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    If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here
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    Let me stop you right there. No one ever said this. Discussing a release (for example: Death.Note.S01.540p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR) doesn't tell anyone where to get it. I talked about the discussion of releases. Not vaguely pointing users towards said releases. I didn't say anything about ''oh by the way, you can find it on <website> or <XDCC bot>''. Nothing of the sort. If the word CTR here (I can't think of any other plausible word) is somehow meant to point people towards piracy, you might as well ban the words Kametsu, Koby or SCY then. Or any word that could be vaguely connected to piracy. There's this subreddit named /r/piracy with over 300k subscribers. Thousands of users discussing piracy every single day, with no illegal links being shared (and those who do and disregard the rules get banned). The mere discussion of piracy isn't going to get anyone in jail or put them at risk, lol.
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    This is because the BIOS is actual proprietary code. Old emulators would use this as a shortcut to make a lot of the emulation work easier to write and execute. Supplying a BIOS is illegal for the same reason supplying any paid application is. Newer emulators stopped relying on any proprietary code though (e.g. Dolphin, Cemu, etc), so it's not really a problem anymore thankfully. You can run any games straight out of the box these days with modern emulators. back on topic: I'd be on board with a general piracy discussion area. No links, of course, but the A/V encoding section was definitely useful. We could also add a comparisons section for encode comparisons, since that's something you only get on forums like this or BTN's comparisons board.
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    AoT S3 Part 2 PV aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Generation eight of Pokémon is officially here, as this morning Nintendo announced Pokémon Sword and Shield, to release this fall on the Switch. The pair of games are three-dimensional and cel-shaded. Pokémon Sword and Shield will be the first mainline games in the series to appear on a home console, they’ll take place in a new region (“Galar”), with a whole bunch of new Pokémon, including three starters that Nintendo showed off in a trailer this morning: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. The previous generation of monster-collecting games, gen seven, began with Pokémon Sun and Moon on the 3DS in 2016. Now, three years later, it’s time for the next one.
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    Sentai announced DanMachi Season 2 for Dubcast on Hidive in July!
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    The first movie released on VHS was The Young Teacher, a South Korean drama about a teacher who organizes a volleyball game at her school to boost self-confidence and school spirit in her students. While the film received little recognition, the VHS format proved to be very successful and quickly became the number one format for buying and selling movies.
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    The site migration was completed, albeit with a few bumps along the way that made it take like 6 hours instead of 2 and a half, lol. Really sorry about that, but things should be working properly again. Notice - Site Migration When: February 26, 2019 at 7:30 PM Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours What: Site migration to a different server Sorry for the short notice on this one, but it's important. I will be migrating the forums off of the current server onto my own servers. This is because, at this point, we're essentially paying for server hardware resources we're not even really using, and this is due in large part to the removal of downloads from the site. It simply doesn't make any sense to continue to pay for the server the forums are on because of this, so I have instead made an offer to Koby to host the forums on my own server, free of charge. To facilitate this move, I will be deactivating the forum website right around 7:30 PM CST this evening. I've set aside 2.5 hours to perform the move, but if things go as planned it'll not take the entire window to do. The gameplan is as follows: At or around 7:30 PM CST, deactivate the forum website in the webserver configuration, redirect all traffic to a static page Perform full database dump (expected time: about 15-30 minutes maximum) After confirming dump integrity, migrate the dump file to the new server and import it (expected time: about 15-30 minutes maximum) Begin transferring website-related files to the new server (expected time: about 45 min to an hour maximum) Migrate webserver configuration files to the new server, and locally test configuration (expected time: about 10 minutes or so) Make the necessary changes within DNS (expected time: will vary depending on various ISP's DNS caching policies and refreshes) Obviously, since I have offered to host the forums completely free of charge, this raises the question for many of you: should I still donate? The answer to that is, absolutely! Even though I will be hosting the site itself free of charge, Koby still has to pay the licensing costs of the forum software itself as well as the themes. So yes, continue to donate. The only change is that money will just be used to keep the forum software license current as well as pay for these wonderfully designed themes we have. Oh and, of course, @Koby is still insistent upon compensating me for the trouble even though I said I'd do it for free (stubborn guy, LOL), so a portion might also be used for that as well. As always, IRC and Discord will both remain available. Again sorry for the short notice, but this move is that important and we feel that it's the best way to move forward from here. Thank you for your understanding!
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    English dub confirmed for Haikyu!! S3 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-19/sentai-filmworks-confirms-english-dub-for-haikyu-season-3/.143636
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    smh at those trolling the aots results with pingu just because Scyrous is bribing with nudes.
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    Spot any similarities? LOL
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    You make a good point; and there is the likelihood we restructure some of those boards you're talking about into a single "Piracy Talk" board in order to discuss the on-goings of the piracy world, while not offering anything of the sort. It depends on a few things falling into place and we still have plenty of other things to take care of regarding getting some other things operational and other changes we've yet to implement.
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    ^This. I found this community from AniPas and I joined there for the downloads, but over time I started to participate in some discussions and "moved" my focus away from getting the content and discussing it instead. When I joined Kametsu, I was hoping to have similarly enjoyable experience discussing more technical aspects of the content (anime mostly) and I did. But with the change in direction I am no longer sure what I will be doing on the site - probably just reduce my activity to "lurking". I am not blaming anyone from the staff for the changes, but it is still sad to lose all those posts.
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    I think it's beyond silly to act like every website on the internet can only live if it's a pirate site. There are way more legitimate sites than pirate sites and they do just fine. Even Kametsu spent 1/3 of it's life without downloads and was actually way more active during that time than it ever was during the "prime of content distro". Back in the days prior to downloads, the forum averaged 2,000+ posts a day. During the time of downloads, it averaged maybe 3,000 a month. So while visitor numbers and content soared, the actual participation in the community dwindled. I'm sure it didn't help that a lot of interaction moved away from the forum into IRC and Discord either, but many of our old staff members left as the Distro section gained momentum, because they didn't want to be apart of such a site or because interest in the sections they were interested in were being bombarded by spam and the members they liked to interact with moved on. We saw the death of our once extremely active roleplay and graphics sections once Distro hit it big. My good friend Koga, a co-admin who came from the Kametsu x YGO Underground merger also decided to step down. As IkarosBD said earlier, the content distro killed legitimate discussion as those wanting to do so were bombarded by 1-post leechers spamming random threads, people lost the desire to even bother, and most of them vanished. Again, people who never bothered to post or interact with absolutely anything or anyone past their initial "Hi" post added nothing to the community, so their loss takes nothing away. To say a forum lives or dies on 1-time posters who never participated in anything is a very silly viewpoint. I'm not naive. I know a vast portion of the users will move on. I know some of them were big contributors to the site and community. I know them leaving is a big loss. Though at the same time, it is what it is, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Harping on it does nothing but kill the spirit of those who want to try their damnedest to make the community thrive by other means. I do however feel that there are plenty of users that will stick around or visit in some capacity from time to time, and those friends are worth maintaining a home away from home for them to visit. And I whole-heartedly believe we can build the community up again with time, patience, and a lot of hard work. I'm very experienced in these kinds of things. I ran very successful communities for nearly a decade prior and during Kametsu and even ran Kametsu for nearly 5 years prior to ever having "downloads". Only reason those other communities don't exist today is because I felt the desire to merge them into Kametsu to have one userbase rather than multiple split communities; so it lessened my work load and brought everyone to one place (it's possible I might revive some of those old sites, even though I no longer own the domain names they once resided on, I still have the site files for them). There is zero reason why the community must "die" just because one thing is taken away. The "Content Distro" was not what made Kametsu, it was only but a part of the site, and the site will continue on down other avenues; breathing new life into the community. Drawing users in with other things, old members who left cause they didn't want to be on a pirate site may return or they may not, who knows; but I'll say this much, the forum has been more active discussion-wise this last week than it had been in quite some time. IRC and Discord are still thriving as much as they ever did too. As long as the core groups of friends stick around, Kametsu will live. We'll be cutting costs since we won't likely need as beefy a server, and we may be looking into other means to fund the site or get it within manageable means. I'm sure advertising will help, especially with the Steam key Giveaways, and if the stuff with FUNimation comes to fruition we may even be able to have giveaways with various anime swag and merchandise. And we have many other features we plan to roll out in regards to "epeen" features for active users, hiring staff to maintain various aspects, and with a new networking offer we may be able to bring in legitimate youtube game/anime reviewers and bloggers, etc. Thanks to some new friends I've recently made.
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    What bothers me the most is that a significant portion of the site seems to have been lost for no reason. I get how removing all links might have been necessary to comply with all the DMCA crap Kametsu had to face. But I find it very hard to believe the mere discussion of piracy/releases (without any sort of links being shared) also puts Kametsu in some kind of serious danger. I would have been fine with a text-only index where I could continue to post updates about my current/future projects and where others could ask questions (and in the same vein, I personally believe project topics without actual download links would have been totally fine). But even that seems to be out of the question now. Or perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places. In any case, I can't find any sort of place on the site dedicated to piracy anymore. And I think that's overkill. I agree. I initially came here specifically for the downloads and didn't start putting out my own releases until over half a year later. I stayed because of the community. I rather enjoyed the community aspect and being able to discuss my own and other's releases. Now that all of that's gone, there just isn't much to do here for me anymore.
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    Just noticed I recently pasted my 5 year Kametsu anniversary.
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    Fact of the Day - RINGS Did you know... that Saturn has an invisible mega-ring? In 2009, Astrophysicist Douglas Hamilton and his team discovered the so-called Phoebe ring using infrared imagery from the Spitzer Space Telescope, and it was literally a big discovery. If Saturn’s famous rings were toe rings, the Phoebe ring would be a monster truck tire, for a simple comparison. The Phoebe ring, as its name suggests, may owe its existence to dust flaking off Saturn’s moon Phoebe. However, it’s also possible that smaller, undetected moons are also serving as feeders to the Phoebe ring — Saturndoes have 62 moons that we know of.
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    The password for the computer controls of nuclear tipped missiles of the U.S was 00000000 for eight years.
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    Did you know... that in the martial arts demonstrations there have been occasions where people fight huge animals like bulls and manage to kill them in a single blow? One such example was Mas Oyama a karate master earning him the name "Godhand"
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    Did you know... that long ears, long life? Well, at least that’s what the ancient Chinese thought. The ancient Chinese believed that each part of the ear represented a different prospect. The length of the earlobe denoted long life, and its thickness, wealth. As a result, kings and emperors of old China are depicted with extremely long ears (as are many statues of Buddha).
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    Fact of the day - EAR Your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep. Your brain just ignores incoming sounds. Also, after eating too much, your hearing is less sharp.
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    Did you know... that no driver has died since NASCAR began requiring head-and-neck restraints in 2001?
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    "Whenever happiness is destroyed, there's always the smell of blood." Enter the realm of the demons as Demon Slayer premieres April 2019! Don't miss this melancholy tale of humans and demons, bloodcurdling swordfights and comical characters from studio ufotable and based on the popular manga by Koyoharu Gotouge serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Synopsis: It is the Taisho Period in Japan. Tanjiro, a kindhearted boy who sells charcoal for a living, finds his family slaughtered by a demon. To make matters worse, his younger sister Nezuko, the sole survivor, has been transformed into a demon herself. Though devastated by this grim reality, Tanjiro resolves to become a “demon slayer” so that he can turn his sister back into a human, and kill the demon that massacred his family. A sorrowful tale of siblings in which the fates of humans and demons intertwine…begins now!
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    If anyone on this forum wants my email address, I suggest PMing me for it soon. Otherwise you might be stuck having to contact me on Discord or Mastodon.
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