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    In Super Sonico the anime there was this anorchism where Sonico was playing Bioshock 2 on a Sega Saturn with retro arcade sounds.
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    Sofmap Co., Ltd. (株式会社ソフマップ, Kabushiki gaisha Sofumappu) is one of the largest personal computer and consumer electronics retailers in Japan.[1] In 2000, it was the second largest e-commerce company in the country.[2][3] Bic Camera acquired a majority stake in Sofmap in 2006,[4] and turned it into a wholly owned subsidiary in January 2010.[5] Formerly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the code 2690, Sofmap was delisted on 26 January 2010 after the transaction was completed.[6] As of 2018, Sofmap has 21 stores in 16 districts, mainly in Tokyo and Akihabara. History[edit] Sofbank was established by Kei Suzuki (鈴木慶, Suzuki Kei) in 1982 as a membership-based software rental business in Shinjuku, followed by branches in Kanda, Akihabara, and Shibuya, as well as franchise stores in Hiyoshi and Kawasaki in the Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1984, Sofmap expanded its business to new and used PC hardware, as well as Nintendo Family Computer and PC software sales. A year later, the software rental business was discontinued after it was declared illegal by the Japanese government. At the beginning of their hardware sales, Sofmap specialized in "box sales", where it set up shops at small-sized commercial buildings in Akihabara and Osaka/Nipponbashi and sold computers at low prices. In 1986, the company published a free publication titled Sofmap Times (ソフマップタイムズ, Sofumappu Taimuzu), which listed computer products and prices. To differentiate themselves from other PC stores, Sofmap introduced their warranty system: five years for new computers and three years for used computers. In anticipation of the PC boom that started with the release of Windows 95, Sofmap increased its floor space and focused on display sales for new PC users. However, during the mid-1990s, sales declined due to a combination of factors such as falling prices of personal computers, reduced distribution and profitability due to shortened product cycles of used products, and sluggish sales of home video games. In 1997, amidst rumors of the company filing for bankruptcy, Sofbank was purchased by Marubeni. In 2000, Suzuki retired and was replaced by Yoshiro Kajitani (柿谷義郎, Kajitani Yoshirō). The sofmap.com website was also established that year. In 2005, Marubeni partially transferred its shares of Sofbank to Bic Camera, with Bic owning 61.56% of Sofbank by 2006. On January 29, 2010, Sofmap became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bic Camera. On March 1, 2012, the retail division was split and Sofmap Co., Ltd. was established, and the remaining store real estate management division was merged into Bic Camera. On June 5, 2017, Sofbank's main Akihabara branch was converted into a Bic Camera branch while the rest of the Akihabara branches were rebranded as Akiba BicMap (AKIBAビックマップ, Akiba Bikku Mappu). On October 31, 2019, Sofmap acquired anime shop Animega (アニメガ) from Bunkyodo Group Holdings.
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