, it is transferred to another container where it cools down and condenses. Thus it goes from gas phase back to the liquid phase. The result is two containers -with the two liquids that are now separated from each other. Distillation of alcohol We are now looking at a concrete example where we want to distill a mixture of water and ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol with a boiling point of 78.4 ° C and water boils at 100 ° C. It is therefore necessary to heat this mixture to a minimum of 78.4 ° C, but the temperature must not exceed 100 ° C. Basically, it is a good idea to choose a temperature that is just above the boiling point of ethanol – for example 80 ° C. When the mixture is heated to about 80 ° C (either using a hotplate or a bunsen burner), the ethanol will begin to evaporate and this gas will move through the distillation head and into the cooler. The cooler is equipped with water that transforms the gas back to the liquid phase. The liquid then condenses on the glass in the cooler and then drops into a beaker that collects the distillate which is the ethanol. As the temperature of the mixture is not higher 100 ° C, the water remains in liquid form. However, it should be remembered that water at 80 ° C-90 ° C can also evaporate to a lesser extent, thus diluting the distilled ethanol. One can get a cleaner product by distilling the distillate of the first distillation. Distillation of crude oil Distillation is mainly used in refining crude oil on the so-called oil refineries. Here, however, the principle is typically extended to fractional distillation. In this type of distillation, crude oil is first distilled at about 400 ° C, and that which does not evaporate, is sorted off and used for, for example, asphalt. After that, a new distillation is made on the rest of the crude oil, and in that way it is possible to separate the different ingredients of the crude one by one by repeated distillations, lowering the temperature for each distillation. This gives the pure products such as diesel, petroleum, butane and propane. In practice, after the fractional distillation, a large number of refining processes of the individual products will take place before the finished products are obtained.
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    Fact of the Day - CLOUDS Did you know.... that in meteorology, a cloud is an aerosol consisting of a visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals, or other particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body or similar space. Water or various other chemicals may compose the droplets and crystals. Clouds are incredible. Their endless shapes can add beauty to a sunny afternoon or terror to a day marked by tragedy. When you look at how diverse these billowing formations of atmospheric water are, it’s easy to forget that they’re just that—atmospheric water. Even so, there’s much more to clouds than meets the eye. Clouds look like they weigh little more than a tuft of cotton, but they’re heavier than they look. Your average cumulus (fair weather) cloud can weigh more than a million pounds, and a vivacious thunderstorm can pack billions (if not trillions) of pounds of water in one tiny part of the sky. Yet, all of that weight seems effortlessly suspended in the air. It’s both a little unsettling and, at the same time, awesome to think about. Wispy cirrus clouds fill the sky near sunset. Image credit: Dennis Mersereau While most clouds we see are made up of tiny liquid water droplets, there is one common type of cloud that’s made of ice: cirrus. These clouds are collections of ice crystals that form in the upper levels of the atmosphere when water vapor deposits onto tiny particles like dust or smoke. Strong winds then shred these clouds apart, giving them their iconic wispy appearance. Virga falls from the clouds at sunset. Image credit: Bryce Bradford, Flickr // CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0 Another phenomenon that’s often mistaken for a cirrus cloud is something called “virga,” or precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground. The great thing about virga is that it’s both cool to look at and won’t ruin your day; it’s an indication that the lower and middle levels of the atmosphere are very dry—usually too dry to rain or snow. Contrails lingering in the sky on a day with high upper-level humidity. Image credit: Mark Robinson, Flickr // CC BY-NC 2.0 While most clouds form from natural processes, some can occur as a result of human activities. The best example of this is a condensation trail, commonly known as a contrail for short. Contrails form from an airplane’s hot, moist jet exhaust condensing in the extremely cold air of the upper atmosphere. These cirrus clouds can immediately dissipate or linger for hours depending on how much moisture is present. The rotating updraft of a supercell looms over the horizon. Image credit: Niccolò Ubalducci, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Most thunderstorms are uneventful, but a tiny percentage of them can grow strong enough that they rage for hours and produce unimaginable horror. These storms, known as supercells, are characterized by a rotating updraft that powers them like an engine. In addition to their enormous hail and monstrous tornadoes, supercells are known for their incredible appearance. The most striking part of a supercell is the rotating updraft, which looks like a column that stretches from the horizon to the heavens. Want to read more about Clouds? CLick here.
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    Finished episode 37 of DBZ Faulconer Revival! Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/e02bnJw
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