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    So I met this girl the other night based on a friends advice ( he said we would be perfect for each other) this girl also works for my aunt. The other night I finally saw her and she was cute, and after much bravery on my part I managed to ask for her number. Just a bit of background on our ages, I am 22 she is 19. So I texted her this morning and we had a lil back and forth conversation, I learnt a little about her, then I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie, and she did not respond, so thinking I made her feel uncomfortable I sent another text saying sorry if I did. She did no respond to this one either but I sent a last one cause I wanted to be honest since I have been taking advice for friends, and asked her out for coffee, she responded saying that might be nice. I know I texted to much and it turns out she goes to the local collage so I know why she didn't responded for awhile. I asked if this following week would be good and she said she would have to check her schedule, after work tonight. I asked when she worked so I did not disturb her via texts tonight (Was that wrong to ask?) but I believe she works at 6 so she hasn't responded. I am asking for advice on this since this is my first time ever asking a girl for her number in person, my previous girlfriends I have asked out online and have known a few of them from high school so it wasn't hard to do, I do not want to screw this up and since it seems like I didn't yet I was hoping you fine people could help me out. (I wanted to post this new thread so i could get better info based on this situation)
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    Well the girl sounds nice enough for sure and yeah that delay in replies could simply be that she was at college or w.e, you need to remember you only just met this person so you aren't exactly a priority just yet, wether you're asking her out or not. So far I'd say you're doing okay and no it isn't wrong to ask her when her work hours are, it couldve been worded better like when are the times I shouldnt text you, asking when her work hours are is a bit on the nose but w.e, it doesnt matter. I understand you're nervous and unsure of if she really likes you or w.e because of the texting and whatnot but she said it would be nice to have coffee with you. Having coffee with someone is a lot of conversation, if she wasnt comfortable with you she wouldnt bother likely. As for why she may of ignored those previous txts I'm unsure but college is likely the reason. I wouldnt worry too much on this, just stay calm and remember she did give you her number so she must see something in you =)
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    Is there any info when will Roberta's Blood Trail be out on dvd?
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    Thank you very much for the feedback so far, guys! Well I definitely want to keep a sense of mystery running throughout the game. Having been messing with the RPG Maker since April, this is actually my first serious attempt at actually getting something finished. I don't plan on aiming too high with this. Just gonna stick with what I'm comfortable with and this will be sort of a 'stepping stone' leading to further projects that I would like to work on set within the same world. I will be expanding upon the characters. Friends, family, foe... Expect some more updates soon. As for the screenshots, these are just of the maps in their basic form. I plan on adding in a lot of atmosphere with various light, darkness, fog and weather effects to help bring these places to life. Also, music will be one of the key elements in this. I'm only going to be using midi, but I have some wonderful pieces for use from the likes of Barry Taylor, Bjorn Lynn, Roelf Mik and Theo. (Roelf Mik and Theo are both from RPGMakerVX.net, Barry Taylor is of Laura's Midi Heaven, and Bjorn Lynn has his own webpage full of his midi music. I would like to incorporate such elements to give somewhat of a dark and spooky vibe, but I don't intend to go over the top with it. I guess any spooky elements I do incorporate would be from the sort of horror stories I read back when I was much younger. Expect some influences from the likes of Edgar Alan Poe. Overall there won't be much horror though. First and foremost this is going to be an adventure, with lots of fantasy. I wish to draw influence from some more fun and light-hearted games and stories and have it full of very interesting, memorable and lovable characters. Well the opening that I wrote is more for the sake of an introduction to the game itself. I'm currently transcribing it all into a sort of cutscene as it were for the actual game opening. Its purpose was to lay down the foundations for this game. I may continue it as a novelisation perhaps... We'll see. But the game will be laid out like most other SNES-era RPGs, like Final Fantasy, Crono series, and so on. I always thought of them as being more of a third-person pov and even though there was a 'main character', it's not like everything was seen from his/her view. You got to experience much of what the other characters did in the process. Bowen and Eryn will be the main focus of the story, but there will be many other characters that will have some very important roles in this.
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    Yeah, the first Portal is pretty short. It's really fun though! This is my second playthrough, haha.
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    Sounds cool! I don't really have anything in the way of critique or suggestions right now, sorry. u-u As far as the darkness factor, though, I think it's better to start off with things appearing to be relatively normal and light, then as the story progresses, things get spookier and weirder. (And a simple overlay should fix up the darkness pretty easily, so.) Unless it's supposed to be a horror game from the start, but I like the progression of "oh, things look nice and normal that's a nice bunny and WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING???" See: Eversion. Or FFT--the progression into the supernatural was pretty cool, all things considered.
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