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    Did you know... that Batman series has sold around 474 million issues, second highest in the world behind the 600 millions of superman and after the 457 million of one piece.
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    To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the One Piece TV anime broadcast, the franchise's official website announced on Saturday that the Romance Dawn one-shot manga, which is considered to be the origin of the One Piece franchise, will get an anime adaptation to broadcast on the anime's birthday, October 20. Romance Dawn was released by Eiichiro Oda in two versions in 1996: one was in WJ Summer Special magazine which was later included in One Piece Red. Another was in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, which was later included as one of the short stories in the Wanted! collection. It describes a different Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece franchise. The WJ Summer Special version previously received an OVA adaptation in 2008. The news described that it will be the first anime adaptation for the one-shot, which refers to the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine version. Source: One Piece.com
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    I first started having issues with pacing around Thriller Bark myself, but after the time-skip, pretty much every arc has felt like it's crawling along due to a lot of padding. Made me drop my rating of the anime from a 9/10 to a 6/10 and it's stayed that way since. Most shounen feature 2-4 chapters per canon episode, but with One Piece, rather than do filler arcs to prevent catching up to the manga, they just adapt it slower. So many episodes adapt less than half a chapter. It's because of this that during Punk Hazard, I finally made the switch to the fan-edit called One Pace, where they cut out the extra fluff: screen pannings, reaction shots, etc... and only keep what stays true to the manga. They manage to cut anywhere from 2 to 5 episodes down to 1. Dressrosa for example was around 100 episodes, but One Pace edition ended up being like 48. I might be off by a few, but I didn't bother to go check for exact numbers, just pulling from memory. While I enjoy One Piece, I do wish Oda would start bringing it towards a conclusion rather than continue on endlessly for several more decades.
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    Did you know... that everybody knows Batman’s origin story.? The murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents by a mugger named Joe Chill is a central part of the Batman mythos and explains his motivations for becoming a masked vigilante. The story of his parents’ death, however, wasn’t created until Detective Comics #33, nearly a year after the first Batman story hit the shelves.
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/44350/GRID_2/ Grid 2 is currently free on Steam. https://www.origin.com/sgp/en-us/store/the-sims/the-sims-4 The Sims 4 is currently free on EA Origin. https://store.steampowered.com/app/275390/Guacamelee_Super_Turbo_Championship_Edition/ Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is currently free on Steam.
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    @diarma86 there's a good reason we decided not to just 'pack up'. The site did start out as just a discussion forum. The download stuff was just an 'addon' to it and of course people just flocked to it...but it ended up also creating a lot of problems for the site as well - namely people that just sign up to do nothing but spam or cause trouble (mostly the former). This played a large part into Koby's decision, and by extension, mine. It was very difficult to do what we had to do. We knew the impacts of either decision. But I've said this a million times already - there is only one thing we care about more than anything else, and that's every single one of you. Even downloads being there couldn't hold a candle to how much we cared about our members. In the end we did what we had to do...not just to protect ourselves or this site, but also to protect each and every one of you. Because we just care that deeply. We realized that making this sort of call would mean the site would never be the same. It was not an easy sacrifice, believe us. But we'd rather keep the site and its members, than lose everything. You guys are why we keep doing this. No other reason. None. We'll be cooking up some stuff this summer, hopefully when I've got more time. Look forward to that!
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