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    I draw a lot, not so much anymore, but I try do doodle something every now and again. Here are some of the stuff I have done over the last year or so. Cover for my NanoWrimo of 2013 A Sea Captain Lady (not a pirate) some OLD characters that I revamped Digital paintings of my mum's cats that passed away
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    Nice work on that Labrys image. The adjustments you made improved the image greatly. I was going to link you to a tutorial on how I do that border, but turns out I never made one, whoops! Good job on it though. I find it's a little more interesting than just a 1px black border (which I also do a lot).
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    ...Erm isn't that Hentai? >_>; Anywho Ghost in the Shell would be a good one for him to watch. Space Dandy might be something to watch if he liked Cowboy Bebop Aside from that maybe .hack//Sign, I'd put Sword Art Online but its a lovefest so I doubt he'd like it past the first arc lol EDIT: Just remembered another one Outlaw Star, that was a great classic sci fi anime if I remember right :3 +1 for Outlaw Star, forgot about that one. Also yes Bible Black is a hentai, probably one of the most well known ones other than Boku no Pico.
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    Ugh today has been nasty! It was 110f here which means going outside sucked. I had a silly appointment with a job seeker company (which by the way has not helped at all) which meant travelling all the way to the center of the city, of which from my house there is one bus every hour, I was early so I sat in their hot waiting room for half an.hour before I got called in for 5 minute appointment then it was back in the sun to wait for the bus home ( which I missed and had to wait another hour for) thankfully my housates had put the ac on and the house was nice and cool
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    Because Grell is the best~~! Because Ciel dressed up as a girl is the best~~! Theme: Currently Airing Anime! Vocaloids! ./Edit: Changed Entry* ./Edit(2): Changed Theme*
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