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    Greetings, I just joined this community.
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    Believe me, I would do that, if they were not insanely overpriced, especially shows from Disney and Nickelodeon. $20–30 every 10 episodes? No thanks, I'd rather support the creators in other ways. Strange, I've never had issues like that. Issues like that should be reported in their forum or directly to support. But was it confirmed that the corruption was caused by Real-Debrid and not any of the multiple other possible reasons? You can also change two-factor authentication to require TOTP (Google Authenticator) instead of email under "My Account".
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    Rory Mercury... YOU've got TASTE! \O
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    Aww, man, finally someone who speaks up! Searching... overrated! Thanks @Koby for lookng into this. It has been popping up for me as well. @Moodkiller You... lucky VIP doesn't even know he is a VIP. Thanks for the workaround.
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