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    My most favorite Cartoon of all time is Ed, Edd ń Eddy, I re-watch it every year or so
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    I GOT THE JOB! WOO HOOOOOO! In case you're wondering what the outburst of excitement is about - I had an interview today for a new full-time position with a BPO (business process outsourcing) company fulfilling one of their many contracts. I am very, very pleased to announce that I made the cut! WOOOOO!
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    I quit watching Dreamworks Dragons around season 5 or 6. It just felt like episodic filler with no reason to exist other than to promote the movies rather than be something that added to them while also being watered down for younger audiences. Which was unfortunate because I loved the movies. Guardians of the Galaxy I quit watching 10 episodes into season 1 for pretty much the same reasons. As well as the Croods animated series. The Lion Guard I stopped watching around episode 10 of season 1 for also mostly the same reasons, but also because of inconsistencies with the canon time line and the lack of Kovu's existence (though I hear he did finally appear later).... The main issue is it just seemed aimed at younger audiences and I wasn't getting anything out of the show. Definitely something toddlers would find more enjoyment out of though.
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    I never understood why so many American toons never see home media release and those that do tend to be dvd-only with the only HD options being Amazon or iTunes for the vast majority. It doesn't really make much sense. Hell lots of Japanese toons are shitty, but they release nearly everything on Blu-ray aside from some dvd-only manga bundled OADs.
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    The Black Cauldron, a highly underrated D&D style Disney movie.
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    Gotcha! Tickle-tickle! hehe...
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    Wow I got 350 profile views! And in such a short time. It's so nice. I'm happy...
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    I'm gonna go eat something.
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    Thus is a bit hard to say... but... I can't find the Request Section.
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