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    Did you know... that 17 is considered unlucky. When viewed as the Roman numeral, XVII, it is then changed anagrammatically to VIXI, which in the Latin language translates to "I lived", the perfect implying "My life is over." Also 9 is feared in Japan because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for torture or suffering, so it's also considered unlucky
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    Did you know... that in chinese 7 is considered terribly unlucky ? It is a yang number and its pronunciation is close to the pronunciation of the word meaning ,, gone ,, ( 去 qu ) . Seven also relates to ceremonies that release dead souls from purgatory . In some parts of China , the 14th or 15th of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar is the date for holding sacrificial ceremonies .
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    That's the reason why OnePlus (Chinese Smartphone making company) didn't launch OnePlus 4 flagship.
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    4 is well known to be an unlucky number because 四 sounds similar to 死 (sǐ), which means "death" in Chinese. People will go to extremes based on superstitions of the number 4. In China, the presence of the number 4 is avoided in most public settings; in addition to elevator buttons, addresses, ID numbers, phone numbers, license plates, and product names will usually omit the number 4 for fear of being attached to bad luck. Houses and apartments that have 4 in the address number will sell for much less than ones without. Mentioning the number four to an ill family member is considered to be highly offensive, and giving anything with 4 on it to someone can be seen as a death threat.
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    And that's my birth date. Finally got the reason for my bad luck.
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    Fact of the Day - UNLUCKY NUMBERS Did you know... that in many hotels and buildings there is no floor with number 13? This is because number 13 is considered very unlucky. In Christianity, number 13 is considered as highly inauspicious. It is believed that Judas Iscariot – the one, who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th guest to participate in the Last Supper. This number is avoided in the daily life by Christians. You will never find elevators and rooms with number 13. Even in the Parsi Culture, 13 is considered inauspicious.
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    I did not know that. It's interesting. I learn something new when you all participate and post! Thank you. I do hope you all like this thread.
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    Did you know... that other planets have them? Voyagers 1 and 2 were the first probes to bring back pictures of auroras on Jupiter and Saturn, and later Uranus and Neptune. Since then, the Hubble Space Telescope has taken pictures of them as well. Auroras on either Jupiter or Saturn are much larger and more powerful than on Earth, because those planets' magnetic fields are orders of magnitude more intense. On Uranus, auroras get weirder, because the planet's magnetic field is oriented roughly vertically, but the planet rotates on its side. That means instead of the bright rings you see on other worlds, Uranus' auroras look more like single bright spots, at least when spied by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2011. But it's not clear that's always the case, because no spacecraft has seen the planet up-close since 1986.
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    Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is the latest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to line up his own Disney+ series. Disney’s upcoming streaming service is officially developing a limited series based on the archery ace Marvel character with Renner attached to star. The project is said to be an adventure series in which Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, will pass the torch to Kate Bishop. Bishop is a Marvel Comics character who took up the Hawkeye mantle after Barton. She is also a member of the group known as the Young Avengers. Renner has been a part of the MCU since he first appeared as Hawkeye in an uncredited cameo in “Thor.” He has since played the role in “Avengers,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and “Captain America: Civil War.” He will next appear in “Avengers: Endgame,” which hits theaters on April 26. Renner is also known for his Oscar-nominated roles in “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town” as well as films such as “American Hustle,” “Arrival,” and “Wind River.” As previously reported, there are also Disney+ limited series in the works that will focus on MCU characters like Falcon and Winter Soldier, as well as Loki, Vision, and Scarlet Witch. The series are expected to be six to eight episodes. The series on the Disney+ will be produced by Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, who has headed up the MCU for years. The shows are also expected to have large budgets compared to other television projects. Netflix previously had its own Marvel TV universe, consisting of the shows “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist,” (which all fed into “The Defenders” miniseries) and “The Punisher.” However, with the imminent launch of Disney+, all of those shows have been canceled within the past few months.
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    Well the anime adaptation was started before the manga was complete (I believe) and towards the end the anime was completed before the manga was ready. The diversion from the manga basically made the anime not really able to have a season 2. It is similar to how Hellsing was created by jumping ahead of the manga which resulted in them having to create Hellsing Ultimate to get the proper story done right. Unfortunately this anime didn't do well enough for them to do a reboot of it, unfortunately. I would have really liked to see it as it was intended. **Crap, I forgot the forum rebuild changed it a bit and many of these threads are old...oh well**
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    Did you know... that the aurora borealis is visible from space ? Satellites can take pictures of the aurora from Earth's orbit and the images they get are pretty striking . In fact , auroras are bright enough that they show up strongly on the nightside of the Earth even if one were looking at them from another planet .
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    The northern lights look like fire, but they wouldn't feel like one. Even though the temperature of the upper atmosphere can reach thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, the heat is based on the average speed of the molecules. After all, that's what temperature is. But feeling heat is another matter – the density of the air is so low at 60 miles (96 kilometers) up that a thermometer would register temperatures far below zero where aurora displays occur.
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    Fact of the Day - AURORA BOREALIS Did you know... that the Aurora Borealis makes sound ? The answer is yes! However, not everyone hears the sound and not all aurora produce it. Several credible witnesses in both the Northern Hemisphere (aurora borealis) and Southern Hemisphere (aurora australis) report hearing a sound accompanying the Northern Lights and Southern Lights. According to Neal Brown, former director of the Poker Flat Research Range, which conducts extensive experiments on the aurora borealis, witnesses say they hear the sound of the aurora when it is visible. Since the lights we see from the aurora are produced at 60 miles (100 kilometers) and higher up in the atmosphere, it’s unlikely the sound is coming directly from the aurora. This is simply because the light reaches an observer much faster than any sound. However, the reports of sounds, usually described as a hissing or crackling, are credible. Certain blindfolded subjects, unable to see the aurora, correctly announced the presence of the aurora, based on sound. Not everyone hears the aurora, plus it seems likely the conditions aren’t right for all aurora to produce the sound. The sound has been reported in both summer and winter, on a variety of terrains.
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    Did you know... that in Japan , letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is said to bring good health as well as warding off evil spirits ?
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    In the olden days there was no electricity and shaving or cutting nails would result in cuts after sunset because of darkness. Hence our ancestors advised not to cut nails or shave after sunset. In Later days it was believed that the night spirits will be awaken and come in the search of flesh. People have been warned to get attacked by these evil spirits in the darkness of night if people cut nails or shave hair after sunset which continues as a superstition.
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    You’re probably pretty familiar with number prefixes that we use in English—uni-, mono-, di-, tri-, hexa-, octo-, and so on. And many of you have undoubtedly been reciting the Gregorian months of the year since before you could tie your shoes. But did you ever stop to think about how these do not match up at all? The first eight months are named after various gods, goddesses, festivals, and rulers. For instance, January (Januarius) is named for Janus, the god of doorways and beginnings. February (Februarius) is named for Februa, a feast of purification. September, on the other hand, literally means “seventh month,” October likewise means “eighth month,” and I’m sure you can see where this is going for November and December. This would be awesome and super easy to remember if those weren’t the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th months, respectively. So what the heck happened? As you may have guessed, the original Roman calendar, said to have been invented by the first king of Rome, had 10 months. It started with March, which may seem kind of strange to us now. Later, Roman ruler Numa Pompilius added January at the beginning and February at the end of the calendar. Eventually February was moved between January and March.
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    Did you know... that in ancient times , a month was calculated roughly by the length of time it takes the Moon to orbit Earth and begin a new phase ? This occurs about every 29 and a half days . Although the length of a month now varies , the word month comes from the word "moon" ( a "moonth" ) .
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    Did you know... that licensed acupuncturists attend a rigorous 3-4 year graduate program and complete over 2.000+ clinical internship hours and maintain their licensure with continuing education ? Part of the education includes standard medical history gathering , safety , ethics and recognition of when to refer patients to other health care professionals .
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    Fact of the Day - ACUPUNCTURE Did you know... that historically, Chinese medical practitioners didn't get paid and that the very first acupuncture needles were made of stone? Back in the day, Chinese medicine practitioners were paid to keep people healthy. People paid their doctor a regular fee unless they got sick. Then the doctor would not be paid until they were better. Clearly, this shows that Chinese medicine is a preventative form of medicine. Bian Shi (stone needle) was a sharpened, polished stone used to treat illness during the New Stone Age in China. Much later, needles were made of silver and gold. Some practitioners still use silver or gold needles on occasion, but most opt for stainless steel. Much more comfortable for patients than getting poked with sharp stones!
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    Did you know... that the first phone book was only 20 pages long , was issued in 1878 and was apparently very short ? Since the phone was only invented two years before , it makes sense that not everyone was on board with the new technology yet . Strangely enough , the first phone book also instructed readers to “commence the conversation by saying , ‘'Huolla!''
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    Did you know... that as a tribute to Alexander Graham Bell when he died in 1922, all the telephones stopped ringing for one full minute. As a result, 14 million telephones in US and Canada were affected.
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    The memorable Nokia tone for receiving SMS text messages is Morse code for ‘SMS’ Likewise, the ‘Ascending’ tone is Morse code for ‘Connecting People,’ (Nokia’s slogan) and ‘Standard’ is Morse code for ‘M’ (Message).
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    Fact of the Day - TELEPHONE Did you know... that “Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting? Alexander Graham Bell suggested ‘ahoy’ (as used in ships), but was later superseded by Thomas Edison, who suggested ‘hello’ instead. Also, the very first phone call was: “Watson come here, I want you!” It was made on March 10, 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts, between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas A. Watson
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    Fruit Basket 2019? I seen two episodes so far, but I'am just wondering is this exactly the same story like 2001, but the different drawing and maybe different dub cast. But for the rest is the exact the same, or will the story change later on?
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