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    I'm not gonna take that comment offensively XD But I rarely have time to do stuff
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    I made one already, too lazy to make a new one Theme: Call Of Duty(sorry out of ideas for theme)
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    Lupin the Third: English Dub Index Anime that are in print, are colored gold for Discotek, orange for Funimation, and purple for Madman (AUS) Anime that have English dubbed versions, are in bold. Anime that are not in print in the US, are default gray. Any companies that dubbed the anime in English, are listed in (parenthesis). [Lupin is referred to as "The Wolf" in the Streamline dubs.] [Lupin is referred to as "The Wolf" in the Manga UK dubs.] [Lupin is referred to as "Rupan" in the AnimEigo dub.] TV Lupin the 3rd, First TV ) Lupin the 3rd, Second TV (Phuuz 1-79 / Streamline 145,155) [incomplete] ((dvd)) Lupin the 3rd, Part III ((dvd)) Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012) (Funimation) ) Lupin the 3rd, Part IV (2015) (Epcar) [Italian BGM] ) Lupin the 3rd, Part 5 (2018) ) FILMS Strange Psychokinetic Strategy (live-action) ((dvd)) The Mystery of Mamo / Lupin vs. the Clones/ Lupin the 3rd (JAL / Streamline / Manga UK / Phuuz) ) The Castle of Cagliostro (Streamline / Animaze) ) Legend of the Gold of Babylon (Epcar) ) Die! Nostradamus / Farewell to Nostradamus (Funimation) [included in "Final Haul"] ) Dead or Alive (Funimation) [included in "First Haul"] ) Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie (2013) ) Lupin III (live action / 2014) ) Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone (NYAV Post) ) The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa ) Fujiko Mine's Lie ) OVA The Fuma Conspiracy / The Plot of the Fuma Clan (AnimEigo) ((dvd)) Return of Pycal ) Green vs. Red ) The Lupin Gang's All Here ) Lupin Shanshei ) TV SPECIALS Bye Bye, Lady Liberty (Manga UK) ) The Hemingway Papers ) Napoleon's Dictionary ) From Siberia With Love / From Russia With Love ) Orders to Assassinate Lupin / Voyage to Danger (Funimation) [included in "First Haul"] ) Burn, Zantetsuken! / Dragon of Doom (Funimation) [included in "First Haul"] ) The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure (Funimation) [included in "First Haul"] ) The Secret of Twilight Gemini (Funimation) [included in "First Haul"] ) Walther P-38 / Island of Assassins (Funimation) [included in "Final Haul"] ) Tokyo Crisis (Funimation) [included in "Final Haul"] ) Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days / The Columbus Files (Funimation) [included in "Final Haul"] ) $1 Money Wars / Missed by a Dollar (Funimation) [included in "Final Haul"] ) Alcatraz Connection ) Episode 0: First Contact ) Operation: Return the Treasure ) Stolen Lupin: The Copycat is a Midsummer's Butterfly ) An Angel's Tactics – Fragments of a Dream Are the Scent of Murder ) Seven Days Rhapsody ) Elusiveness of the Fog ) Sweet Lost Night - Magic Lamp's Nightmare Premonition ) Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Special (2009) ) The Last Job ) Blood Seal of the Eternal Mermaid (Epcar) ) Record of Observations of the East - Another Page ) Princess of the Breeze - Hidden City in the Sky ) The Italian Game (Epcar) ) Goodbye Partner )
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    Wasn't even trying to offend ya coz my own work involves some laziness too. xD I had one that was incomplete for a while, mainly because I was clueless in general about "Legend of Zelda". So this was mostly a quickie job. lol
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    Seems like this SOTW is all about laziness.
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    Oh, yay! I was actually kind of proud of this one, so thanks everyone!!!
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