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    When I was a kid I used to have to go to the circus to see the bearded lady, now a days I just have to go to the local confectionery!
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    Paranoid much Data Rocks? Mystic may not have posted here in a while but he actually has contributed to this site before, i'd be more inclined to trust him than you based on that alone. I also think its hilarious how defensive you are getting about people potentially stealing your stuff when you're plotting to steal from Amazon. I've done quite a lot on Kametsu in the past, I guess I'm a cheater too huh? Does anyone showing a slight interest in this make them a thief/cheater? Don't misunderstand, I am super interested in this but I haven't contacted you or posted on this thread much is because I have nothing to add to this project. Honestly, i'll quite happily continue to do screencaps.
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    Your right, I send him some code to achive the amz respons but he also was willing to help me. About @jax75 you'r right, He offerd me his Netflix-Script he bought, so he is a "good guy". Before there are some missunderstandings regarding me. I'm a quite person and prefer to talk in private about technical Stuff. So dont't expect much respons of me to some let's say "normal conversation". I hope together we find a solution here!
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    Lol @Data Rocks has been asking me for help like a noob. I told him that there was a frame decode issue and then he goes to GitHub as drt420 and posts "i was wondering why dont we save raw frames which was also done by wvdownloader in past" I told him that on skype and then he just left once he got some knowledge lol. You can ask @jax75, you can trust him but @Data Rocks have fun with your script. The Moral idea behind piracy is sharing. Collaborating is the only way youre going to get the decrypter working. The original WVStream and WVDownloader were created by a group of people and not just one person.
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    Glad you like it! I Really appreciate your guys' feedback! I was going to do them in an Alphabetic ascending order at first. But at least for now I think it's going to be totally random. Edit: Here's a sample with the intro of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.
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    Did a quick test on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi as well (I got my hands on Season 1 & Season 2 lossless rips from the collector's edition boxsets thanks to a great guy over at discord and soon I might get the 3rd Season as well, as I was lucky and found it for 30 USD. The same guy then actually proceeded to buy it) This show was made to be remastered. And here is a test of what the remaster of Dexter's Laboratory might quite possibly look like when I get the AMZ HD copies. Miles away from my previous results in my opinion. I finally managed to find a good way to preserve texture details and remove noise at the same time. (Check carefully the textures of the floor, you'll notice 95% of the fine details are actually still there, while in my previous versions a lot got washed away). And just for fun a comparison between the original DVD and what might become the final product.
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    thanks yes I am french sorry for misspelling google translate
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    Indeed you are correct, His first language / native language is French which I can speak but if I did that here on the forum everyone would get a little confused. English is also not my first language. I don't know if it is noticeable or not though. Beautiful Language nonetheless
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    I think a lot of the misunderstanding that we've (or at least I) have had with Jax, is the language barrier I don't think english is Jax's first language so its quite easy to misunderstand him Sorry about that @jax75
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    Completely agree with this, Jax from the beginning has been very loyal and helpful. I understand what you mean, that's fine too if you are private. It shouldn't bother anyone else but we need to work together instead of fighting and arguing if we actually want to get this decrypter working because our issue seems fixable imo.
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    Then you'd be wrong, I know MysticFTW quite well. We've collaborated frequently (Not here). I'm unaware of whatever interaction you may have had with him but he's never stolen anything from me or anyone I know. I don't know you at all however so I am inclined to dismiss your accusations about him. Honestly I just think you were looking for an excuse to go fuck you guys i'm outta here Why else would you be acting like this because someone who hasn't posted on this thread contacted you? That is completely irrational! If I post a thread here with a show and someone PM's me I don't flip out and delete the links. You do whatever you want
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    Unless there has been some new set since the last I saw comparisons, I don't agree.
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    Well One Piece is one of the rare occurrences where comparisons showed the US DVDs were better than the R2J "Log" sets, which was why cloaknsmoke encoded the US DVD for 1-206.
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    I'll just quote cloaknsmoke: Basically for a while the show was apparently animated at 30fps, but most sources available, such as Crunchyroll were put out at 24fps, which led to choppiness. A similar issue was cited for Naruto Shippuuden which was why shaddrag formed his group WCP (WithoutChoppyPlayback) in which he opted to stick with HDTV caps cause of the fps issue with the WEBRips at the time.
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    You make a valid point here. But if we have RAW Unencrypted Media it means we are moving forward somehow. Im struggling to extract the license keys from Amazon. Apparently it is done from Kodi but I cant find a working Kodi Addon anywhere
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    Which isn't the same as losslessly ripping it. I suck at explaining things and I'm probably explaining it incorrectly, but the WVDownloader way more or less was copying the stream on the fly since it's being decrypted as it plays through their player thus not actually cracking the encryption to obtain the file directly. The way the WEB-DL groups are do it is basically decrypting it somehow and downloading it directly as-if it was a direct download option. WVDownloader copy would be considered a WEBRip, not a WEB-DL, and typically would be encoded by the person ripping it before sharing it to get filesize into a more reasonable range. While the WEB-DL is already within that range and wouldn't be re-encoded.
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    If he's getting 300+GB files he's doing something extremely weird and definitely not getting the stream as-is. Sounds like he's doing some sort of lossless/placebo screencap. Plenty of straight Amazon rips (thus tagged WEB-DL) by NTb and NTG, which are all reasonable sized (like Reverie this season is between 700 MB to 1GB). While they source the straight 4K rip, then encode it down to lower resolutions for higher quality WEBRip than the straight ripped WEB-DL. A streaming service would go broke trying to stream stuff to everyone at 300GB an episode. That's just inconceivable.
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    If you're just look at it in terms of video quality, the USDVDs were superior to the "Special Edition aka Upscaled & Cropped" One Piece that df68 did. I'd really recommend cloaknsmoke for 1-206. For 207-528 I have a mixture of HWE, ChoeyXD, and cloaknsmoke for the episodes they've done. cloaknsmoke was the only one who went through and found the proper fps video caps for certain episodes that had a lot of issues on CR etc... so df68 also suffers the issues.
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    ^Honestly I don't know why anyone discusses this topic, It is a complete waste of time. I doubt it'll ever go anywhere. Just use Kodi and a screencapper, screencaps are perfectly fine.
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    Damn, that's really good. I can't wait to see what you'll do with the other shows. Also, are you doing these shows remasters in a an ascending order or random?
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    Apologies for the sudden downtime. A pretty nasty issue was noticed with the webserver during routine updates, that necessitated its downtime in order to fix the problem. This specific problem was related to the webserver log files not rotating properly and thus were consuming excessive amounts of disk space. The webserver had to be stopped in order to move the log files out of the way.
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    Looks great And can't wait to see Hi Hi puffy amiyumi.
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    I've been listening to a LOT of Slayer as of late, plus much Ozzy.
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    I don't know if it's good to post your complete Name here And in the end. Who cares if he is from Scene or not. If one day we mange to resolve the problem it will be public. So anybody could use it even Releaser "WhoCares"
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