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    Hotfix for patch 1.1 Fixed a possible softlock in Crystal tutorial if the player have already bought a yellow crystal to a shopkeeper Fixed an UI lock when using Daryon crystal tree with a controller Fixed some localization issue with the new content Fixed multiple NPCs T-Pose stance Fixed multiple invisible colliders Japanese voice over for Edge of Eternity! In preparation during the last few months, this work was made with love by Amuzio, a famous japanese company specialized in this kind of localisation. And because we know you are looking forward, here is the cast members of this new version: Jin Ogasawara - Daryon Hisako Tojo - Selene Kohsuke Toriumi - Ysoris Yoko Hikasa - Myrna Asami Imai - Fallon Chihiro Kamijo - Theia Kenta Sasa - Alpharius Kodai Sakai - Vaughn Hiroshi Nakamura - Derek Yu Kitada - Gavin Yuji Kameyama - Kora / Oboros Kanehira Yamamoto - Reynan Hiyori Kono - Sil Shuhei Iwase - Ordo Rika Kinugawa - Zandra Yosuke Eto - Kino Minoru Shiraishi - Supplicant Kaori Nakamura - Heranna This new vocal addition to the game will be available for free in an update scheduled at the same time of the console versions release on February 10th 2022. Update 1.2 - Japanese Voice Acting We are very pleased to announce that Japanese voice acting is now available in the 1.2 update! Full Patch Notes Feature Added Japanese Voice Acting Fixes Audio fixes Subtitles Fixes Multiple cutscenes fix Performances improvements Minor UI improvements Skill element icon added on scan UI Fixed some UI navigation issues Fix some minor issues on a few bosses Minor animations cleanups Deployed new NPC models for crowds in cities Added Kickstarter backers NPCs Cleanup Japanese localization New Game + Update Postponed to November 9th Two weeks ago we announced that the New Game + update would be available this Wednesday, October 26th. Due to various technical issues and our desire to offer you an optimal and refreshing game experience, we preferred to postpone the release of this free update to November 9th. We apologize for the inconvenience, see you in two weeks! The news of October 10th has been deleted for a better clarification, its content was the following: In this new mode you will be able to explore the world of Heryon in a completely new way. Your weapons and progressions are saved for a new adventure starting directly on the shores of Inel. Although the overall difficulty of the enemies has been increased, you will be able to activate two modifiers at will during your game: The Mirror World The Big Head mode We've also scattered numerous steles throughout the open world so you can change the weather to your liking. To conclude, this update brings a new feature that the community has been waiting for over the years: the auto-battle mode. Let your computer fight for you. Combine it with gear shifting to smooth out the overall experience. We have also fixed many annoying bugs. New Game + update is available now! New Game + This time it's the right one! After several weeks of development, iteration and testing, we are pleased to announce that the New Game + update is now available. Begin your journey directly on the shores of Inel with your equipment, level, crystals, skills and spells. Enhance this adventure by activating the Mirrored World, which gives the environments a fresh look. Take a step back with the Big Head Mode, which will put a smile on your face when the going gets tough... This update includes two new features: Weather Stones and Auto Battle mode. 21 weather stones have found a home on the soil of the Astryan continent. Meet them and choose between Clear, Heavy Snow, Heavy Rain and Fog weather to master enemy weaknesses on the battlefield. A map is available to help you find them: Ever dreamed of putting down the controller or keyboard and letting your computer fight for you? Now you can with Auto Battle mode! Combine this feature with the battle speed for fast and smart battles throughout your progression, whether it's against the simplest of Heryon's creatures or the most imposing of bosses (not recommended though...). You can activate this feature at will during each fight. What's next ? In parallel to the development of our unannounced project we have created a new team dedicated to the monitoring, maintenance and development of Edge of Eternity. We are currently working on a number of "Quality of Life" patches for the next few months. These patches will improve the overall player experience, fix long-broken elements, development errors, unfinished features, or stubborn bugs. We'd like to offer these patches in dribs and drabs, with one update per month, to ensure an optimized and polished experience. New playable content is currently being considered. Unfortunately, the various remaining additions announced in the roadmap have been pushed back to 2023. Patch Note Update Content Auto-battle New Game + Content transferred from the previous game: - the level of the characters - the equipment - crystals - skins - unlocked crafting recipes - unlocked dishes - The game starts at Inel. - Enemies are more powerful. Different modes can be activated and deactivated at will: - big heads mode - mirror mode You can change the weather with Weather Stones which are scattered around the world. Fix: Many players' progress was blocked in the Vanguard generator room in Chapter 5. If you have completed all three battles and destroyed all three generators but the door still won't open, dash the switches to activate them manually. New Game + Hotfix The softlock that prevents you from going beyond the Inel area in New Game+ mode has been fixed. As a result, the "Useless Bauble" item is no longer needed to craft the Orokko trap and thus leave this area. Improved localization in several languages Note: the next patch of improvements and fixes to the overall experience is still scheduled for release early next month. Community Update #1 is Out Now! For this first Community Update we wanted to improve theergonomy and the general accessibility of the game. Several elements of Quality of Life have been revamped, many bugs have been fixed and new features have been added! Improvements The resources for crafting new weapons now appear in a new dedicated sub-menu called "Resource". Here you will find all the materials you need to craft new weapons from the different workshops in the open world. For more convenience and accessibility, all resources can be filtered by category. The old HUD icon for calling your mount Nekaroo has been redesigned from scratch to better match the interface aesthetic. You can now double-click on quests in the quest menu to follow them directly instead of selecting them and clicking "Start Following". The animation and VFX of the dandelions are disabled when you are on foot and will re-enable when you are on Nekaroo's back in the open world. While waiting for a dedicated tutorial that will come later, our intention is to make you understand that crossing them will only make your mount gain speed (which by the way is very fond of it!). Press the "J", "C" and "P" keys on your keyboard to display the "Quest", "Crystal" and "Equipment" menus respectively. If you are playing with a controller, use the up, down and right arrow keys to display these two sub-menus. Patch Note The softlock of the tutorial in the Inel chest has been fixed Various localization corrections in all languages It is no longer possible to have Zandra in your party once you arrive in Inel Changed the description of the quest "The Resurgent" which was spoiling the plot The term "Restart" replaces "Restart the fight" during the puzzle phases When the characters in the "Main" tab are changed, the "Tactic" tab will update without leaving the menu The "N" key will no longer appear to activate the auto-battle mode when playing with the controller The quest "Taint & Honor" now ends after the siege of Tyr-Caelum Added a box "Is your game updated?" when sending a bug report through the pause menu Added multiple invisible walls in the open world to avoid softlock Fixed the bug that prevented the display of the Nintendo controller keys on the HUD Fixed the bug that placed the main quest at the bottom of the quest list in Chapter II Fixed the problem that prevented access to the "Equipment" menu Fixed a UI window that remained in-game after closing the "Character" menu Removed duplicate quest area in "The Resurgent" quest What's Next? The second update focused on Quality of Life is scheduled to be released next month and will bring new global improvements. Coming soon: a rebalancing of the final boss, a reworked UI, new icons in the menus, improved weather stones, improved save/load menu and many bug fixes. Community Update #1 Hotfix We uploaded a patch by mistake three hours ago, the real hotfix is available since a few minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience. It is once again possible to craft resources at the consumable and resource crafting table. After opening the "Quests", "Crystal" and "Characters" menus with the "J", "C" and "P" keys, press the keys again to close these menus. Community Update #2 is Out Now! For this second Community Update, we have continued to focus on Quality of Life features. Improvements The final boss is now easier to defeat,his health points have been decreased. New icons have appeared in the "Inventory" menu. New weather conditions are now available from the Weather Stones: Sandstorm, Light rain and Heavy rain. Hunting boards have been visually improved. Patch Note Final dungeon enemies have been rebalanced Corroded Spawn in the Clockwork Field have less hit points A puzzle has been removed from your journey through the Crelk Forest The description of the "Haste" stat in the "Characters" menu has been revamped The term "Heyr" now replaces the term "Gold" at vendors You can now indicate if your game is up to date when you report a bug in game Your party of companions will have their energy restored when the party falls asleep during events in Olphara Pass Quests in Solna Plain that require a Nekaroo are now unavailable until you obtain your trusty steed Auto-Battle mode can now be toggled on and off during the Red Widows' assault on the Jungle Refugee Village Teleportation to Inel from Olphara Pass has been disabled to prevent softlocks Ysoris' "Crippling Sweep" skill removes magic defense from enemies instead of giving it The number of prey has been increased to make it easier to complete the various hunting contracts in Tyr-Caelum What's Next? The third Community Update scheduled for next month will bring many changes to the User Interface, new bug fixes and new features. We are currently working on improving the start of your adventure. We look forward to telling you more about this in the coming weeks. A year of updates.... I had stopped posting them, but figured I'd knock them out now for some reason. Crazy how much work they're still putting into this game despite it having already released and no longer in "Early Access".
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