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    If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here
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    Its my Birthday today, lets see how many likes I will get on this post.
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    It’s been exactly one year since I made my Kametsu account! Here’s to another year of enjoying awesome releases.
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    After battling some health issues after a serious and unfortunate accident, I've finally found time to return to uploading on the forums. If anything I've posted needs re-uploading or I owe you something or you need anything, please do not hesitate to PM me. If I have ignored your PM in the past, I was probably just busy so feel free to bump or re-send it.
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    I haz internet now. Thanks to everyone who helped out!
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    It's been 29 years and still my kidneys haven't grown into adultneys.
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    Back for a limited time.
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    When I was a kid I used to have to go to the circus to see the bearded lady, now a days I just have to go to the local confectionery!
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    Forum software has been updated. Quite a few new adjustments/features such as emoji support and better searching. Themes currently not updated except for Titan 4.3 so expect some bugs on the others until I can get them updated (requires repaying for them all too).
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    Going to be making some changes soon, one of which is making the jump to SSL / HTTPS. The other is the possible arrival of a VIP type board for Cartoon / Live-Action uploaders who are having issues with people stealing links to post on other sites; which would require someone to have been actively posting or contributing to the site for a while; which should cut out the people more prone to link sharing.
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    Why is @Moodkiller still a virgin? Cause every time he and Scyrous begin "netflix & chill" he ends up killing the mood.
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    As much as we love our toons, we'd never change our name to Cartoon World, so if it's cool with everyone we're just going to stick with Kametsu, thank you.
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    January 29th 2019. Beyblade the original first series on SDBD! English language dub. Includes all 51 episodes in standard definition on one Blu Ray disc! Region A.
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    Things to do .... #1. Dig a hole. #2. Call it love. #3. Watch people fall in love. Anyways, The Simpsons S29 is uploaded on CC. For those have access maybe someone can bring it here for the masses? Also, Bob's Burgers and American Dad will be up in the next few day! Cheers! TC
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    I GOT THE JOB! WOO HOOOOOO! In case you're wondering what the outburst of excitement is about - I had an interview today for a new full-time position with a BPO (business process outsourcing) company fulfilling one of their many contracts. I am very, very pleased to announce that I made the cut! WOOOOO!
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    I can't believe a year has past since I first joined Kametsu. It's been such a great journey I would just like to say thank you to each and everyone making me feel welcome and just making every day I visit Kametsu fun You guys are great and like a family to me Thank You!
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    Today is the day I officially move so I might not have reliable internet for a while plus I'll be busy once I get a new job dont worry I'll be back ive been so busy packing and stuff is why I have not been as active here once I get settled and in a routine I'll be back @Koby since I'm driving all day today DRR audio will be late
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    im fine just alot going on i washed my phone my grandma moved to a care phacility so have to clean out her house i working on getting a new job im jusy busy with life so i will not be starting any new projects for a little while i will work on finishing what i all ready started i need to get a job and get in the rotine before i start new projects if you want some funi-dls the dler is in the tech section here ask the people there for help if needed
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    http://www.speedtest.net/result/7345688347.png \o/
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    I'm not usually big into fanart but, I am very okay with this adult Takagi-san.
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    Funimation simuldubs for spring 2018: - Tokyo Ghoul:re - Steins;Gate 0 - High School DxD Hero - Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory - Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 - Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- - Space Battleship Tiramisu - Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Golden Kamuy https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-03-28/funimation-announces-9-titles-for-spring-season-dub-lineup-including-same-day-tokyo-ghoul-re-dub/.129655 I LOVE FUNIMATION
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    It seems I can have some free time for encodes on Sundays. Neko has shared 5 and 6 volumes of Re:Creators with me, so I made my scripts and already encoding it. If I'll be free tomorrow (but probably not) I'll mux them and release. And now I have 1 Gbps connection, so uploading will be fast. Idk if I even need the seedbox now.
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    Apparently there are two of us.
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    After one year, you'd think the amount of Reddit PMs would slow down a bit... https://i.imgur.com/NWl7srL.png Nope ._.
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    I'm coming BACK. Shaman King is Coming Back so am I.
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    Dear Kametsu, I know it's a little early, but I would like to wish you all a Merry Wonderful Christmas Best wishes DRX
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    You seem to have turned off your messenger (don't blame you) so this is in public: If your current limitation on uploading is due to you not having anywhere secure to store your files online, please contact me. I may be able to help you out. PM me here, on IRC or email me at ctranime AT gmail.
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    Koby is without power but is safe.
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    First episodes of Assassination Classroom S2 will start appearing around the 21st September. \o/
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    I have a Tooncore update for anyone interested. He says he has two free MEGA accounts, but he can't post much content as he used to because he has a 120GB cap on his Internet and he's always working so he doesn't have the time to post much anyway.
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    Wow, time sure flies by so quickly! I feel like an old fart now (lol), and at the same time, I've been here for 4 years now. Yay me I guess?
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    Everyone of Kametsu I hope you guys are having a wonderful last day of 2017
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    Today is my 17th birthday! So wish me a happy birthday! Feel free to!
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    The Millennium Ring server is fully online as of right now! I am re-uploading everything as we speak. Some of your favorite uploaders will be back as well such as the lovable and wacky Tooncore.
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    Yo, Just sampling things here, anyone interested in learning about kfx/song-styling etc could you please answer a few questions, you can be someone who knows nothing of these topics or maybe you want help with more complex elements, whatever it is both sides of the spectrum would be really helpful. Any input is appreciated. What do you want to know or learn about these topics? Do you have an interest in general discussion and commentary on these topics (e.g posts about examples from popular groups/opinionated stuff)? How much do you know about the fansubbing process in general? (timing/TS, etc) In what ways would you like to learn about these topics, e.g. principle/concept or possibly by example? perhaps a combination of the two? Please send me a pm with a subject including kfx or something if you have the time to respond to any of the above. Thank you!
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    ''Oh boy, a MAL notification, can't wait to see what-'' https://i.imgur.com/PlYvb71.gifv THX MAL FOR STILL BEING BROKEN
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    [Kametsu] Prison School is being worked on again \o/ My job is done. Stalled at etzimal now
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    Luckily quite a huge portion (like 11) of those are ending within the next 3-4 weeks. Might have to cut a few out though still. I can't find time for all this. The Simuldub announcements and schedule will shift some stuff around though and *hopefully* even it out some. And damn you Netflix for releasing like 5 shows all at once in a single month!!!
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    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Happy Holidays to all others
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    My Animebytes application just got approved I got an achievement just for being a member, that's so nice
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    I have kept quiet about this for the longest time but it's getting to the point now that I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by this. I normally wouldn't make a status post regarding something like this but I feel it's very important. I will be posting an announcement for all to see within the next day or two - regarding so-called "first post" spam. That is, new accounts making a new post or thread simply to gain access to other features, often times in complete disregard of our rules. Especially our rules that govern spam. Now I'm not saying ALL of you new-ish people have done that, but a very large portion has actually been deemed in violation. To date I have been extremely lenient in dealing with these. At first I merely told new members that's not the way to get started. I've moved on now to deleting such posts - especially those that bump VERY old threads without actually adding anything of value to it, and then locking it. I'm hoping this will get my point across. People, we have specific guidelines laid out on what is and isn't considered spam. We expect you to follow these at all times. No exceptions. If you suddenly find your account features restricted again after making your first post, the likely cause is because someone deleted your only post due to it being classified as spam. The best way to get started here is to make your first post in Meet & Greet. Not post something of absolutely no value in some months-old thread. Not make topics that serve no purpose. I want to keep this community open to expression. I ask you please to respect our rules regarding spam, because if this problem continues, I won't have much other choice but to start issuing warnings. Please, PLEASE respect our rules, especially those regarding spam and bumping old topics. Thank you for reading, as well as your understanding of this matter.
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    Congratulations to @Koby for finding good paying work in Florida. Hopefully this also means Kametsu's budget goes up as well. XP
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    My Friend and I, have finished fixing the English dub of Shaman King all 64 episodes.
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    Some of us will slip away if you people who share our links outside of Kametsu. Reupload them to another site or same site with different links. There are a lot of us on here that really do great work for you that we believe is possible and upgradable work, takes a lot of our time, STOP SHARING OUR LINKS OR ELSE!!
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