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    Studio Ponoc Three New Short Films (Duration: 44 Minutes), Today, 24-08-2018! - Invisible. - Kanini & Kanino. - Life Ain't Gonna Lose. Please let me know below in the Comment Box, where I can Watch it with English Subtitle!
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    I don't believe that DVDs will outlive HDDs if both are taken care of (as long as they aren't shitgates/seagates). Back in 2005-2009 I stored shit on DVD-R's in data format, and within a couple years stuff couldn't be copied without "cyclic redundancy errors" because the discs were going bad (all sorts of various brands: memorex, verbatim, etc)... and they hadn't be used, had no scratches, and were stored properly in cases in rooms that never got too hot or too cold. On the other hand, I have some hard drives from as far back as 2000 that still operate fine. As for how many movies fit on this or that, it entirely depends on the type of movie you're keeping. Is it BDMV, DVDISO, DVDRemux, BDRemux, WEB-DL, WEBRip, HDTV, or some kind of encode? Cause shit I have some Amazon 1080p WEBRips at 2.5 GB, and some P2P Blu-ray 1080p encodes as big as 40GB, with some 4KBDRemuxes as big as 70GB... So 8TB can be filled up fairly fast... and in most cases a DVD-R wouldn't even hold a single film. Hell some of these movies would take 3 single-layer Blu-ray discs to hold the movie on... So would you really want to split a movie across multiple discs? Or just get a proper NAS setup with lots of hard drives and put them in some kind of raid so if one hard drive fails, you lose nothing.
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    Digital is better, no contest. I rip my blurays and its so much easier to access my content over my network than go to shelf, find exact disc with thing I want.. Put it in... Wait for menus, select episode Vs double clicking my media drive and then show name and episode I'm lazy
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