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    Falcom has released the first official information and screenshots for The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, the newly announced latest entry in the Trails series and its 40th anniversary commemoration title. It will launch in 2021 in Japan for unannounced platform(s). Beyond the blue sky, ahead of a flashing light, a land of dawning resides—. This latter half of the Trails series is about to begin! The setting moves to the Calvard Republic—. In 2021, Falcom will release The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, the latest entry in the Trails series, as its 40th anniversary commemorative work. The Calvard Republic is a multi-ethnic nation experiencing unprecedented economic growth brought about by postwar reparations. In a corner of the capital of a huge nation where immigration issues bring about political instability and a new president is pushing for radical reform, a young man who works as a “Spriggan” (Underground Fixer) receives a peculiar job, which eventually develops into a situation that shakes the entire nation of Calvard. The command-style AT (Action Time) battle system used in previous Trails titles has been revamped! Seamlessly transition from action-oriented field battles to turn-based command battle systems while making use of the unique elements of the sixth generation combat orbment “Xipha” in a battle system evolved from the previous Trails titles. Kuro no Kiseki will feature many original elements that utilize its setting, including a “Topics” system that enables you to gather intel (topics) by communicating with NPCs throughout towns to create situations in your favor when you act as a Spriggan; and an “Alignment Flames” system in which your character’s three alignments (“Lawful,” “Gray,” and “Chaotic”) fluctuate depending on your play style, influencing various statuses, allies and adversaries, and even scenario developments. Please look forward to The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, the latest entry in the Trails series, depicted in rich expression by Falcom’s new original engine! ■ Prologue Spriggans—a kind of “underground profession” born from the melting pot of diversity that is the Calvard Republic. Some days as detectives, some days as negotiators, and other days as bounty hunters, they are up for any job from any client. That includes cases even the police are unable to handle and issues citizens cannot discuss in public, as well as “honest” work from criminals and underground organizations. That was the style of the “underground fixers,” as they were called. S.1208. A schoolgirl wearing the uniform of a prestigious school visits an rundown building located in the old town of the Republic’s capital. “The Arclide Fixer Agency.” With a dignified gaze, the girl glances at the cold typography of a slate that bears this name. She swallows her breath and knocks three times with determination. “Yaaawn, well a client before noon is rare…” The mature, yet young; sloppy, yet composed voice of a man echoes as the doorknob slowly turned. —This is the beginning of a new Trails. Weekly Famitsu has a five-page interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo, who shares the following additional tidbits: The game is set in the Republic of Calvard (the east side of the continent) in the year S.1208. The title is derived from the Japanese word for “Daybreak” (Reimei). This is reflected in the colors associated with the protagonist. The story is focused on characters who can be described as somewhat in the gray zone of society (a detective, a negotiator, a bounty hunter, etc.) Kondo said it would have been nice if The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki was titled Shiro no Kiseki (Trails of White) instead to compliment Kuro no Kiseki. The game engine is brand-new. Character modelling has evolved. There is a significantly different feel when the character is in motion. Calvard is a cultural sphere in the vein of Eastern Europe with an influx of people from the Middle East. It feels like a mixture of Europe and Asia. It is somewhat small compared to Erebonia. The scale of the map is equivalent to that of the Cold Steel series. It is still in development, but Kondo believes it will be very close in terms of size. You could say the additional episode “Hajimari no Saki e” in Hajimari no Kiseki acts as a prologue to Kuro no Kiseki. 90 percent of the characters in Kuro no Kiseki are new. If you did not know any better, you might look at the game screen and not realize it is a Trails game. The remaining 10 percent of the cast will be characters that are highly anticipated by fans. Three characters have been revealed so far: a Kirito-looking character, a dual-wielding redhead character with a Middle Eastearn appearance, and a character that looks like Alisa minus the attitude and with the chest of Ryza. Kondo would not say which one is the protagonist. (Though it is obvious if you recall the earlier note about the protagonist’s associated colors.) Fans would be disappointed if the Society was not depicted. Kondo also was unable to comment on the Oaths. But each will be depicted properly. The game will have a proper ending. If a game does not sell well, there will not be a sequel, and the Trails series is no exception. The amount of content in the game is about the equal to a single Trails of Cold Steel title. The Trails of Cold Steel games had a large number of allies, but Kuro no Kiseki will not have as many due to the protagonist’s line of work. Instead, there will be more enemies. There will not be 50 playable characters. There is a screenshot of a battle scene. Movement and battles are seamless. While action elements have been added, Falcom is not considering anything that requires any sort of input skills. Commands are input in real-time instead of pausing. You will also have the option to switch to command-style battles. Arts and Crafts remain as they were, but ARCUS is replaced by Xipha. There are no Combat Links or Brave Orders. But there is a new system in place that is said to be quite amazing. There is a “Topic System” that has to do with conversations with NPCs. “Alignment Flame” is a system in which, depending on your play-style, your character’s alignment as “Lawful,” “Gray,” and “Chaotic” will change, influencing your status as well as the story. But there will not be any situation where an event does not occur due to your specific alignment. There is an alternative to bond events. As for platforms, Kondo says he would like to release it on PlayStation 4 as well as other platforms where there is demand. He said, “Since there are the usual technical challenges, we will consider starting where there’s the most demand.” Nihon Falcom as a whole is making preparations to support PlayStation 5.
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    The anime film is set between season 1 and season 2.
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    Not that I remember, but they didn't finish up various plot lines... and what sucks the most is they only really needed one more season to finish off the source material from what I've been told by others.
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    Netflix revealed a teaser trailer for David Production's new anime series based on Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa's Spriggan (Striker) manga. Hiroshi Kobayashi (Rage of Bahamut Genesis assistant director, Kill la Kill episode director) is directing the anime. Hiroshi Seko (Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho 100, Jujutsu Kaisen) is supervising and writing the series scripts, and Shūhei Handa (Little Witch Academia) is designing the characters. Netflix will debut the anime worldwide in 2021. The manga's story centers on Yū Ominae, a high school student who is also a Spriggan, an agent charged by the ARCAM Corporation to protect the ancient relics of an advanced older civilization from falling into the hands of states and entities who wish to misuse them. Takashige wrote the Spriggan manga with artist Minagawa beginning in 1989. Viz Media published edited versions of three of the manga's eleven volumes as Striker in North America from 1998 to 1999. The manga inspired an anime film in 1998. ADV Films released the film in 2002 with an English dub.
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    Netflix released the third and final Tales of Arcadia series, Wizards. But fans will be happy to know that the streaming service has also announced the beginning of production for Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, a feature film that will mark the culmination of Guillermo del Toro’s epic trilogy, Trollhunters, which is the cornerstone of the Tales of Arcadia series. The movie, created and executive produced by del Toro, is expected to debut somewhere on Netflix in 2021. “Team Trollhunters committed, about a decade ago, to try and push the boundaries of 3D CGI animation made for TV,” said del Toro in a statement. “We outlined a vast trilogy of interconnecting mythology and characters that we always hoped could culminate with a massive “all-stars” reunion. DreamWorks Animation and Netflix both shared the very ambitious notion of doing the three series, interwoven and then finishing off with a bigger, epic-sized feature film to top it all off.” Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans features an all-star cast of Emile Hirsch as Jim, Lexi Medrano as Claire, Charlie Saxton as Toby, Kelsey Grammer as Blinky, Alfred Molina as Archie, Steven Yeun as Steve, Nick Frost as Stuart, Colin O’Donoghue as Douxie, Diego Luna as Krel, as well as Tatiana Maslany as Aja and Nick Offerman as Vex. The cast also includes Cole Sand, Fred Tatasciore, Brian Blessed, Kay Bess, Piotr Michael, James Hong, Tom Kenny, Angel Lin, Amy Landecker, Jonathan Hyde, Bebe Wood, Laraine Newman, Grey Griffin, and Cheryl Hines. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans is also executive produced by Marc Guggenheim, Chad Hammes, Dan Hageman, and Kevin Hageman. Johane Matte, together with Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Andrew L. Schmidt directed while Marc Guggenheim, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman wrote the feature animated film. You can watch the official Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans in the player below.
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    The Toonami "panel" airing on Cartoon Network during the Adult Swim Con online event announced the new "Crunchyroll Originals" anime Fena: Pirate Princess in collaboration with Adult Swim on Sunday. The Crunchyroll and Adult Swim co-production will air on Adult Swim's Toonami block and stream on Crunchyroll in 2021. Crunchyroll describes the series: Fena: Pirate Princess is a 12 episode original anime series that tells the tale of a young orphan girl, Fena Houtman. Fena has been raised on an Island where there is no hope of becoming anything more than chattel, to be used and discarded by soldiers of the British Empire. But Fena is more than just another powerless orphan. When her mysterious past comes knocking, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors. Her goal: forge a new identity, free of bondage, and search for a place where she can truly belong and find out the true mysteries behind a keyword “Eden.” It is the story of a lifetime adventure she and her crew of misfits and unlikely allies will have, in pursuit of her goals! Kazuto Nakazawa (B: The Beginning, Blood+, Parasite Dolls) is directing the series at Production I.G. Production I.G producer Rui Kuroki announced at the Production I.G. USA panel at Anime Expo Lite on July 4 that Production I.G is working on an anime series in collaboration with Adult Swim. Kuroki stated that the work is "something Production I.G has never done before.” Crunchyroll previously stated it has co-produced more than 60 series since 2015, including The Rising of The Shield Hero, A Place Further Than the Universe, and The Junji Ito "Collection". Recent "Crunchyroll Originals" anime include Gibiate, Tower of God, The God of High School, Noblesse, TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You, So I'm a Spider, So What?, and EX-ARM.
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    Margot Robbie is setting sail with help from her Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson. Hodson has been tapped to write a new, female-fronted Pirates of the Caribbean for Disney, with Robbie attached to star. The project is not intended to be a spinoff of the long-running franchise that had pirate Jack Sparrow at its center, but rather a wholly original story with new characters under the Pirates moniker, itself inspired by the long-running attraction at Disneyland. The new project is said to be separate from the already announced reboot of the popular franchise that has Pirates scribe Ted Elliott and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin developing the story. Longtime Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer is attached to produce both the Elliott/Mazin project and this new Robbie/Hodson project. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most lucrative film franchises of all time, grossing over $4.5 billion across five feature films. But the Pirates franchise, fronted by Johnny Depp, has shown its age, with the fifth installment, 2017's Dead Men Tell No Tales, coming in with the second-lowest box office of the series ($795 million, unadjusted worldwide) only ahead of original film Curse of the Black Pearl. The studio has been plotting ways to revive the brand with stories from new talent.
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    Fact of the Day - ANIME - ACCUARATE AND LEAST ACCURATE Did you know.... that while anime is usually known for being pretty over-the-top, filled with magic and mayhem, or technological dystopias, or pirates, or interesting magical objects, there are some anime that do a fairly good job at portraying actual historical periods in a way that's pretty true to life. Sometimes that means specific eras in Japan, telling the stories of actual heroes from Japan's history. Sometimes it's about providing a look at period-specific attire. Sometimes, the anime is so historically accurate that western Japanese students creating fan-subs have to postpone the release of their translations of certain anime because the language is so archaic they didn't learn it in school. And sometimes, they're um... Not so accurate. Most Accurate: Grave Of The Fireflies Grave Of The Fireflies is well known for being both pretty historically accurate when it comes to the history of Japan's involvement in World War II, and their receipt of one of the most heinous military attacks in the world's history after atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This movie isn't just known for how accurate it is though, it's literally one of the most soul-crushing watches you're likely to encounter if you decide to check it out. It tells the stories of Seita and Setsuko, our two protagonists who are doing their best to survive in the final few months of the war. While this movie is incredibly heart-wrenching, realizing that this is based on an actual historical occurrence makes it all the more important to watch. Least Accurate: Spice And Wolf Spice And Wolf is a historical fantasy that can't quite be considered one of the most accurate on this list, but it still does a pretty good job of being unique and fairly accurate at what it's attempting to do. It takes place in a fictionalized version of the medieval European world, focusing mostly on things like politics, economics, and trade instead of any normal fantasy plot you might come to expect if you're looking at it from the outside in, like slaying mythological creatures, Arthurian legend, etc. While it isn't the most accurate in terms of setting, it's really still worth the watch if not just for its virtue of daring to tackle strange subject matter for its genre. Most Accurate: Rose Of Versailles The Rose Of Versailles is a historical fiction Shojo series that started as a manga, has been adapted to become a series of musicals, received an anime adaptation, and has received tons of accolades in whichever of its myriad forms. It tells the story of a woman raised as a man so that she could succeed her father as the captain of the royal guard. There's a struggle brewing inside of her though. Does she remain in the ruling class to abide by her father's wishes, or should she leave the lap of luxury to aid the brewing revolution, led by the impoverished and malnourished populace of France before the revolution? This isn't the only problem she's dealing with either since she also has a variety of love interests. Least Accurate: Rurouni Kenshin Rurouni Kenshin is a great historical shonen series, even if the history most definitely isn't all the way where it should be. Almost the whole cast of characters is based on an actual historical person, but they aren't really portrayed very true to life whatsoever. It details a rogue assassin who left his life of murder and war to protect the folk in the countryside, vowing never again to take another life. The setting is fairly accurate as far as history goes, what with the time of turmoil that was 1800s Japan being portrayed as such. There were constant exchanges of power from emperors to Shogunate, and the military might reign supreme. That being said, Kenshin's historical precursor never decided to abandon military life in the same way Kenshin did, and as such was executed. Most Accurate: The Wind Rises The Wind Rises is a biographical film made by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It's a somewhat fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi, who designed one of the most advanced Japanese warplanes that Japan had during the duration of World War II. While it is indeed just a little bit exaggerated and played with since it's a Ghibli movie, after all, it sticks to the life of Horikoshi pretty closely, as well as working in a few historical points in Japan's history that Horikoshi wasn't directly involved in. It brings up a great earthquake, a tuberculosis outbreak, and even explores that Jiro himself wasn't at all in favor of the war and that his dream was to build beautiful aircraft. It's definitely more of a feel-good take on WWII than Grave Of The Fireflies was. Least Accurate: Samurai Champloo Samurai Champloo is an undisputed modern classic of anime, but it isn't necessarily because of how historically accurate it was as a depiction of the Edo period. Helmed by Shinichiro Watanabe, a master of anime known for his series Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and countless other projects, Samurai Champloo is a highly-stylized tail about 2 samurai, their companion, and the search for the "Samurai that smells of sunflowers". The Edo period ran from 1603 through to the year 1868 and is a really common setting for anime that's set in a historical Japanese period since it's such a transitory time for the country. While some details are definitely inspired by history here and there, the spin on the period kinda detracts from that. Most Accurate: Kingdom Kingdom, even though it takes place in a fictionalized retelling of an actual historical period, is a pretty good look at the ancient "Warring States" period of China, a period before a man named Qin and his son Zheng succeeded in unifying these disparate warring states under the single helm of an emperor for a great number of years. Least Accurate: Vinland Saga Although the use of the word Vinland in the title might suggest to the reader that it takes place in the bit of North America that was explored by Leif Ericcson, it actually takes place in Dane-occupied England at the beginning of the 1100s and tells the stories of Vikings, and of King Cnut The Great's rise to power, and the plan for revenge that Thorfinn has been planning. Most Accurate: Hyouge Mono Hyouge Mono is pretty much the Holy Grail of historical fiction anime since this is the one we were talking about when we mentioned that the language used in one of these anime was so complicated and outdated that Japanese students had trouble with the translation when they were writing a fan-sub. It tells the story of a vassal to Oda Nobunaga, a man who attempted to unify Japan. This vassal must decide how to balance his subordination to his lord with his love for the peaceful art of the tea ceremony. Least Accurate: Barefoot Gen Barefoot Gen is a semi-autobiographical series that tells the story of a 6-year-old boy who struggles to survive in the time after the bombing of Japan at the end of World War II with the help of a couple of other survivors. It shows the people he meets, the journeys of the other survivors, and the ways that they might have found to cope with the loss of their homes and the normal state of affairs they had lived in before the bombing. Some of the survivors even turn to a life of crime in an attempt to deal with the horrible poverty they find themselves faced with. Source: Most and Least Historical Accurate Anime
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    What's the Word? - MENOLOGY pronunciation: [mə-NAL-ə-jee] Part of speech: noun Origin: Greek, early 18th century Meaning: 1. An ecclesiastical calendar of the months, especially a calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church containing biographies of the saints in the order of the dates on which they are commemorated. Example: "Rosa loved collecting different examples of menology, and switched calendars throughout the year to change things up." "Theresa consulted a menology to learn more about her namesake saints." About Menology This noun comes from the Greek word "mēnologion" — which can be broken down further into the words "mēn" (month) and "logos" (account). Did you Know? Calendars come in all different shapes and forms, from breathtaking art prints to a simple desk flip calendar. Switch up your way of tracking the days this year to a wonderful alternative, such as a menology. Don't worry, your digital calendars will still be there.
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    Happy New Year - 2021!, From DJHulp!
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    Fact of the Day - SNOW LEOPARD Did you know.... that the snow leopard, also known as the ounce, is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List because the global population is estimated to number less than 10,000 mature individuals and is expected to decline about 10% by 2040. (Wikipedia) COMMON NAME: Snow leopards SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera uncia TYPE: Mammals DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Four to five feet with a tail up to 36 inches WEIGHT: 60 to 120 pounds What is the snow leopard? Asia High Mountains These spotted leopards live in the mountains across a vast range of Asia. They are insulated by thick hair—in shades of gray or creamy yellow and covered with grayish black spots—and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes. Snow leopards have powerful legs and are tremendous jumpers, able to leap as far as 50 feet. These big cats use their long tails for balance and as blankets to cover sensitive body parts against the severe mountain chill. They are shy and reclusive, and rarely seen in the wild. Habitat Snow leopards can be found throughout high mountain ranges, including the Himalayas and the southern Siberian mountains in Russia. They can also be found in the Tibetan Plateau and across a range that stretches from China to the mountains of Central Asia. They prefer steep, rugged terrain with rocky outcrops where prey can be hard to come by. That’s why these carnivores require an enormous amount of space to roam: Male leopards require up to 80 square miles—an area bigger than three Manhattans—while females have ranges of up to 48 square miles. Diet and hunting Snow leopards prey upon the blue sheep (bharal) of Tibet and the Himalayas, as well as the mountain ibex found over most of the rest of their range. Though these powerful predators can kill animals three times their weight, they also eat smaller fare, such as marmots, hares, and game birds. One Indian snow leopard, protected and observed in a national park, is reported to have consumed five blue sheep, nine Tibetan woolly hares, 25 marmots, five domestic goats, one domestic sheep, and 15 birds in a single year. Threats to survival The expansion of human settlement, especially livestock grazing, has led to increased conflict. Herders sometimes kill snow leopards to prevent or retaliate against predation of their domestic animals. Their lives are also threatened by poaching, driven by illegal trades in pelts and in body parts used for traditional Chinese medicine. These cats appear to be in dramatic decline—they've lost at least 20 percent of their population in two decades as a result. Vanishing habitat and the decline of the cats’ large mammal prey are also contributing factors. Climate change is raising the average temperature across the snow leopard’s home range, which scientists believe will shrink the species' alpine habitat and drive competition with other predators like leopards, wild dogs, and tigers. For these reasons, the International Union for Conservation of Nature classifies snow leopards as vulnerable to extinction. Conservation In recent years, a concerted effort has begun to save snow leopards. Protected areas have been established throughout their range, including sanctuaries in Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan. The latter was particularly good news: Kyrgyzstan’s mountains serve as a corridor for snow leopards traveling between the northern and southern ends of their range. That said, creating protected areas for these big cats has only helped so much: According to one study, 40 percent of those protected areas are too small for the wide-roaming snow leopard. Countries have also been strengthening their enforcement against poaching, and conservation groups work with herders to develop systems to keep snow leopards away from their livestock. Others are building awareness about the important role these big cats play in their environment. As a flagship species, snow leopards are essentially a mascot for their entire ecosystem: If they survive, so will many of the other species in their habitat. Source: Wikipedia - Snow Leopard | National Geographic - Snow Leopard
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    What's the Word? - ROISTER pronunciation: [ROY-stər] Part of speech: verb Origin: Latin, late 16th century Meaning: 1. Enjoy oneself or celebrate in a noisy or boisterous way. Example: "Let's get dressed up and roister in our living room this year." "I plan to roister and party over Zoom with friends around the world." About Roister Roister has a diverse background (including its bout in France as "rustre," or ruffian) but it predominantly originates from the Latin word "rusticus" (rustic). Did you Know? Word sleuths will recognize that ambit forms the first half of another popular word: "ambitious." Someone who is ambitious has their sights set way beyond what's in front of them; the official definition is "having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed."
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    These are series/movies I'd definitely say people should check out if they haven't already in alphabetical order: .hack//SIGN 91 Days Angel Beats! Another A Silent Voice Attack on Titan Basilisk Black Lagoon BTOOOM! Children of the Whales Claymore Colorful Cowboy Bebop Darker Than Black Deadman Wonderland Death Note Death Parade Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Dr. Stone Eden of the East ef ~ a tale of memories Elfen Lied Eureka Seven Expelled from Paradise From The New World Fullmetal Alchemist Gantz Ga-Rei Zero Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Genshiken Ghost in the Shell GOD EATER Grave of the Fireflies Grimgar: Ashes & Illusions Gundam: 08th MS Team Gungrave Gurren Lagann Hatsukoi Limited Hunter x Hunter Inuyashiki Kanon (2006) Made in Abyss Moribito Ninja Scroll Noragami Now and Then, Here and There Orange Outlaw Star Psycho-Pass Rainbow Re:Zero R.O.D. the TV Rumbling Hearts Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal Saga of Tanya the Evil School Days Seraph of the End Shion no Ou Somali and the Forest Spirit Soul Eater Spice & Wolf Spiral Steins;Gate Terror in Resonance The Ancient Magus' Bride The Boy and the Beast The Promised Neverland The Twelve Kingdoms The Vision of Escaflowne Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Vinland Saga Whisper of the Heart Witch Hunter Robin Wolf Children Xam'd: Lost Memories Your Name. Yuyu Hakusho
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    Viz Media unveiled the first full trailer, a new visual, and the three main cast members for the Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Han'yō no Yasha Hime) anime sequel of Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha series on Thursday. The anime's official website and Japanese version of the trailer also revealed the anime's October 3 premiere date on the YTV/NTV network in Japan. The cast includes: Sara Matsumoto as Towa Higurashi, one of Sesshomaru's daughters and Setsuna's twin. Mikako Komatsu as Setsuna, one of Sesshomaru's daughters and Towa's twin. Azusa Tadokoro as Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. Viz has the rights "to the digital streaming, EST, and home video" of the anime in North and Latin American territories. The company describes "the brand new anime from the Inuyasha universe": The daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time! In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi's brother, Sota, and his family. Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a Demon Slayer working for Kohaku. But to Towa's shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister. Joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, the three young women travel between the two eras on an adventure to regain their missing past. Teruo Sato (Inuyasha episode director) is directing the anime at Sunrise, and Katsuyuki Sumisawa is in charge of the series scripts after doing the same for Inuyasha and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Takahashi herself is credited as the main character designer, with Yoshihito Hishinuma (Yakitate!! Japan, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes) returning from Inuyasha to adapt her designs for animation. Kaoru Wada (3x3 Eyes, Battle Angel, The File of Young Kindaichi) is also back from Inuyasha to compose the music. Takahashi launched the original manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 1996, and ended it in 2008. Viz licensed and published all 56 volumes of the manga in North America. The 167-episode anime series based on the manga ran from 2000-2004. A 26-episode sequel anime titled InuYasha: The Final Act then ran from 2009-2010. The series has inspired four movies and a 30-minute anime short. Viz began releasing the anime on Blu-ray Disc last year.
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    Hi there, this is Pacific85 here! I want to know I came back to Kametsu! But it won't be for long. I know, it's sad for me to say this. But I want to talk about the two subjects. One regarding my experience and the other is regarding Kissanime. 1. The reason why I log in is because I want to thank the site for introducting me to anime. I logged in for the first time back in 2015 because a user invitied me to the fourms because I was looking for some cartoon that I watched in the past. In 2017 I began to feel uninterested with the site. The site inspired me to have an interest in anime. Since then, I began to attend anime concentions and watch and learn more about anime. 2. Kissanime had been shut down...for a good reason. I know you all been aware of the site but I want to recap what is going on. Japan is now tightening digital copyright laws which meants anything like anime that uploaded illegally will be taken down. Kissanime is one of the sites where it has been taken down recently along with Kissmanga. It is for a good reason because piracy can affect studios and their profits. For example, if you watched HeartCatch PreCure on KissAnime, it will affect Toei Animation's profits very badly. You really don't want this to happen. To combat digital piracy, AnimeLog was created for anyone to view anime legally. It is only available to Japanese audiences but it will be available to world audiences in the future. If you still like KissAnime, please do not visit sites that pirated anime because you are making the pieacy problem even way worse and thry will affect your computer with malware and viruses. If you want watch anime for free, you must wait for AnimeLog to be launched worldwide because it is the only legal way to watch anime for free. I am pretty sure that the Bandai and Takara YT channels has some anime episodes that you can watch legally. I want to thank Koby and all other staff members for introducing me to anime. This will be my last post. Until we meet again in the near future, arigato!
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    I'll be waiting for the english dub version of this for sure. lol
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    Here's the YouTube version of the stream I did. RTS missions aren't really a good example of why I like this game so much but it's still a really great game regardless so don't judge it simply based off my performance in it. lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alZSmhAoVgk
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    I'll be waiting for the dub as well., but thankfully due to Simuldubs that wait has shrunk to mere weeks instead of months or years for many series and I don't see any reason season 2 wouldn't be Simuldubbed. Provided FUNimation gets caught up after all the delays from being confined to their homes and no more setbacks arise.
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    There's a chart with probability percentages in an FAQ on GameFAQs. The one I found was here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/102484-final-fantasy-x-x-2-hd-remaster/faqs/24392
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    Nice. Do you happen to know what the chances are of Yojimbo pulling off that attack at specific amounts of Gil? I always hated tossing Gil at it because it always felt like I'd run out and need it for something.
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    YouTube version incoming. The boss fight ended up being... anticlimactic. Which is saying the least. After that it gets boring because I mostly get silent because I had nothing to talk about really. I'm not good at this. But oh well. I guess? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksEZjCtVgDE
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    FF10 is probably the easiest FF game in existence. You can get through most of the game pretty easy without ever even touching the Sphere Grid. So you should be fine without cheats.
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    Here's the YouTube version. There was actually a somewhat difficult boss fight in this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU3ugmmZc34
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    Good luck with your YouTube channel . I subscribed and hope that it will grow !
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    Many of you have been asking me for updates about the Avatar live-action Netflix series. I can finally tell you that I am no longer involved with the project. In June of this year, after two years of development work, Bryan Konietzko and I made the difficult decision to leave the production. When Bryan and I signed on to the project in 2018, we were hired as executive producers and showrunners. In a joint announcement for the series, Netflix said that it was committed to honoring our vision for this retelling and to supporting us on creating the series. And we expressed how excited we were for the opportunity to be at the helm. Unfortunately, things did not go as we had hoped. Look, things happen. Productions are challenging. Unforeseen events arise. Plans have to change. And when those things have happened at other points during my career, I try to be like an Air Nomad and adapt. I do my best to go with the flow, no matter what obstacle is put in my way. But even an Air Nomad knows when it’s time to cut their losses and move on. I started to reevaluate what is truly important in my life and what I wanted to do with what’s left of it. I took some advice from Uncle Iroh. I looked inward and started asking myself the big question: “Who are you and what do you want?” I also sought wisdom from Stoic philosophers who were big on differentiating between what is within our control and what isn’t. I realized I couldn’t control the creative direction of the series, but I could control how I responded. So, I chose to leave the project. It was the hardest professional decision I’ve ever had to make, and certainly not one that I took lightly, but it was necessary for my happiness and creative integrity. And who knows? Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Avatar has the potential to be good. It might turn out to be a show many of you end up enjoying. But what I can be certain about is that whatever version ends up on-screen, it will not be what Bryan and I had envisioned or intended to make. I also want to be clear that this doesn’t mean the end of my involvement in the Avatar universe. These stories and characters are important to me and the renewed interest and excitement in Avatar and Korra has been inspiring to see. Writing this letter has left me with a very heavy heart. I know many of you will be disappointed and frustrated by this news. I get it. I share your disappointment and frustration. I also recognize this creative setback is small compared to the problems we’re all facing as a society right now. Thankfully, Iroh offered some wisdom for that, too: “Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving you will come to a better place.” May we all keep moving and come to a better place. Thanks for reading and for your continued enthusiasm for the Avatar universe. With gratitude, Michael Dante DiMartino Source: https://www.michaeldantedimartino.com/an-open-letter-to-avatar-the-last-airbender-fans/
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