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    I know I'm late, but love your post. Fun little tid bit It's been said that's a woman's arousal patterns are bisexual versus men's, but we women might have something else in the brain that determine sexual orientation. Interesting, but not totally conclusive. Also the everyone being inherently bisexual is a Freudian theory, a lot of Freud's theories have been shown as wrong and right, albeit they're incredible important, I wouldn't put too much trust in those theories as their as old as the book itself, and generally psychiatric studies themselves are kind of a mixed bag in of itself. As myself, being bisexual, I'm biased. Gays should have the same rights, and I'm honestly surprised about the amount of uh, close mindedness. I've always seen online forums as being more liberal, guess I can't always be right I guess. If someone took every rule from the Bible as fact and as an argument, they'd be out of touch with reality. There's so many things in there that detail that you should stone someone if they do x thing, you shouldn't eat shellfish and a bunch of other lunacy. Stop cherry picking shit, either treat it all as indisputable rule book, or use it as a really strange book of morals and ethics (atleast.. the New Testament, the Old Testament is 100% fucked up). I know a shit ton of christians and not one, that I know of, treat the Bible as fact, they know that it can't all be trusted or taken literally. Maybe it's because I'm from Canada, but it's kinda silly. As for people claiming that marriage is a religious institution, well, yeah, it kinda is, but it means much more. People from all other creeds wed, atheists, agnostics, Christians, muslims, islamists, sikhs they all fucking marry. It's not only part of the law to recognize a marriage between two people, but for two people marrying it's about being with that person for the rest of your life. It symbolizes a pact of love, not to show god, but to show each other. Let's not count in that the idea of marriage is already fucked because of divorce numbers, but almost EVERYONE gets married. It's not even like being gay is contagious, or really bad. It's not, it just changes what sex you love, that's it, it doesn't effect you in any way. The only way it'd effect other people is if someone doesn't know if it's acceptable to come out, and then someone they know comes out, then they start thinking that it might be okay to come out with them or w/e. Or if someone is extremely insecure about their own sexuality and feel the need to belittle someone who is openly gay. Congrats on the US for making the first steps on being part of the real world, you still have a ways to go, but congrats none the less. Too bad you have some real ignorant people living in your country.
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    No it's not. Black Lagoon is one of these manga that get proper anime treatment. But I believe that the manga (as with most of these titles) continue beyond the anime. Anyway most anime titles end with a cliffhanger no matter if they are discontinued or not. Your safe bet to get the whole story (...or so far published it depends) is to read the manga.
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