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    Good news everyone! Almost made enough funds to continue and renew my Amazon Drive. Also started a new MEGA account under a different payment method so that should help protect me in the event links are shared again. I've been collecting my weekly DL's the whole time too. Anyways should have some links ready this weekend. My first days off in months! Cheers! TC
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    980.67 GB of 4 TB uploaded this week in efforts to restore dead links. I have not been announcing each new link as it's been restored, so the best way is to check what's new, is by looking at my upload index.
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    Its my Birthday today, lets see how many likes I will get on this post.
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    If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here
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    I'm like, how is Captain Planet and some other series links still active when MEGA deleted my accounts? ....On my index page, there is a pink exclamation mark ...this is the Hanna-Barbera DVDRip's backup. I created this the first time all links went down and had completely forgotten about it. Please don't share these links outside of Kametsu community. Anyways, by the end of March 2019 my NAS servers will be complete, at which time I'll also introduce my Kodi build, along with my Plex servers. Best regards, Tooncore
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    It’s been exactly one year since I made my Kametsu account! Here’s to another year of enjoying awesome releases.
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    I shall be down for the next few days in order to upgrade my system! Lots of new downloads with higher quality coming soon, so just be patient! See you all very soon! Best regards, Tooncore
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    After battling some health issues after a serious and unfortunate accident, I've finally found time to return to uploading on the forums. If anything I've posted needs re-uploading or I owe you something or you need anything, please do not hesitate to PM me. If I have ignored your PM in the past, I was probably just busy so feel free to bump or re-send it.
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    Find the request section and quit hounding me on daily basis with multiple requests!
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