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    I'm not very good at making signatures so I just put images together to make a signature lol These are some of the random ones I made New Signature Set: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    No problem Hawkester. I shall work on this, and have it to you soon.
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    Hey, if you could make a 450x200 sig using this with the text "Love Live!" and "Hawkester': That would be awesome. If for some reason you can't, this is from Love Live! School Idol Project
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    Raven's 'Geno Breaker' zoid from the original Zoids series. That would definitely pack some punch! P.S. xplorer2012 you might find it a bit hard to use the EVA's progressive knife You might have better luck if you pilot the EVA.
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    I'm in a mood for horror manga, Currently reading Ibitsu. For now its the scariest manga story I've ever encounter.
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    Argh, Banners are so different to signatures! Well, here's mine: /Edit: Got the Dimensions wrong, back to the drawing board. Okay. Fixed it up. Here's my entry WITH the correct size:
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    People try so hard to be non-conformist that they often conform to a different standard, which kindof makes them hypocrites... Goths are a prime example... Hate the world to be different, end up being the same.
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    I don't really have a religion...More of a personal moral code with a belief that our consciousness lives on in some way after death. (Whether there is a god or not, consciousness is powered by energy... Which cannot be created, nor destroyed, only converted.)
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    one piece i don't like the character design
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    wow cutie ^ w^ I don't think I'll be having any kids any time soon though. I'm 14 years older than my brother and 15 older than my sister so I've had my fill of having babies around to last for the next 20 years or so.
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    You should make lil' Sakura an account, for when she has proper hand-eye cordination. : D
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    aww kitty says i protect you my sakura! How sweet they both are! ps She has bewitched us she has!
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    I think I'm going to just um go out on a limb and say what everyone else is thinking. The cat is obviously the star of the show in this latest set of pictures.
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    HOLY KAWAII!!!! She's very pretty...sigh, how I wish I had a daughter...no joke, I seriously would love to have children, but education comes first at this time of life for me, so for now I can only congratulate you on having such a beatiful baby girl!!
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