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    Last week, Square Enix revealed its Switch release Bravely Default II had sold around 950,000 units worldwide. It's on track to surpass the sales of the original 3DS release - which sold just over a million units in its lifetime. Naturally, it's raised questions about the future of the series. The good news is Team Asano hopes to continue to the series and is already in the planning phases for the next entry. Here's what the producer Tomoyo Asano had to say in the latest issue of Famitsu: “Bravely Default II was well-received by fans and as a result, we’re hoping to continue the series as we feel we can pull it off once again. With that said, we’re still in the planning phase, and I suspect development will take another 3-4 years, so we’d appreciate if fans could bear with us.” Asano was previously asked about the future of the series in April last year. At the time, he said he had a concept in mind and mentioned how it could even be a smartphone release: "I do have a concept for it. I haven’t nailed down the particulars intentionally, so it could even be a smartphone game. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to make it in the future if fans support the series." Are you eager to see more entries in the Bravely Default series? Did you play BDII? Leave a comment down below.
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    Fact of the Day - WARDROBE BLUNDERS IN FILM Glory (1989 film): Digital watch in the American Civil War? Did you know... that A lot of work goes into making a movie, but one crucial role in the production process is played by the costume department. That’s the one responsible for clothing the actors in time-appropriate outfits, as well as making sure there are no accessories, gadgets or items of clothing that hadn’t yet been invented. But sometimes, the costume department messes up – big time. (Glaring Costume Mistakes) These Big Hollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions Will Remind You That Everyone Is Human By Tiffany Green | Updated December 1, 2019 Natalie Portman's Bra Goes On Strike When you think about the world of cinema, you likely think not only about the actors and actresses and their stellar performances but also about what they wear. You might picture long, flowing ballgowns, cute color-coordinated outfits, clothing that just really helps establish who a character is and what his or her story may be. The wardrobe also sets the scene for the time period the film is supposedly taking place in. However, even in the glamorous Hollywood, fashion can go awry. Read on to learn more about some of the biggest wardrobe blunders in film history, most of them you probably missed. 1. Troy: Umbrellas Hadn’t Been Invented Yet This 2004 film fared only so-so with critics, although it had considerable success at the box office, grossing almost $500 million against its 175 million budget. Because the film was inspired by Homer’s great Iliad, the film has an epic, “everything-must-be-big-and-grand” sort of feel to it. It is convincing enough–until one particular scene approaches. In the scene, Paris (portrayed by Orlando Bloom) enjoys the shade of a pink parasol umbrella. That sentence alone is enough to baffle anyone. Needless to say, Homeric warriors would realistically have to go without such frilly luxuries seeing as umbrellas hadn’t been invented yet. 2. Pulp Fiction: Bullet Holes Appear Before the Shootout People around the world love the mega-hip 1994 film Pulp Fiction for its non-stop action and all the famous one-liners that have made their way into pop culture. Quentin Tarantino definitely has a knack for moviemaking, but what about film accuracy? One scene that lovers of the film easily noticed was in the movie’s most famous scene: the shootout scene in which Vincent is reciting bible verses. Viewers with a watchful eye will notice that even before bullets start to flying, the wall behind Jules and Vincent is already covered with bullet holes. 3. Back to the Future: He Plays a Guitar That Didn’t Exist “Great movie, but–that did not exist back then!” As you already know by now, this trend is incredibly common in movies. And yes, that is sadly a phrase that we must speak when talking about one moment in the 1985 classic Back to the Future. Marty McFly played a mean guitar, didn’t he? Nobody could have played “Johnny B. Goode” the way he did. The only problem? If the film were to be completely accurate, he would not have been able to get his hands on that wicked Gibson ES-345 guitar all the way back in 1955. Those didn’t come about until 1958. Indeed, he would need to do some serious time traveling. 4. Pretty Woman: A Full Breast Is Exposed The wardrobe malfunction that leaves Roberts completely exposed in Pretty Woman is a pretty egregious. Before pointing this one out, it is important to note that Julia Roberts over the course of her career has been pretty firmly against nude scenes. So when one shot reveals her character Vivian in a thin gown that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, it would be fair to assume that the part was not written into the script. On top of that, just moments after Roberts is revealed in her gown, viewers can see one of her breasts in clear view. 5. Singin’ in the Rain: Her Dress Isn’t From the ’20s This 1952 musical film had plenty of heart in it. It currently boasts the elusive score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Indeed, many of the songs featured in the film will likely get even the hardest of hearts humming along. Of course, there is one small thing that keeps this film from being totally perfect. In the film, Debbie Reynolds played the role of Kathy Selden. Although her performance stunned many, one piece of her wardrobe conflicted with the fashion trends that would have been prevalent in the era in which the film was set, which was some time in the 1920s. Her pink dress, while certainly flattering on her, just would not have jibed with the time period. 6. Forrest Gump: The Iron Keeps Moving The classic 1994 film Forrest Gump has gone down in history as one of the best films ever made. It’s pure Americana and the innocence of the lead character, Forrest Gump, won over the hearts of viewers and critics alike. Nonetheless, there are still a few mistakes that really caught the attention of watchful movie buffs. In one of the most emotional scenes, Forrest is reunited once again with the love of his life, Jenny, and meets his son for the first time. Meanwhile, in the background, an iron is seen standing upright on an ironing board, while in the next shot, it is laying flat. How did it move so fast? 7. Titanic: Rose’s Beauty Mark Switches Sides The 1997 Blockbuster Titanic took the world by storm, breaking world records for films and taking home just about every award manageable. With such a huge budget, one would expect that the makeup team would be top-notch as well, right? Well… For all their good work, it seems that somebody decided to switch the beauty mark on Rose DeWitt Bukater’s face around. When Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, is first introduced in the movie, the beauty mark is on the left side of her face, but in all other scenes, it somehow moved to the right. Talk about movie magic! 8. I Dream of Jeannie: The Stand In’s Face is Shown Jeannie the genie and her mortal husband Tony captivated audiences on the hit show I Dream of Jeannie. Their hijinks made the world laugh in the 1960s. Nonetheless, the observant fans of the show couldn’t help but notice something was off in the episode titled “My Sister, the Homemaker” from Season 5. In this episode, actress Barbara Eden played both Jeannie and her evil brunette twin sister. A stand in was used so both characters could be on screen at the same time, with the face of the stand in always meant to be hidden in order to keep up the illusion. However, at one point in the episode, the face of the stand-in comes into full view. 9. The Ten Commandments: No Underwire Bras or Turquoise Dresses Existed in Ancient Egypt Even during Biblical times, a well-fitted bra could come in handy–well, at least for the actress portraying said Biblical character. In the 1956 film The Ten Commandments, Nefretiri (portrayed by Anne Baxter) looks radiant in her lavish jewelry and sheer blue dress. While most might be transfixed by her beauty, some of the women might have found themselves wishing they could help a fellow lady out and let her know one important thing. That thing? As beautiful as her dress may be in its sheerness, she probably should have chosen a better bra. Her pretty lacy bra can be seen clearly through the dress’s thin material. Oh, and speaking of that dress? As gorgeous as it is, getting the materials needed to achieve that color of turquoise blue would have been nearly impossible during that time period. 10. Raiders of the Lost Ark Many moviegoers might take extras for granted. The thing is, these humble people that simply live in the backdrop of the film can really contribute to the atmosphere of a film and help establish what point in time it is taking place. In this particular case, one extra seemed to have slipped under the radar. If you look closely behind Indiana Jones, amidst the tapestry and other extras properly attired for 1936, you will see a man just standing around, chilling in a nice pair of jeans. That extra might have felt right at home in a film set in, say, New York City in the year the film was released (1981). But here, he just looks plain out of place in his plainclothes. Click the link below to find out about other wardrobe blunders in Hollywood movies. Source: Hollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions
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    https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/627690/view/2990941584246749771 Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms: Warden's Champions of Renown Pack is currently free on Steam. The base game is free to play.
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    What's the Word? - FULCRUM pronunciation: [FUHL-krəm] Part of speech: noun Origin: Latin, late 17th century Meaning: 1. A thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation. 2. The point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots. Example: "His relationship with his wife was the true fulcrum of his life experience." "Levers are a simple, comprehensible way to study how fulcrums work." About Fulcrum This word comes from the Latin “fulcrum,” meaning “bedpost, foot of a couch. Stems from “fulcire,” meaning “to prop up, support.” Did You Know? Zoologists sometimes use the word “fulcrum” to describe an animal’s joint that serves as a support or hinge, such as the one in a bird’s wing.
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/464920/Surviving_Mars/ Surviving Mars is currently free on Steam.
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