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    At least the site and forums weren't affected in any way, shape or form. Just goes to show that some people fail to realize that life isn't Burger King; you can't always have it your way.
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    Yeah I banned a little twit last night and then we were DDoSed shortly after. As to if the little twit was responsible or not; IDK yet. However either way our anti-DDoS protection seemed to work fine. In order to protect your infrastructure, our traffic was vacuumed up onto our mitigation infrastructure. Thus the entire attack was filtered by our infrastructure, and only legitimate traffic reached our servers. The attack last night happened while I was asleep. It was the first time we've been targeted like that in a couple years. Kind of funny really.
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    I know what you mean the taste is disgusting.
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    Believes I'm a Goddess How dare you, I'm the manliest guy you'll ever dream about in your wet dreams
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    Banned for not changing her name The life of a princess is hard. U should know *XP
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    It could be both good and bad. Bad that we got attacked, good that our server properly handled it perfectly fine. The attack only lasted roughly 20 minutes and didn't even manage to break through our anti-ddos measures.
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McAeQiLmEYU Come on, Himeji, you know you want to. X3
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    I shall appear before thee *BAMF* Next is the girl on popualr demand. Give it up for the one and only Himeji(she's too good for her own name)
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    Ooohhh!!!! no lol Next is *drum role please* Ladies and Gentleman here on popular demand and because his name was said 3 times MR LimitLess (wow is presence is so blinding) XD
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    Subs are almost always better.
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    Sushi is the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. Been boring, come on! When are going to study again.
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    Swing that mighty ban hammer Koby.... swing for the fences. Really glad we suffered no ill-effects, little guys bum must've been achey.
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    I`v been kind of ok but i`m alot better now than i have been these past few months thank you for asking so i wont be throwing tantrums and storming off and embarrassing myself anymore How about you? That's good I'm ok for now thanks lol well trying to be Banned for having less posts than me
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    I seem so at ease today which is nice ^^
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    I'm fortunate to have met you vitually almost really
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    20/10 looks really awesome i especially love how you`ve made the glow effect around her
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    Banned because he`s the man who know`s his Limit I`v been kind of ok but i`m alot better now than i have been these past few months thank you for asking so i wont be throwing tantrums and storming off and embarrassing myself anymore How about you?
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    Havn`t done it in a while but i do enjoy it Next likes where they live?
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    10/10 fellow south african comrade against faggotry ^^ awe bra
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    If Princesses are beautiful, then you are a goddess
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    If you call sounding like someone strangling a cat then yes lol Next uses the internet alot?
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    3 Likes 30 Posts Avatar and Sig Forum Game = 8/10
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    Next likes to swim in public pools
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    Aww im so sorry Banned for not giving me a chance to apologise
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    Thank You dn_angel000(as in for the theme) Theme: Resident Evil
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    Here's my entry...I haven't played or watched MegaMan but I have at least heard of it. Minkseru has tried playing MegaMan several times...he just can't beat it. LOL Theme: Iron Man
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    Theme: Gaming Might edit the Sig later
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    The only good thing about it is how it relaxes you, the bad side is the side effects, easily paranoid, can get angry easily. It really depends on the person too and how much they smoke it. Personally I hate it.
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