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    This evening, multiple issues were brought to my attention by @Koby: Remote image loading appeared broken Some users were not receiving their usual emails (password reset, post notifications, digests [if you enabled that], etc) This issue was due to a configuration error upstream of the website that affected the server's ability to reach the internet - it was not allowing any traffic to flow out of the server to make the above things actually work. As a result, the backend image proxy system cached bad data due to it being unable to reach remote image URLs, breaking all remotely referenced images. On top of this, email system was broken because it was unable to contact DNS to resolve email hostnames. This one was on me, sadly - I was performing some upstream maintenance and left a faulty configuration in place that I had intended to remove. The issue has since been fixed, and emails should be flowing normally again though anything received for the past few weeks, up until tonight, will not be received. Remote image loading should also now function again. I'm sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that caused!
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