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    I prefer the digest name for it but at the same time it reminds me a lot of readers digest...Idk, Kametsu Telegraph? Makes it sound a bit like a newspaper though, hmm... I'll think on this and see if I can get any names, also Sonic Screw driver? Hmm nope, I'd prefer This man for it and also the name THE CONGLOMERATE!
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    As much as you like the name, however, it is not ours to use. I'd prefer not to use it regardless. As far as Digest goes, I think of Reader's Digest. It's a nice little magazine that covers a wide range of topics, from more serious debates to light hearted and funny personal stories. It's a nice read, I like reading it in waiting rooms.
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    They are gonna use them as Shrapnel in a bomb like Gormogon did on Bones.
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    Sonic Screwdriver was sure to be a winner, though. Archives sounds like old stuff, we are young and hip, almost hipsters. I don't know about Legend, that sounds kind of lofty. Or cartographic. I'm not super big into maps. Grapevine would be great if we retooled the entire thing to be a gossip column. Or if it was about organic fruits and vegetables.
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    I'm in a similar predicament. I had my wisdom teeth removed after getting my braces off, and at that point, stopped wearing my retainer. Putting it back in is excrutiating. My teeth haven't moved that much, so I'm just dealing with less-than-perfect teeth now. But I agree with Shima; if you feel like they're getting bad again, have it checked out. Maybe the orthodontist can correct it with Invisalign or something, instead of going back to full braces. It's probably better to get it checked sooner rather than later in that case. So many of us fall into this trap, haha.
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    look at Razor! All grown up! lol Nice pic dude
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    That's probably it. The linear progression of time manages to confuse me on a regular basis, haha.
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