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    I'd be very screwed, since the last game I played is Amnesia..
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    Hey guys. I wasn’t sure where to post this. I had reddit in mind, but I don’t really feel comfortable with a community so broad, so I figured I’ll post it on Kametsu. I’ll put it in the literature section as I don’t know how much of this stems from actual reality, and how much is just my mind playing tricks on me. I’ve recently moved out of home and started living by myself. I think this is where the problem came from, being alone is making my mind play tricks on me. At the moment I’m living in a small two bedroom house. There’s one kitchen, one bathroom, and a large hallway. Since there’s not much in the house I thought the rooms would be larger, but they’re quite average sized (or maybe on the smaller end). There’s also the attic which I’ve never been to, and an old storeroom which I’ve been to twice. It’s out back, and completely empty. The strangest thing is when I’m asleep, I sometimes hear the storeroom* open and close. You know how when a door is rusted and needs oil, it has an unbearable squeak? It has that. Every night it I’m a little freaked out to the point where I can’t sleep. I think I’ve been reading too much creepypasta lately, haha. I’ll update this if there are any more creepy sounds at my house, ahah.
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    finally got around to making something new and it was for a friend.
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    Maybe you could try reading dark stories. I find reading something with the same atmosphere that I'm trying to convey helps me when writing. That being said, I personally feel that the 'dark creepy' atmosphere (not sure if that's what you're going for), is the hardest to create. I can only recommend reading what scares you, haha. Best of luck, I can't wait to read it!
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    Well, Willis is a tabby, so that could be him in another life, haha. Luckily we keep the printer on top of a bookcase, so it's too high up for them to mess with. o3o
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    Okay, well, I think the lack of activity feeds into the lack of activity--new people look here and see nothing has been updated in a while, so they don't feel there's an active community to post to. Established users know this place is pretty quiet and that a lot of comments aren't given, so there's little incentive there to post as well. But knowing that isn't much help. We can't fix other people's lives or force them to post to an empty audience if they don't want to. If people are busy, then they are busy. If they think it isn't worth it, then the best way we can change their minds is to make it an environment that is worth posting to. And we have to start with a small group. There's just no way around it. Like I said, asking an audience to pay attention to stories that are erratically updated or quickly abandoned isn't fair. The change has to start with the writers, not the audience. If Burger King sells a burger that gives people food poisoning, no one reasonable is going to say, "Well, the customers should have stronger stomachs!" If people see there are active users here and not just creepy creepers stalking the subforum, then they will probably feel more inclined to post and then that will result in more people would also want to post and so on. Once momentum picks up with the small group, though, we can't just sit back and stop posting, which I think is what keeps happening. We get a burst of posts and people slowly start to lay back, thinking the others will keep up the activity. But as a small group, we notice when people fall out--so at that rate, I suspect we either start nudging each other to post or take it upon ourselves to keep active despite the appearance of no one paying attention.
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    Yeah that sort of unexpected announcements also occur except for the other way round mostly ...... the express trains made slow .......... or worse cancelled .......... gosh nightmare all round, people panicking and complaining, I would be cursing and calling up friends to inform them of the situation and general chaos.......lolz....... I dont mind it so much when an express turns into an all stops train cause at least it'll still get me home, just take a little longer and be epically fucking packed! lol Hm...........yeah I guess you're right........but impatient me gets annoyed at even the slightest delay lolz......
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    Looks like I'm nowhere in this world of philosophical thinkers All of you have got some very valuable opinions but what I was talking about about was the sudden drop in the posting..........there were some new and old stories and items being revived, but it seems to have fizzled out once again. Nevertheless I will try to do my share faithfully, which - these days - is getting harder and harder.
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    Yeah that sort of unexpected announcements also occur except for the other way round mostly ...... the express trains made slow .......... or worse cancelled .......... gosh nightmare all round, people panicking and complaining, I would be cursing and calling up friends to inform them of the situation and general chaos.......lolz.......
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    With the exception of Dreamcaster Rei, every sig is relying on rain effects. There either are no other effects used or they're used poorly. I'm not sure why anyone would be influenced to believed the gif animation would make their sig look better in the first place. Kora - The animation is more than rain falling, which objectively puts your entry above the others. Dreamcaster Rei - A solid entry all around. The text bothers me, I think it's unnecessary and takes away from the overall composition. Apollo - Your entry would look good without the rain animation, which is good either way. The render is actually in line with the theme instead of being shoehorned in after the fact. I think everyone would have been better off had you worried about standing out rather than going with the crowd. What made voting difficult (for me) was the fact I almost had to disregard the rain altogether since mostly every entry used it [abused] the same way.
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    Amen! It is great to get smashed and game until you get up the next day and you're like... how the fuck did I get this far in the game and what the hell am fighting with! That was my case for DMC 3 lol, I was using the guitar weapon by that point Did you ever notice you play better drunk than you do sober. It's like 0100 in the morning and I'm like man "I'm on fire!" Then I wake up the next day and I suck major. And I'm like "oh what the hell!"
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    OH MAH GOOODDDD!!!!!! AAAANNNN UPDATE!!!!! Ok, fancy words aside, I present you with news: Ambience is on hold for the time being. I have several things I'm working on and I can't put all my effort into the series just yet. Progress? about 5%....lol!! I do however wish to share with you MY FIRST PAINTED NEBULA!!! I did use a few stocks for lighting purposes(stars) but that's it. Well, the nebula base is painted. It's all been copied, transformed and so on and so forth to produce this: The Dusty Core
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    i voted for it as the first because it because it was put together very well and was simple. animation would have ruined the whole thing. just like what happened with godonizuka's entree, in fact i would have voted godonizuka's entree ${x}th place if his/her's animation was a bit better or if it had no animation at all. (i like the coloring and the overall mood of it. when you think of rain its usually dark and stormy that comes to mind whereas this entree does not conform to that, which i like.) so i really just didnt give much consideration to animation because its only another aspect to a graphic. and me saying the krutch part was just me sharing my opinion on animation all together, wasnt trying to say anybody was trying to do that. i also think that it takes more skill to make a beautifull graphic without any animation because animation can be very pretty and stylish most of the time you use it where as a piece that is naturally beautifull and awe-inspiring would be much harder to accomplish but worth it.
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    Welcoooome back. Though I haven't talked to you (maybe I have, once), I have stalked many of your gfx threads ahah. You've got some pretty awesome stuff. Glad to see you're back! And, well. Don't forget to read the FAQ and rules!
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    Yeah that you for that I forgot to make changes to it when I added the whole animation lol I'm still new at this stuff but I'll be sure to pay closer attention next time around It was pretty hard to choose the order of these since they were made really well but here goes: Apollo - Awesome sig overall. Blends well and the rain looks great. Good thing you decided to finish it after all lol Dreamcastor Rei - I really liked this one as well. The everything blends well and even though it was the only one not animated, it really didnt need to be. Breathless - Looks good, really liked the text although I dont think you should have animated it since its pretty hard to look at and takes away from the rest of the sig. But still overall it was well done. -------------------------- firedogx10 - Would have definitely placed higher if it wasnt for the text =/ I feel like it took away from the sig and doesnt really match the rest of the sig. Everything else was done pretty well. godonizuka - not bad but definitely didnt need the animation. Also adding a shadow to the render felt kinda weird to me, but maybe its just me. Once again, good job to everyone who submitted stuff. You all did great.
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    I'm still paitently waiting for Metal Gear Solid 5. The game itself is gonna follow Big Boss I hear and involve escaping from a hospital with a missing hook for a hand. Sounds tough. Also I'm a die hard Ghostbusters fan so a sequal to that would be nice as well. Even a third GB movie would be sweet.
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    Dreamcaster rei - my personal opinion is that a signature shouldnt rely on animation to make it look good, all graphics should mirror the skill of the artist and not use one aspect as a krutch for the graphic, that is why im voting yours as first =) apollo - great job, some of the rain doesnt move though and it kinda bothers me (kinda like an ocd, this number isnt an even number kinda bother) korra - idk what to think about your text, maybe you could have made it to show up like a shadow with the lightning idk but it just seems out of place to me ---------------------------------- firedogx10 - your text ruined the whole picture for me, it could have been blended into the sign alot better, it just pops out way too much ruining the overall picture in my opinion breathless and godonizuka - both of your sigs would have been perfectly fine without animation. if your gonna use animation, it should compliment the picture and not be obvious at first glance that the animation is just looping betwean two points. breathless - your rain looks more like a stainless steel texture overlay, you should try and put more depth into it by making different layers of thicker and thinner raindrops. atleast thats what i would have done. and if it was just an overlay, the same technique could have been used just by upscaling and downscaling the texture with different layers. ---------------------------------------------- i was gonna enter but i wanted to challenge myself by actually painting the background and not use any other picture than the render itself, but i just couldnt live up to my own expectations and in my opinion the peice isnt finished, therefore i didnt submit it. (im horrible at painting so im practicing lol)
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    Theme : A Goofy sig of Nodame, sorry for making you look for a render SIG Size (My standard size for all SIGs 600x220.): 600x220 Coloring (Example...blues, greens, reds...): what ever you think suits best. Extras (If wanted...) Main Text: jobonline20 SUB Text:
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    While I completely agree with the statement that image makes, I do believe there is some kind of permit needed to buy large amounts of fertilizer. I'm not a farmer so I don't know for sure, but I remember having a similar discussion about this with a farmer. He said it's not as easy to buy as it once was, and that's because of McVeigh. Pipe bombs are a quick trip to Walmart though, and both could be made by anyone who is willing enough to kill large amounts of people. All it really requires is the same means that criminals use to purchase guns in states that have tighter gun laws, MONEY. Even scarier would be someone with a large amount of ricin and a willingness to use it. Killing people is easy, finding a way to protect people without locking everyone up is the hard part.
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