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    I got chocolate covered strawberries from my girl frie-I mean grandma. Also got chocolate from my mom and sister. Oh and out of all of my teachers I got chocolate from my one MALE teacher (My 4 others are female and they didn't even mention anything!). He teaches statistics so of course he threw in the probability of getting either a Snickers or Kit Kat bar from the bag. Lastly I discovered the relationship status of a girl I'm becoming friends with in psychology. There's a 90% chance she single. Oh and I gave her that sappy cat joke I posted here the other day lol. She laughed a lot so mission accomplished.
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    I eat lots of veggies! But veggies are not nearly as romantic... Unless you cut them up and make them into finger food which you then feed to each other in a food based mating ritual that ends in a night of wild passion... >.> That actually sounds like a good idea... I love Chocolate covered strawberries.
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    I ended up getting the Kit Kat. The odds were against me! We can only hope. Then she'll abduct me in my sleep and she might run "experiments" on me. I accidentally the whole Coke bottle. Don't worry I'll order some pizza and we'll be covered!
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    I made bacon wrapped steak hearts. Also baked potatoes and alfredo pasta. To make it a balanced meal we had a small portion of green beans, and a bowl of icecream for dessert. We chopped up the leftover steak bits (from cutting them into hearts) and mixed them with sour cream and whatever else Mal put into the topping for the potatoes. Nothing goes to waste!
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    I have it queue. I shall work on yours after I finish DeathTheKid's request. It doesn't matter to me if you are new. I will gladly take on this request. I have you in queue, and I will message you upon completion of your request. Your request will be easy enough to accomplish...I have renders that fit what you want.
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    do have to say i do like you work mite have to ask for sig/avy sometime I know I'm new here and all and i do like your work and cant edit last post heh so a small request for sig/avy Theme - sword play/big guns Gender - ether or nay fussed Colors - Darker shades of purple, blues an black Size - Standard size for sig/avy i know it's a bit cheeky but i thought i would ask cheers Ruku
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    Okay I need another SIG/Avatar combo. I want something dark and gory, keep in mind it cant be too graphic and I want it the size that your SIG is right now so nice and big. Make it anime based if possible, it doesnt need to be gory but I want something that's evil and dark please. I trust you again to find a render and to play around with it, make me more than one if you feel like it, all the same size plz if you do plan on doing that. If I'm too vague with this then just lemme know
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    Yeah the first bioschock was probz better and I hate black ops 2 for its lag shit and its glitch kills... I'm getting really sick of getting knifed from like 3 metres away and when someone isnt even facing me
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    Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto...mainly because they are so long and I got bored with them and moved on to something else.
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    I quite literally read the article and checked that I had a recent system restore point. Cheers Mink. Though I think only some bug from an update could cause me to use this restore point. ZoneAlarm seems to do an excellent job at protecting my computer
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