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    Will be posting this weeks topic tomorrow. My apologies This week has been short of hell. Third time on the PSU and Motherboard, had to clean off the thermal paste from the processing chip and fan to relay it... So I am a bit behind on everything. Will either discuss RAM and it's importance to your computer, or continue my antivirus discussions... Thank you and will have your flu shot of the week up shortly
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    "A path that branches off depending on what we do, and what we say. I attempt to walk forward on this path, But In the end, As the sun sets on me, My eyes are behind me, Focused on the past instead. Is it because I miss what I have lost, Or is it because I am afraid of the pain the future might bring?" [Any name ideas would be helpful, never was good at naming things.] Thanks for reading.
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    That is true. I probably should've made it clearer. hehe ....( ¬‿¬)
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    good lord lulu is like the only one to look normal lols the others arnt bad just odd to me lols
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