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    You're welcome. The easiest way would be to only connect that device to the specific radio you want. If I were you, I would change the wifi password to something different (so that all devices already connect get booted off the network), and then on the devices you want connected to 5Ghz, connect them to that wifi, and the rest sign into the 2.4Ghz option. If the device only sees 2.4Ghz, then you'll be unable to sign into the 5Ghz as its not supported on that device.
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    Since I just found out about Tooncore, I figured I suggest something to the staff of Kametsu, if it's ok? Is there a way to add a locked content feature for users with uploaders or higher status? Like a user most have this many posts total to again access? Seeing that Tooncore was also uploading in the VIP section too, I think one of those releases got stolen too. If not, I totally understand.
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    Do you know what modem router you have (brand and model)? Either there will be a dedicated button on the device its self to switch off the 5Ghz radio. Alternatively, you will need to log into the device (by entering or or into a browsers URL bar) and turn off the 5Ghz radio in there - normally located under "Wireless" or "Wifi" sections. When ever you reboot it, your devices will latch on to the first wifi network that becomes available, regardless of speeds (this is also very dependant on the model of modem router). Remember I mentioned before and what you quoted, "5Ghz ... has a shorter range", hence why it's at 70%. Runs off a higher frequency so it gets filtered out a lot easier than the 2.4Ghz.
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    That's just for compatibility reasons though. If every playback device had 10bit support, guaranteed BD's would be 10bit, 1) they would be able to fit a lot more on one disk and 2) the encoders would have one less thing to fix \o/
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    Will youtube-dl support FamilyGo.ca soon? I tried it, never worked.
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    finally typed out my About Me _(:3」∠)_ My Download index is there for now :3
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    I'm on hiatus until further notice. my mom passed away today at the age of 44.
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