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    If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here
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    Coolkyoushinja’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga series has revealed on the 8th volume of that a second TV anime season has been green-lit. No additional information has been given regarding when it will air but, it has been officially announced.
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    This time we got good no of votes(67) better than previous AoTS,may be reaching 100 votes may not be difficult given we are just half way through the time period. I hope we can get it.
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    Back from vacation and need a bit to get back in routine will check in later
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    Well I certainly wouldn't have considered that the possibility. I'm not even sure I've ever met anyone who legit had that in such a way. I was thinking more along the lines that at some point he stumbled across something or over-heard something, not that. I guess it works, but I think it slightly cheapens it. I get everyone has some special brain power and whatnot which makes them "high caliber", but I'd kind of like to see at least one dumb character tbh lol.
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    It's explained in the manga... I'm really not sure if they will touch upon it in a future episode. While I'm tagging this as a spoiler, it's pretty minor IMO and doesn't affect the rest of the story. Honestly, I think it's a pretty half-assed explanation.
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    Was actually surprised at the double agent aspect, and their thought process for continuing to trust the person and move ahead with their plans as-is though I should have probably expected something of the sort. My question is how did that person learn of what was going on in the first place? Either I missed them explaining that or they just forgot to explain it. So I'm very curious as to how they discovered it to set their entire plan into motion.
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    I hope it doesn't. I always feel happy to see my favourite anime is being recognised, I hope everyone thinks the same and votes for their favourite.
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    I will be true to my nomination, I can't be bought. Maybe. Admitted bribery, you are in a lot of trouble, unless... *cough*
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    No offense but this forum will probably nearly be dead in a few weeks/months. There will surely be an alternative site that does have downloads, for which almost all people came here.
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    My username doesn't begin with the letter A.
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    ok do I need to post pics of my "storage" guess i have to nao there 4 of ..... yeah
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    Probably won't happen. There is apparently legal issues involved due to tax evasion and some shit by the writer... and since the anime was government funded, I suppose it won't be funded further.
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