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    Long And Hard Training Was Required To Become A Pharaoh. To become a pharaoh was by no means an easy task. It required a long period of hard training that started were very early in a prince’s life. Young children went through a series of lessons. Many of these lessons focused on building physical strength because the pharaoh often fought at the head of his army. Princes went to the royal stables where they learned how to ride and break wild horses. They also ran long foot races to build endurance and went on hunting and fishing expeditions. In time, a prince hoped to persuade a pharaoh to take him on as his ‘co-regent’. When a pharaoh died, control went to his co-regent.
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    Fact of the Day - PHARAOHS Did you know... that in Ancient Egypt, all rulers were called king regardless of their gender since there was no Egyptian word for queen.? The word pharaoh is not actually an Egyptian word. It is a Greek or Hebrew pronunciation of the Egyptian word pero or per-aa and means “great house.” It originally referred to the King’s palace and didn’t become a term for the ruler until about 1450 BC. A person didn’t just get to wake up and become pharaoh. Training was a long and difficult period that began when the heir to the throne was extremely young. Lessons were focused on building strength and endurance, and he had to learn to hunt and fish and ride and break horses. If they were successful in their lessons, the pharaoh would take them on as co-regent, and upon the pharaoh’s death, they would assume full control. A pharaoh’s ascension to the throne was one of the most important rituals in Ancient Egypt, and the event was celebrated with feasts, rites, and ceremonies that were all part of the coronation feast. The feast could last for as long as a year and is described by modern Egyptologists as the “year of the coronation.”
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    1) Black Sabbath/Ozzy 2) Manowar 3) System of a Down 4) Incubus 5) Led Zeppelin
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