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    @Koby will return my donator status when he has a next moment free he told me. The other cat is like: "Bro, it's just a purple color man, stop over exaggerating"
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    Nnnoow, watch! I am flashy, I am flashy!
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    Not exactly sure what went on here as I skipped over most of it out of a lack of understanding/stubborness but if I had to guess PJ was just trying to help in terms of everything that's been uploaded not being corrupted/the best possible upload it could be, I doubt he meant any harm
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    Mister Freeze is laughing his ass off!
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    Well of course @Loyal Wolf, you look just like my young ward Dick.
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    http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-animated-batman-and-harley-quinn-movie-is-getting-i-1796645402 This is some of the greatest news I've heard in some time. First Bruce Timm returns to DC Animated with a project he's heavily involved in, not just simply overlooking, a project that is Batman TAS as it gets and now this. Lord have mercy. The same team that did the Batman TAS comic series is doing this comic as well. So exciting. Wait, this is the vent thread, what the hell am I doing celebrating excellent news and spreading joy. I'm supposed to be bitching and complaining. Oh yea, this movie doesn't come out for another month. WHAT??? A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH????
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    Of course, Riddler! He'd just love to convince himself that he actually is my most feared nemesis and not simply an afterthought, that is if he hasn't already. Ahh yes, Harley's Hyena's, they will be quite helpful in our crusade. What's this...hold on...I think the batcomputer's found something: Hmmmmmmm, "when is a door is a not a door?"
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    I will join you in your quest with my pets. Ohhh, they are fierce! Dare you look at them?! Donatello is a bit stoned, just ignore him.
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    Don't you see Batman, he is the Riddler. It isn't alien language, they are riddles. He is plotting to spread fear all over the world! What ever shall we do! *Screaming women in the background* I hope the Anti-Crime Computer can decrypt that message. Or else, we are all doomed! THE HORROR!!!! THE HORROR!!!!! Next episode on Batman and the Crazy Fearful Wolf (cough and Robin too)
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    @Loyal Wolf Is @ThePJzer messing with you? That felonious fiend. First he takes attention away from me in my own dojo of whining and complaining known as the vent thread with this alien language he calls "checksums" and now he's bothering you too? I'll have to run this information through the bat computer right away
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    7054, one day we'll all be able to tell our grandkids about the brave men who endlessly fought with all their courage and might to reach 100,000
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    Damn, that sucks dude. On a positive note, I paid for a Pro account a little over a week ago and just the other day it started saying I have 4TB of bandwidth this month instead of 2TB. So it looks like they took from you and gave to me. Let me know if you run out of bandwidth and I'll let you leach off of my account some, there's no way I'm going to chew through that in the next 20 days. Yay! Jumping cats everywhere celebrate!
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    I took care of them +2 = 548
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    PC all the way, no question about it. Consoles have much to learn and going backwards still. Back in the day of say PS1, I would have given a different answer but these days, PC is unbeatable. Do wish the publishers and creators would focus more on PC games though. Most PC games aren't well optimized and train wrecks like Batman Arkham Knight for example or No Man's Sky or Dark Souls to name only a few. But the best thing about PC is the indie scene and the mod scene.
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    +2 = 512 Few may enter these gates. You are a friend @EljayFlintok, you may enter. *Me and my wolf brothers kneeling before thee*
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    Now if only they could give the animated series the same treatment.
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