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    i think @bobb789 is a little shy - he keeps visiting my profile every 24 hours but has never said anything to me No really, what's up with the stalking dude? lol
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    @NeutralHatred may be you reversed the titles grand blue-3x and back street girls-1x
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    Guys, it's not your job to judge your fellow community member just because they'd like to help out in some way. Leave the decision making to the staff to work out privately okay? No need to fight about it here.
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    It's time for another set of Anime of the Season nominations! And a poll that will likely be out much later than expected because that NH is wicked forgetful! Same rules as before: Each user may only nominate one show. Except me because I'm making these things. I jest. Do not blindly nominate a series "just because you can"; nominate the series you are actually going to vote for. Lolis are always a good reason to nominate. And boobs. As listed in the rules here, any shows that have had a previous season win, are not eligible to be nominated again, so check the Hall of Fame. This is so one show doesn't fill the HoF and allows other shows a chance in the spotlight. Spin-offs featuring new casts are still eligible however. Nomination period is 1 week. It's on a timer so, even I can't forget. Nominations will run thru November 2nd. The thread will lock automatically on November 3rd. The poll will be created and opened later on the same day. Or soon after because I am a terribly forgetful douchemeister. We will update this post as necessary as nominations come in. For reference, the Summer 2018 chart is located here - please check this chart before nominating a show in this thread, as it needs to come from the Summer 2018 season. NOTE: Shows that began airing in the summer season and are continuing into the fall 2018 season are STILL eligible for nomination. Also, please use the English title, where applicable. Last added Nomination Update: Downlewd Nominations: x1 - Back Street Girls x1 - Cells at Work x1 - Chio's School Road x1 - Dropkick on my Devil! x7 - Grand Blue x2 - Harukana Receive x4 - How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord x1 - Late Night! Genius Bakabon x2 - Layton Mystery
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    How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord
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    I dont know if I should choose Layton or Holmes... uh... I think I will take.... Layton mystery!
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    Late Night! Genius Bakabon (Shinya! Tensai Bakabon)
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    Although it wasn't a super strong summer, I nominate Cells at Work.
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    Someone just ripped the 9anime video and audio and then tried to pass that off as a release..... What a joke.
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    I am not sure if "hoard" is the right word here, at least for most people I believe. I do have a lot of anime, for a few reasons. 1. If I had my way, I'd like to see every shows that's average or above, but I am only human. So instead I maintain several levels/list according to priority of what to watch, one of them being downloading shows. Also, I often download shows that I happen to stumble upon w/ a good quality release and/or from a source that might die on me tomorrow. Thus, I end up with more content faster than I can consume them. Thus, a huge pile of un-watched stuff. 2. Often the shows are good, and I feel bad about deleting them. Even though I know I won't be re-watching them. Also, sometimes I exchange stuff with friends, so it's always good to have some good new stuff. So, I often archive anime for sharing, and out of respect. 3. Even though my pace of consuming anime is not all that slower than getting them, there is still often a huge amount I haven't started. I guess this is due to the often breaks I take from ONLY watching anime, not downloading them. So, other life-stuff/entertainment prevents me from clearing that pile. 4. There might be shows I really wanna watch, I take a lot of time trying the find good source for them, and wait for a good enough occasion/situation/timing to watch them, but I might end up losing interest in them by that time. This is more often with older shows, which are more serious and odd type, and thus it is difficult to regain my interest in them. Also, this might happen because I get put off by the animation, or if no good quality release is available and the only copy I have is way less than decent. So, basically, GBs of shows that I wanted to watch at some point, and hope to have the courage to see in future. 5. This is very rare, but there are indeed some shows that I re-watch. Very few of them. 6. I prefer binge watching, binge watching the whole franchise not just a single season. However, at times I might end up downloading/watching a season before realizing there are more season, or a season might get announced after I downloaded it. Or maybe at times the season I watched is pretty recent and well received, and hence I have I hopes of another season. In such cases I prefer to keep the seasons I have already seen in case I need to refer to them when watching the future seasons. Shows that are part of a series, with possible/confirmed future seasons/installments. So, that is at least my reason to "hoard" anime I am not sure what you mean here, specially the last line (_ _|||) don't try....
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    Yeah I'm curious where they take this. Grimm was always the kind of show I enjoyed watching but that it never really rose to greatness if you understand what I mean. Like there were a couple times I questioned whether I should drop it, but at the end of the day, most of the seasons were enjoyable to watch and I felt the concluded the series pretty well. The main actors/characters had a big part in what made me enjoy the show too... So who they get to start in this spin-off could really make or break it for me. In any case, I'm not sure if I'm going to be watching this yet or not. We'll see as more details emerge.
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    I'm like, how is Captain Planet and some other series links still active when MEGA deleted my accounts? ....On my index page, there is a pink exclamation mark ...this is the Hanna-Barbera DVDRip's backup. I created this the first time all links went down and had completely forgotten about it. Please don't share these links outside of Kametsu community. Anyways, by the end of March 2019 my NAS servers will be complete, at which time I'll also introduce my Kodi build, along with my Plex servers. Best regards, Tooncore
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    Same. I think too much expectation is being put on getting a college degree, and people are going deep in debt with no guarantee of getting a "good" job. Trade schools are a good option as there are more openings for skilled labor today (in America at least), because most don't want those jobs or have no clue how to do them well. Get experience, internship or apprenticeship. A good resume/portfolio is stronger than a degree that says at least you got passing grades.
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    Everyone gets a degree now but they rarely get experience. Trade schools are better in my opinion unless you do some internships. It sucks to do internships for free though.
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