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    Later than promised I know, struggled with this one. Hope you guys enjoy though! Chapter 7: Conflict Students streamed into Kametsu High on another gloriously sunny day. There was a general buzz of excitement, with many of the students still reminiscing about the football match. 'I'm telling you, Chris is the best player on the team!' insisted a voice. 'No, it's clearly Apollo, he controls the whole game,' argued his friend. Axel smiled to himself as he listened to the debate. The match had been a good experience for him, and he was glad he'd decided to play for the team. As he strode through the main gates, he noticed a strange sight. It was barely 8:30am, and yet a girl was walking through the corridor, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, soccer ball tucked under her arm, and with sweat on her brow. As she passed him, he studied her face, failing to recognize her and deciding that she must be a freshman. 'What are you gawping at?' she hissed, stopping suddenly. The girl was tall, with dark skin and short, curly black hair. She wore glasses and, through them, Axel realised she was shooting him a hostile glare. He raised an eyebrow. 'So, I see you're a soccer player. How come you didn't trial for the team? he asked her, keeping his voice pleasant. She snorted in response, a look of annoyance crossing her face. 'I don’t see how that’s any of your business,’ she replied, coldly, barging past him. Axel shook his head, bemused by her rudeness. As he turned to walk towards his classroom, he bumped into Lynn, a half smile on her face. ‘Hey Axel, I see you’ve met Kinara,’ she said, her amusement evident. ‘Kinara? Who is she?’ asked Axel in reply. ‘Well, if all goes well, she’s going to be the new right back.’ Axel frowned. ‘Seriously? She doesn’t seem very keen to me.’ Lynn laughed lightly. ‘Me and Chris spoke to her before the game and she was even worse. Have to try again later, Polo’s counting on us,’ she explained. ‘Well, good luck. Personally, I don’t think we need such an obviously disruptive influence.’ replied Axel. ‘Give her a chance Ax, believe me, she’ll be good for us,’ insisted Lynn. Axel sighed. ‘Let’s hope so.’ he said, evidently not convinced. _______________________________ Chris grinned as he noticed the two cute girls staring at him. He was with Danny, sitting on a table in the school cafeteria. It had been a great morning for the boys, their classmates had been full of praise and admiration following the match, which had significantly boosted their popularity. Unfortunately, it had also boosted Chris’s already rather large ego. He nudged Danny. ‘Dude, look over there. Those two girls are definitely checking me out!’ he said, his voice reflecting his inflated self confidence. Danny rolled his eyes. ‘And? What are you gonna do about it?’ he mocked. The boys had known each other for barely a week, yet they were already firm friends with Chris’s intervention against Pav proving to be the starting point of their friendship. Chris grinned. ‘Watch me,’ he said, standing up and casually sauntering over to the girls. Danny smiled, amused at his friend’s cockiness. ‘Someone looks happy,’ said a cool voice, appearing in front of the freshman. Danny looked up to see Dark standing in front of him, hands in his pockets and a bored expression on his face. ‘Yeah, well it’s been a good couple of days,’ replied Danny cautiously. Suddenly, Pav slapped him hard on the back, causing him to jump. ‘Woah, relax man! Was just greeting you Danny boy! Why are you so jumpy?’ he laughed. On this occasion, Danny noticed the slight hint of a threat in Pav’s voice. He looked up in search of Chris, and was slightly dismayed to see his friend with his back to him and his arm around one of the girls. Dark followed his eyeline and noticed Chris. He broke into a smile. ‘Feeling a bit vulnerable are we? Why are you so nervous?’ he asked, his mocking tone making Pav snigger. Danny glanced at him and replied, making sure he kept composed and kept his voice even. ‘I’m not nervous at all. But is there something I can do for you? he asked. Dark smiled cruelly. ‘I think that you and your buddy should stop acting like you run the place,’ he replied. Danny snorted. ‘Do I sense a hint of jealousy there? Maybe cuz my buddy is getting surrounded by cute girls, you guys are feeling a little envious,’ he said, clearly amused. Pav placed a firm and threatening hand on his shoulder. ‘You don’t wanna make enemies of us Danny boy,’ he hissed. Danny shrugged off the hand on his shoulder. ‘I have no intention of making enemies. I just don’t know what you want,’ he replied, growing increasingly angry. Dark laughed mockingly. 'A little popularity from a stupid game and you suddenly-' Danny sprang to his feet, cutting Dark off. 'Don't you dare call it a stupid game,' he said, angrily. Dark narrowed his eyes in response, before grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and slamming him against the wall. 'You're finished,' he spat, viciously. Chris heard the commotion and finally turned round. Seeing Dark push Danny against the wall, he yelled in anger. 'Get your hands off him. What do you think you're doing?!' He moved to intervene but suddenly found his way blocked by Pav and a trio of goons. 'Bastards,' he cursed. 'You don't wanna get on my bad side Pav, Dark knows all about what happens to people I don't like.' he warned. Dark laughed. 'You're nothing at this school Chris,' he called. 'Jealousy isn't a great trait to have,' retorted Chris. Dark laughed again, before turning his attention back to Danny. By this point, everyone in the room had stopped eating and were focusing on the situation. 'Now, everyone listen up. You all know who I am and what I am capable of. I see anyone go near these clowns, they'll become one of my targets. Understand?' he yelled, making sure the whole cafeteria, which contained most of the first years, was aware of his message. Suddenly, Mr Hawke entered the room. 'What's going on here?' he demanded. Satisfied, Dark nodded and let Danny go. He smiled at the teacher. 'Me and Danny were just having a chat sir, nothing for you to concern yourself with,' he explained brightly. 'This true Danny? inquired Hawke, looking at Danny. The freshman nodded. 'Yes sir,' he answered, through clenched teeth. 'Fine,' said Hawke, clearly still ill at ease. He sighed before addressing the whole cafeteria.' Now get off to classes all of you. Lunch is nearly over!' As everyone began to get up and leave, Chris checked on his friend. 'You okay mate? he asked. Danny again nodded. The girls Chris had been talking to walked briskly past, ignoring both of them. Chris sighed. 'Looks like you've ruined our popularity already,' he said, a note of sadness in his voice.
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    I would recommend going through Dungeons and Dragons monster manuals, pictures and descriptions for a variety of creatures. Still, either way I will list off some of my favourites. Lich Powries (also called redcaps and other names) Illithids (also called mind flayers) And my personal favourite of the devil/demon realm, mariliths
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    Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III were enough to satisfy me this year obviously. lol. I plan on getting Lightning Returns/XIII-3 as well because I want closure for the series.
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    Yeah they depend on how many things come with it and the controllers have always been expensive lol I think I might just go with a standard edition and buy FIFA 14 separately cause I dont want the triple sport bundle >.<
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    That aint gonna happen! Bullies always prevail in a story Damn straight it was nice work Dan... Pav and I's best chapter yet! hahaha
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    The Walking Dead? Hell to the yes! The Walking Dead has always been one of my favourite shows by far. Lori's dead. Finally. Sorry not sorry ;o Bring it on Season 4!
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    My favorite chapter so far, cant wait to see more. Nice work
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