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    If you'd like to follow me on my current and future endeavours, please PM me or leave a comment here
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    As you're likely aware by now, Kametsu has been forced to undergo changes in order to continue to exist and keep its staff members out of legal trouble. There was no other possibilities to be had. So please refrain from suggesting ways to get around the situation, and please do not attack the staff for the decisions made. What is done is done. No we will not be bringing back the content you're liking to be wondering/asking about. No we cannot access the content to back it up for you. No we cannot recommend other sites that participate in such activities. Please understand our situation. If you have any suggestions for the community going forward, we're all ears. We're looking for ways to breathe life into discussions, continue to draw new members in and keep them around actively participating in discussions, etc... To this regard we have many changes we plan to roll out within the coming month. One of which is usergroup levels in which you advance ranks based on various things such as account age, post count, and reputation points. This'll give you styled names in the online list as well as various perks such as larger Private Message box, access to other boards, less flood control on searches, ability to give out more rep points per day, custom titles, and more. We're also looking into having the occasional Steam key giveaway contests to and various gaming activities where hopefully we can get enough people together to play some online games together, stream gameplay, write reviews, give recommendations, etc. We're also looking for news writers to keep up with the latest news on television, movies, anime, toons, and games. I'm also pondering the idea of a points system with a shop for possible profile treats (just in the name of fun), and various other possibilities such as maybe the ability to pin a thread for a certain time, bump it, feature it, custom user style, or something. We had something like this years ago, so it may be fun to bring back provided such thing exists. Also, we're going to be looking for ways to cut costs of the community and ensure the community can better maintain itself. What this entails, I'm not sure at this point, but for now, if you'd like to continue to show your support for the community: donations are welcome as always and much appreciated. And if you have any further questions or suggestions be sure to voice them. Just please by courteous and realize this entire event has been extremely taxing and stressful and we've had to deal with hundreds of inquiries already across all social media platforms.
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    Don't worry guys, the anime focus sure as hell isn't going anywhere. This actually opens the door up for us to be able to do even neater things to make up for what we lost, we really think you guys are going to like this a lot once we start rolling out the plans. You guys are what make Kametsu great. Nothing else. No amount of downloads could ever surpass that. A forum cannot even exist without each and every one of you and we sincerely hope you stick with us for the long run. This was an extremely stressful time for us to ensure we could keep this community operational, and we endured it for you guys because we just care that much for all of you. You'll all have plenty more opportunities down the line to make suggestions to us as to what else we can do on this forum for you all. That's another positive aspect of all this too. I sincerely believe the future is brighter for Kametsu now. I really do. We rise from the ashes anew, and become even greater.
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    Why is @Moodkiller still a virgin? Cause every time he and Scyrous begin "netflix & chill" he ends up killing the mood.
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    January 29th 2019. Beyblade the original first series on SDBD! English language dub. Includes all 51 episodes in standard definition on one Blu Ray disc! Region A.
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    AoT S3 Part 2 PV aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Okay. I was one of the first ones to see the forum back online (refreshed it multiple times a day since it went down), and one of the first to read this heartfelt, yet sad, thread. But it took me a while to pen my thoughts and post a comment. But here it is. Unforgettable was that day, when I joined in with the rest of the Cartoon World crowd. Still remember it like yesterday. And though life caught up with, and I never quite managed to post actively, this place was my daily destination. Yes, I mostly wandered around the Downloads section. But this whole place was home, and managed as one. The posters, the administrative team, everyone welcomed us, and made us feel that nothing was lost. This was the place to be for loves of art, animation, media and, well, life in general. They say in the high seas that when one head is cut off, two more take its place. From my experience, that is nowhere near true. It's hard, nay impossible, to replace what is lost here. More than the content, which was rare and so lovingly put together, it was the community. The discussions, the nostalgia, the talk about cartoons, tips about encoding, the fun atmosphere. You can scan all corners of the globe, and you'll not find it. This was unique, it was unmatched. It will be. The last year or two has seen many a places like this go down, forums and blogs, sites and subreddits. Each one felt like a stab in the heart, but this one more so. The amount of care and attention everyone poured here, to keep it going, not only made this the best cartoon resource around, it made it the only one worth being a part of. For me, this is a double blow, for it's not just Kametsu that is changing, it is Cartoon World, too, that is disappearing. Seeing the site go down, then the hopeful status updates that were so generously provided, and then seeing it back filled me with hope that everything would be back to normal. But typing in that URL and seeing that unfamiliar page rushed in familiar emotions, of seeing a loved one drift away, drift far away. Like I said, those particular sections were not what made Kametsu what is, but they had their unique charm. A feeling nurtured by all the members, the uploaders, the donaters, the encoders, the moderators, everyone. Built up over the years, and sustained every single day. Even if some other site does magically step up, it will never be able to take its place. For me, it's back to scouting for content on the various sites that I am part of, the few that remain in this day and age of mobile and instant gratification. I will still visit, every now and then. In the hope that the original Kametsu community gains strength and grows strong. I will still visit, though not as regularly as before, sadly. But I will visit in the knowledge that Koby did everything possible to get things back to where they were. I am not aware of the complete details, but I can see they came prepared. And knowing Koby, and how much he loves this little corner of the web, I take solace in the fact that he did not take this decision lightly. It was, what he felt was best for this community, and it rightly was. The content and connections may be gone, but the memories will remain with me till my final breath. This place was that darn good! I will, once again, take the opportunity to thank everyone. Appreciate all the love, care and commitment you all showed in making this the best place of its kind, in making this feel home. Free of toxicity, free of malice. I wish the best for the future, a future that I will try to be part of, albeit in a smaller capacity as before. Thank you, again, for so graciously hosting the Cartoon World crowd, the Cartoon World content. Couldn't have asked for a better place to carry on the party. Here's to all the members and fine folks here, here's to decades more of awesomeness!
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    Well the traffic was so high, that even if 90% of the daily traffic was for downloads, that'd still leave roughly 300,000+ pageviews a day that wasn't. And there is a HUGE part of the member base that while being here for that, found something much more, and stuck around to actually be a part of the community itself. These are the kinds of people worth striving our hardest to keep around and it's because of them that we've fought so hard to keep Kametsu running smoothly for 14 years and 10 months. My friends and my family, I love these guys and gals who make it all worth it. When you think that the majority of the people who aren't going to visit anymore were one-time posters, it's really not much of a loss. If anything the drop in visitors from people that contributed nothing to the community allows us to drop down to a lower-tier server, thereby cutting costs and making the community more sustainable. Just FYI, since the birth of Kametsu, it's cost nearly $14,000 to maintain it between all the server fees, domain fees, licensing fees, subscription fees, theme renewals, plugin renewals, licensing renewals, etc. On average it's about $800 a year.
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    Yo, Just sampling things here, anyone interested in learning about kfx/song-styling etc could you please answer a few questions, you can be someone who knows nothing of these topics or maybe you want help with more complex elements, whatever it is both sides of the spectrum would be really helpful. Any input is appreciated. What do you want to know or learn about these topics? Do you have an interest in general discussion and commentary on these topics (e.g posts about examples from popular groups/opinionated stuff)? How much do you know about the fansubbing process in general? (timing/TS, etc) In what ways would you like to learn about these topics, e.g. principle/concept or possibly by example? perhaps a combination of the two? Please send me a pm with a subject including kfx or something if you have the time to respond to any of the above. Thank you!
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    i think @bobb789 is a little shy - he keeps visiting my profile every 24 hours but has never said anything to me No really, what's up with the stalking dude? lol
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    Kametsu has meant alot to me...I've been a member long before the Cartoon-World forums shut down, though I was more of a lurker until C-W passed away. I'll always appreciate the bonds I've made here and will try to still stay active despite what we have lost. Wish @Koby and everyone else in staff the very best in sustaining this beloved community.
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    The first 3 replies were written by aardbark, Andi, and Alangado, all beginning with the first letter of the alphabet... I found it funny when I noticed that.
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    Well everyone, here we are. What can I even say that isn't really obvious, or for that matter won't possibly get me in trouble? Well, I'll try and say this at least, you probably won't see me around much here anymore, so my suggestion is that if you want to keep in touch with me for discussing completely legal matters, here's some alternate ways to contact me: Discord: dangerousvhs#1431 Mastodon/Pleroma: @dangerousvhs@mastodon.technology Email: PM for it Let me know if there's anywhere else you'd like to contact me, I'll see what I can do.
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    As you are all aware by now, a server maintenance was conducted today to update the webserver and underlying TLS library that provides secure connectivity to our network of sites. Part of this upgrade, was the addition of support for the newly created TLS version 1.3. This new protocol version is supported by the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome, and should already be enabled by default in those browsers, so if you're using the latest versions of either browser, you should now be using TLSv1.3 transparently. However, with this change, we have to also make a change to some of the older ciphers we currently support on Kametsu. Right now, we maintain a relatively sane degree of backwards-compatibility to account for older browsers. Now that we have TLSv1.3 enabled, this has to be revised. We've already disabled support for TLSv1.0, and on December 16th, 2018 - we will be making the following changes to our supported TLS cipher suites/parameters: Plain DHE (Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based cipher suites will be completely disabled. We will only support ECDHE (Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Exchange)-based suites. DHE is still relatively secure provided you use a decent-sized key, but its performance is generally lower than that of its EC-based counterpart especially with higher key sizes. TLSv1.1 will be disabled, and TLSv1.2 will become the minimum supported. The older Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) cipher suites will be depreciated and ultimately removed, in favor of the superior Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) cipher suites. These changes, especially 2 and 3, will mostly impact users on older operating systems and/or those using older/obsolete browsers (such as Internet Explorer on anything other than Windows 10, for example). These users will likely see their ability to connect to the site disappear once these changes take effect. For those of you using older operating systems and/or browsers - I implore you to update your systems and/or your browsers to the latest available versions to ensure you are still able to connect to Kametsu without a problem. If you have any concerns, please let me know. I do have a very busy work schedule so I can't always guarantee a timely response but I'll make every effort to respond to every concern raised regarding these upcoming changes.
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    English dub confirmed for Haikyu!! S3 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-02-19/sentai-filmworks-confirms-english-dub-for-haikyu-season-3/.143636
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    Spot any similarities? LOL
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    I think it's beyond silly to act like every website on the internet can only live if it's a pirate site. There are way more legitimate sites than pirate sites and they do just fine. Even Kametsu spent 1/3 of it's life without downloads and was actually way more active during that time than it ever was during the "prime of content distro". Back in the days prior to downloads, the forum averaged 2,000+ posts a day. During the time of downloads, it averaged maybe 3,000 a month. So while visitor numbers and content soared, the actual participation in the community dwindled. I'm sure it didn't help that a lot of interaction moved away from the forum into IRC and Discord either, but many of our old staff members left as the Distro section gained momentum, because they didn't want to be apart of such a site or because interest in the sections they were interested in were being bombarded by spam and the members they liked to interact with moved on. We saw the death of our once extremely active roleplay and graphics sections once Distro hit it big. My good friend Koga, a co-admin who came from the Kametsu x YGO Underground merger also decided to step down. As IkarosBD said earlier, the content distro killed legitimate discussion as those wanting to do so were bombarded by 1-post leechers spamming random threads, people lost the desire to even bother, and most of them vanished. Again, people who never bothered to post or interact with absolutely anything or anyone past their initial "Hi" post added nothing to the community, so their loss takes nothing away. To say a forum lives or dies on 1-time posters who never participated in anything is a very silly viewpoint. I'm not naive. I know a vast portion of the users will move on. I know some of them were big contributors to the site and community. I know them leaving is a big loss. Though at the same time, it is what it is, and there is nothing that can be done about it. Harping on it does nothing but kill the spirit of those who want to try their damnedest to make the community thrive by other means. I do however feel that there are plenty of users that will stick around or visit in some capacity from time to time, and those friends are worth maintaining a home away from home for them to visit. And I whole-heartedly believe we can build the community up again with time, patience, and a lot of hard work. I'm very experienced in these kinds of things. I ran very successful communities for nearly a decade prior and during Kametsu and even ran Kametsu for nearly 5 years prior to ever having "downloads". Only reason those other communities don't exist today is because I felt the desire to merge them into Kametsu to have one userbase rather than multiple split communities; so it lessened my work load and brought everyone to one place (it's possible I might revive some of those old sites, even though I no longer own the domain names they once resided on, I still have the site files for them). There is zero reason why the community must "die" just because one thing is taken away. The "Content Distro" was not what made Kametsu, it was only but a part of the site, and the site will continue on down other avenues; breathing new life into the community. Drawing users in with other things, old members who left cause they didn't want to be on a pirate site may return or they may not, who knows; but I'll say this much, the forum has been more active discussion-wise this last week than it had been in quite some time. IRC and Discord are still thriving as much as they ever did too. As long as the core groups of friends stick around, Kametsu will live. We'll be cutting costs since we won't likely need as beefy a server, and we may be looking into other means to fund the site or get it within manageable means. I'm sure advertising will help, especially with the Steam key Giveaways, and if the stuff with FUNimation comes to fruition we may even be able to have giveaways with various anime swag and merchandise. And we have many other features we plan to roll out in regards to "epeen" features for active users, hiring staff to maintain various aspects, and with a new networking offer we may be able to bring in legitimate youtube game/anime reviewers and bloggers, etc. Thanks to some new friends I've recently made.
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    What bothers me the most is that a significant portion of the site seems to have been lost for no reason. I get how removing all links might have been necessary to comply with all the DMCA crap Kametsu had to face. But I find it very hard to believe the mere discussion of piracy/releases (without any sort of links being shared) also puts Kametsu in some kind of serious danger. I would have been fine with a text-only index where I could continue to post updates about my current/future projects and where others could ask questions (and in the same vein, I personally believe project topics without actual download links would have been totally fine). But even that seems to be out of the question now. Or perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places. In any case, I can't find any sort of place on the site dedicated to piracy anymore. And I think that's overkill. I agree. I initially came here specifically for the downloads and didn't start putting out my own releases until over half a year later. I stayed because of the community. I rather enjoyed the community aspect and being able to discuss my own and other's releases. Now that all of that's gone, there just isn't much to do here for me anymore.
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    Just noticed I recently pasted my 5 year Kametsu anniversary.
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    In a move that many fans anticipated since season 2’s end and a moment that perhaps comes at no surprise outside of those who wanted Netflix and Hulu to take the premiere rights away from Toonami, Toonami and Aniplex have announced that the highly successful Sword Art Online franchise will be making its return to the better cartoon show for its highly anticipated third season in Project Alicization. Season 3 will make its debut on February 9 at 12:30 am Eastern/Pacific, taking over Mob Psycho 100 on the schedule as the second season’s dub is not ready for release as of now. As the first episode is an hour’s length, Megalo Box will have the night off to make way.
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    Koby, I appreciate what you went through. I just hope this community sticks together. You can get your anime elsewhere, but you can't get the people that make this forum elsewhere.
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    A year sure passes fast.. I just noticed I joined just over a year ago on the 22nd... and in that time I've made lots of friends and found tons of cool stuff here of course that's in addition to finding the CN Reborn project by icebox and then getting introduced to Flashpoint from that with the games So Thanks Kametsu and all my friends here as well! (I don't want to ping too many people but maybe they won't mind since there isn't a whole lot..? ) @PrincessAlicia, @megajew, @icebox616, @ElectricAngel, @Duckgoose, @RyanEsau, @DRX, @ElementalCards, @TheOneWhoSees (I don't think I missed any? )
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    Rocking the Sailor Moon/Usagi/Serena look in honour of my two good pals, @ElementalCards and @OneEcchiBoi Love you guys to death!
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    Today, Crunchyroll unveiled the English cast of The Rising of the Shield Hero; Crunchyroll’s first simultaneously launched dub title. Both the subtitled and dubbed episodes will premiere on Crunchyroll on January 9, with new episodes airing every Wednesday. The Rising of the Shield Hero is a Crunchyroll co-production with Kadokawa and is based on the hit light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi. Synopsis Iwatani Naofumi, a run-of-the-mill otaku, finds a book in the library that summons him to another world. He is tasked with joining the sword, spear, and bow as one of the Four Cardinal Heroes and fighting the Waves of Catastrophe as the Shield Hero. Excited by the prospect of a grand adventure, Naofumi sets off with his party. However, merely a few days later, he is betrayed and loses all his money, dignity, and respect. Unable to trust anyone anymore, he employs a slave named Raphtalia and takes on the Waves and the world. But will he really find a way to overturn this desperate situation? The curtain rises on a fantasy adventure about the rise of a man who has lost it all. English Dub Cast List Naofumi Iwatani - Billy Kametz Raphtalia - Erica Mendez Filo - Brianna Knickerbocker Ren Amaki - Alan Lee Motoyasu Kitamura - Xander Mobus Itsuki Kawasumi - Erik Scott Kimerer Edit 2/13 The Rising of the Shield Hero Dub Starts Today! The wait is over—starting in one hour, you can watch the official dub of The Rising of the Shield Hero! Join Naofumi as he fights his way through a mysterious and unfriendly world, accompanied by Raphtalia and his magic shield (and the occasional chompy balloon). All five episodes that have currently aired will be coming out today, with future episodes available alongside the subtitled release! We're also pleased to introduce our dub cast: Starring as Naofumi Iwatani, the Shield Hero himself, is Billy Kametz. You may have heard Billy as Josuke in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, or as Metal Lee in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. And playing Raphtalia is Erica Mendez! Erica can be heard as Megumin in KonoSuba - God's blessing on this wonderful world! and Ryuuko Matoi in Kill la Kill. Going forward, new dubbed episodes will be released the same day as the subtitled simulcast—so you can get your Shield Hero fix whichever way you prefer! For today, we will be launching episodes 1-6 dubbed starting at 1pm PT, with new episodes coming out 15 minutes apart.
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