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    Today is Odaiba Memorial - 15th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure kids going to the Digital World! So time to watch some Digimon (and rejoice in the news that there is a new series on the way next year involving at least Taichi!)
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    Your Crap says ur 1 yar old. R u F***ing kidding me u rnt even eligible for watching anime Not so limitless now are u
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    Good idea, I'll post mine too Welcome XD
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    I saw your request, thought I'd give it a try. I've got more versions, but I'll see if you like this one first.
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    Please welcome our real new member, the others are more on the leechers group XD. Sorry I didn't welcome you before, so now I'll say "Welcome" bro.
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    Pretty sure they don't, if FRD could get the 720p version, it'd probably get the 1080p version if it existed. It isn't very often you see a site like that upload 1080p anyway. We should be grateful they don't just upload in 360p lol.
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