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    [Kametsu] The Legend of Korra - S01E01 (4KBD 2160p x265 10-bit HDR Atmos 7.1) [UWiSH2019].mkv
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    Day 1 is tomorrow. I'm quite excited (and admittedly, a bit nervous! - I haven't had to get a new job for almost 9 years). From May 30 until the end of July, I will be unavailable Monday thru Friday - these are my training weeks. I will only be around in very limited capacity during the weekends, or sometimes not at all depending what exactly we're doing, during this time. You all better be on your best behavior, else I sic a Mod or Koby on you guys
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    Good day everyone... Just to let ya know, I immediately re-uploaded only the entire HQ Thumbnail in all the 4th Season for #BravestWarriors (not the whole EP Upload)... due to BrasilTurbo website (as our uploading home), will be phased out soon. So we moved immediately to imagem.app (formerly BrasilTurbo), as a permanent substitution. Feel free to check our edited posts on myself, from start to present day right about now. Starting Point: and CURRENTLY RIGHT NOW: Credits to @Mr. Kimiko, @GideonWrath, @Dulus_No, @Moki and others for the supporters and rippers of #CartoonHangoverSelect (CHS) on VRV. I appreciate it for all of you. And one more thing. This... The 4th Mid-Season FINALE of BW, concludes this Friday early morning or lunch in EST onwards. It'll return by Fall 2018 in September. Period. For now, thanks in advance. -- weazelone
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    Update on Hikaru no Go: The project is kicking off in about 2 weeks with Garo7 at the Helms of encoding. I will be making custom fan subtitles using Qrazed's original karaoke subtitles that Wizisi2k will revive. I will be using the region 1 DVD subtitles for episode 1-45 and Hulu for the remainder of the episodes.
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    Ya got the license for the links here, mates? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=fvXOfq3AB8s
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