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    Hi everyone, just arrived and am a little blown away by how much is here and how many people are active. I look forward to contributing!
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    I just feel invite-only still serves to hurt the forums more then help it. You will still have the same amount of people active, just less people inactive - which honestly doesn't make a difference. But yeah, I don't actually think that's the reason for the (potential?) change. Even if that was the case, as I said before if you restrict the download section to invite-only it would still weed out the inactive leechers. But ya, guess I just have to fiddle my thumbs and wait to find out!
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    Heyo, welcome to Kametsu Merric! Is that the guy from Baccano! in your avatar? Haha, damn- what a good anime! (You must have good taste!) - What are your favorite anime? Anyway, I do hope you stay active as well, ahah. Once again, welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. :3
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    In any order; Soul Eater Trigun Black Lagoon The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Toradora Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Cowboy Bebop.
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    It's okay, intro's are a bit intimidating Welcome to Kametsu
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    I tried Note to self: STOP USING THE SAME FONT FOR EVERYTHING (even if you think it looks awesome.) Theme: GotG
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    Ouch. Bellamy's in really bad shape. But Luffy finally got a hit in on Doflamingo! Take that you manipulative bastard!
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    Gonna venture into invite only dating site/forums? LOL
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