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    55 STEPS Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Dark Phoenix CREED II
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    In the latest string of announcements FUNimation stated that Fairy Tail (2018) will be getting the Simuldub treatment too. Now I just hope Index 3 is announced and I'll be ecstatic. Not really the thread to ask in, but as far as I know there has been nothing said about future installments to Kingdom.
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    Consoles used to have one huge advantage, in that the hardware was fixed and consistent, so programmers could really get every last drop of power out of it. With modern hardware, it's rarely worth the effort, so the console and PC versions of games have an almost identical codebase.
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    "Better thou hadst not been born than not to have pleased me better." - King Lear
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    None of them are. Each has it's share of features and problems.
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    Expect AMZN rips of Skatoony and Robotboy courtesy of TRAiTOR.
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    Bumblebee Ralph Breaks the Internet Replicas Captain Marvel
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    Fans will have to wait until episode 2 of Series 11 to see Doctor Who’s new intro sequence and theme in all their glory. New showrunner Chris Chibnall has revealed that episode 1, “The Women Who Fell to Earth” will do things “slightly differently” to the norm. A new Doctor! A new Show Runner! New Companions! And a new night! The series moves from it's traditional Saturday night spot to Sundays starting October 7th. 10 (50 minute) episodes + A Christmas Special
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    FUNimation announced a couple more today! RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida Zombieland Saga In other news, HIDIVE announced a Dubcast for Bloom into You.
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