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    Why is @Moodkiller still a virgin? Cause every time he and Scyrous begin "netflix & chill" he ends up killing the mood.
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    Thread closed. No one who has the ability to rip Amazon is sharing the tool publicly or freely. So topic is useless and is only leading to drama.
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    Some interesting stuff I have found The amzn plugin for kodi I have tested it, windows 10 + kodi leia beta 5 works tested with jack ryan s01 If you want to get all the encrypted video links of a movie use firefox 64bits + fvd addon, click on the fvd icon, all the resolutions will popup, hover over 1080p and copy url use youtube-dl + url to download. Because IDM didn't show all the links. Also I managed to play amzn prime video on android without the amzn app. With the idm+ app. It also grabs the video links so you can download the encrypted videos on android. Go to amzn video website in the browser view. Play a video, it will say an error, then change to desktop mode in the right-top menu. If you can't pay for the app You can use the app to download from other website like disneynow.go.com, you will need to clear the list and pauze and play the video so the highest resolutions shows. There is also a netflx kodi plugin At the location from above there is the .mpd from the netflx plugin and other info, if somebody can do something with it. And at this location from above is the widevide with the .init .response and it changes when you play a video with amzn plugin. I don't know much about it, but I'm learning, and I have exams.
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    It helps if you can read English and actually attempt to do so. Download Distro -> Dual-Audio section is not the place for introductions. That'd be the Meet & Greet board.
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    @lucaslink2 @Koby Life happens to get the best of me. Talked with @Etzimal about it and we should have some releases soon.
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    Had a bit of trouble getting english dub of Episode 12 of Attack on Titan Season 3. THe episode was checked and is uploading into the mega folder. Will post it in the morning. BTW, We did pretty well at the Tournament today. Happy Veterans Day all!
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    Today the Anime I post will be late. I am the Veterans Day Tournament in Rancho Bernardo.
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    Whoever nominated it either hasn't voted yet or voted for something other than what they nominated. If the latter, we should take them out back and shoot them.
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    As you are all aware by now, a server maintenance was conducted today to update the webserver and underlying TLS library that provides secure connectivity to our network of sites. Part of this upgrade, was the addition of support for the newly created TLS version 1.3. This new protocol version is supported by the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome, and should already be enabled by default in those browsers, so if you're using the latest versions of either browser, you should now be using TLSv1.3 transparently. However, with this change, we have to also make a change to some of the older ciphers we currently support on Kametsu. Right now, we maintain a relatively sane degree of backwards-compatibility to account for older browsers. Now that we have TLSv1.3 enabled, this has to be revised. We've already disabled support for TLSv1.0, and on December 16th, 2018 - we will be making the following changes to our supported TLS cipher suites/parameters: Plain DHE (Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based cipher suites will be completely disabled. We will only support ECDHE (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based suites. DHE is still relatively secure provided you use a decent-sized key, but its performance is generally lower than that of its EC-based counterpart especially with higher key sizes. TLSv1.1 will be disabled, and TLSv1.2 will become the minimum supported. The older Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) cipher suites will be depreciated and ultimately removed, in favor of the superior Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) cipher suites. These changes, especially 2 and 3, will mostly impact users on older operating systems and/or those using older/obsolete browsers (such as Internet Explorer on anything other than Windows 10, for example). These users will likely see their ability to connect to the site disappear once these changes take effect. For those of you using older operating systems and/or browsers - I implore you to update your systems and/or your browsers to the latest available versions to ensure you are still able to connect to Kametsu without a problem. If you have any concerns, please let me know. I do have a very busy work schedule so I can't always guarantee a timely response but I'll make every effort to respond to every concern raised regarding these upcoming changes.
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    Yo, Just sampling things here, anyone interested in learning about kfx/song-styling etc could you please answer a few questions, you can be someone who knows nothing of these topics or maybe you want help with more complex elements, whatever it is both sides of the spectrum would be really helpful. Any input is appreciated. What do you want to know or learn about these topics? Do you have an interest in general discussion and commentary on these topics (e.g posts about examples from popular groups/opinionated stuff)? How much do you know about the fansubbing process in general? (timing/TS, etc) In what ways would you like to learn about these topics, e.g. principle/concept or possibly by example? perhaps a combination of the two? Please send me a pm with a subject including kfx or something if you have the time to respond to any of the above. Thank you!
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    oh an you can read pm? how cute, i'd advice you stop your ranting or you will get the boot
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    Knock it off, people. I get emails on this stuff.
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    Saturdays, just got busy for me in IRL. The Posts will be a bit later than usual on Saturday for SSSS.Gridman Dub and Radiant Dub. I should be starting them at around 2:30pm PST.
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    Hi rogerthat Maybe i got the tools you need Send me a pm with the specific sites and i can look into it. Got private tools working for NF and Amazon (not the raw file thing), and some other DRM protected sites.
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    I want to change my name. I used Ginette because I couldn't think of a good name. Now I have chosen to pick CHM, which is what I partially use on other platforms.
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    Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Right after I get my grip, they release the f'n Limited Edition Holiday Bundle that I would have LOVED to have gotten instead with a red/black grip and the new SLIM case. https://satisfye.com/products/limited-edition-holiday-bundle Plus, you can enter the discount code BACKER15 for 15% off the order (it's supposed to be a code for the backers but anyone can use it). Total with shipping ($10) comes out to $50. I'm super tempted to get this and maybe try to sell my original black grip. While I love the red/black colorway, I realized that it might not look so good with my purple joy-cons and my alternate pink/green joycons. I'll definitely order the new SLIM case when that becomes available for separate purchase. I didn't like the original big case because it was so... well big. This looks like the perfect dimension. If anyone hasn't placed an order and would like to, here is the chance for a nice deal. Apparently these will sell out soon.
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    Basically it runs a virtual browser you don't see or hear and screencaps that. Its limited to 720p and comes with all problems associated with screencapping For example: 1) Amazons quality will start very pixelated just as it does when watching it 2) Buffering, Playon cannot detect when buffering happens it literally just records the time where no video plays Playon is rubbish.
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    so, came after a long time, working on original content on yt! Please do check one added today based on pokemon:
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    The dub is coming out on September 1st. This could be your chance to see something when its new. Haha.
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    I decided to change my name. I have never fully grown accustomed to my current one (EljayFlintok). My new handle will be pixxelherz. I'm implementing the change across every platform that allow username changes, including IRC. For those who may be wondering, the second part of the name is actually German which translates to heart in English.
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    What's the best way to find torrents on this website? I've tried to search for specific anime and I cannot find what i'm looking for, is there anything direct I can do?
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