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    Intermediate Chapter is available! The fishermen's village of Inel is happy to welcome you Surrounded by sea and mountains, Inel remains spared by the torments of war. Nevertheless, this peaceful village is not a restful stop on Daryon's journey. Taking place between Chapter 0 and Chapter I, this new open playground is the best way to apprehend the game’s core gameplay mechanics. In addition, new players will be able to go in depth with Daryon’s personality. This new content include : A new location with the small village of Inel A Nekaroo Farm Some new sidequests New main story input Take advantage of the current 30% discount to immerse yourself in the universe of Edge of Eternity during its Early Access. UI Reworked sprint bar Cleaned up transitions between menus Added a fade when the UI will be disabled Fixed a bug that was creating inconsistent zoom levels on the minimap depending on the situation World markers are now faded instead of being displayed at infinite distance (exception of quest / objectives / dynamic events markers) Added markers to NPCs that have conversation Cleaned up tutorial box apparition transition Interact button will not appear if the character have no conversation with the current quest progression Improved markers positioning with humanoids Graphics Fixed a bug where the ocean could clip when viewed from far away Reworked Nexus display and added a transition with steepiness Improved low end ambient occlusion setting Improved sky shadows updating, it will now update in realtime instead of stuttered update Added model clipping to followers when too close Fixed contact shadow stuttering with low physic frequency Fixed technobandits that were flying Fixed a shader bug that was causing the stalker canon to have weird squares instead of distortion Fixed Anselm vein blocking slope Fixed flying asset in chapter 0.5 Gameplay Fixed multiple imprecisions in Nexus Line calculations Nerfed battle initiative damage and stun duration Improved pursue and flee behaviors of enemies, it now use a pathfinder to prevent going back and forth Added new monster “Dodilus” Added an initial random delay for dots to prevent them ticking at the same time (make the battle easier to read) Fatigue consumption of spells is now constant and not variable between spells (exception of special attacks that are still costing a major part of the fatigue) Nerfed Conclave boss Reworked Archelite Amplifier decor interact Modified Mantis boss encounter Balancing pass on stats Balancing pass on loot tables Fixed camera “locking” and “teleporting” when talking to a NPC while sprinting Performances Added DLSS auto mode Improved volumetric fog performances Improved openworld terrain performances Improved game startup time Speeded up all assets loading Fixed a bug that was preventing resources from being released correctly from memory after unloading Reduced memory usage of the game to ~2GB (will prevent crash on some low end platforms with 8GB of memory like Geforce Now or low end computers) Fixed a mini stutter when changing terrain tile due to collision recalculations, now those are done in another thread to prevent stuttering Fixed a freeze that was caused in some case by tutorial boxes Cutscenes & Animation Improved cutscene transitions Fixed a few cutscene lock case Fixed some case where the UI would stay during a cutscene Fixed a bug where Daryon could be not present during an autocutscene if he is in the reserve party in some rare case Fixed some characters that were still animated while supposed to be dead in the intro Other Fixes multiple softlock sources Cleanup a few collider issue Multiple bugfixes for NVIDIA Ansel Improved multiple grounding behaviors to prevent flying NPCs in some cases
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