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    Unfortunately a lot of the anime scene is full of elitist snobs who shit on everyone who isn't them while producing terrible works themselves or actually never doing anything themselves but shitting on you anyways. You just gotta take it with a grain of salt and realize that while they're shitting on you, they're either talking out of their ass or they're actually watching your releases. Either way it shows how little of a life they have if they choose to spend time trying to belittle yours. I have a fabulous life, a beautiful daughter, a new house, etc... I ain't got time for their petty drama games, nor do I care to put up with it.
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    Let me join in on this Why can't people fucking appreciate what I (and the people in my group) do? We put our own fucking free time in it and just because it's not up to their ridiculous USELESS standards, we get shit on every fucking time. Sure, we make mistakes but holy fuck, are the rest of the fansubbers robots? Do they not make mistakes? Since when is being human and having your limits such a thing to bitch about. We try our fucking best and if it ain't good enough for you, get the fuck out of here and leave us alone. Don't you have anything better to do than to shit on people on the internet? Go find a fucking hobby in the real world you fucking assholes. That'll be all
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    Jay and Silent Bob, and I hear they may be making a comeback. $1 bill or $1 coin?
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    I still have one, maybe two, memory devices with the 1.0....so 2.0 ain't as horrid as it COULD be. -Hell, I've still got a weird Frankenstein's Monster type ZIP/Floppy/Etc multi-reader...shit is SO DAMN OLD, but still works...and it's made me a lot of money. --No, seriously, I STILL find clients who need data transferred from tech that was old in 1999. But, yeah, vs 3.0? Nope the fuck out of buying ANY 2.0...unless I HAVE to. Yeah, I'll probably end up waiting till Cyber Monday and just going all out. Get a solid raid set-up, with redundancy, so I don't have to look for 10+TB of data again. Just gotta be proactive and read more on it. I've built custom gaming PCs before, but never have I done any kind of server so it's a bit new to me.
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    I found this article that explains everything pretty well about net neutrality if anyone's interested. http://broadbandnow.com/report/net-neutrality-matter/ Essentially, supporters believe the net is a utility service that needs to be regulated as with pricing interventions in cases of monopolies and made to be a flat service rather than putting unfair limitations on consumers (like data caps or throttling). The opposition says that it should be treated as a service of free market where ideally competition would work out all the problems customers have with certain companies policies (like data caps or throttling). Both are somewhat fair views, but considering that most of the US broadband infrastructure is still underdeveloped and areas are heavily monopolized due to high costs to provide (rural areas cost a lot to provide service to and have little benefits at a set rate) I'd have to say as a consumer that Neutrality is better. If we had the ability to offer everyone any ISP they wanted regardless of area of residence, then ya it'd make sense to leave it to the free market, regulation free. Um, I think it has more to do with money grubbing companies wanting to enforce data caps and sell advertising info.
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    Pizza, nothing like a good pizza. Especially a good margaherita pizza mmmmmmmmmm. I do love a good burger tho. Fuck man you got me salivating over food I can't have. Time to work my magic with spicy chicken ramen and shredded ham and imitation crab and soy sauce and what not. My dad feels the same way about Beavis and Butt-head he thinks it's the dumbest thing ever. I keep trying to tell them it's satire, they're supposed to be like that. There are people who are actually like that and that's what makes the show so god damn funny. Beavis and Butt-head are everywhere. They're the people behind the counter at fast food places. They're the custodians that mop up your schools. They're the people who work at the DMV. They're the people who handle your customer service calls. We even went as far as to elect them to be our president. You might even be friends with Beavis and Butt-head. Hell, Beavis and Butt-head are managing my Kametsu account, typing this post as we speak. The funniest part is a lot of the people who watch it identify with them even though they realize the entire show is making fun of how much of a loser they are and they think it's so funny they don't even care. They think it's pretty cool huh huh huh. Dewey Cox or Kenny Fucking Powers?
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    The limit was put in place to prevent abuse, but I suppose I could increase it a little to something like 15 or 20. The thing is, other groups such as the Crusader+ (VIP) group get more than 10. Staff and Donators also see an increase in things such as PM box size, likes per day, etc. Think of it as an increase as you move up the totem pole kind of deal. As you contribute to the community, many doors open.
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    Although the ocean dub was awesome, imo the funimation dub + faulconer music is what made dbz such a global hit, your friends are probably ill informed
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