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    Haha, I suspect it's just the season--people starting school and getting bogged down. There's always next time.
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    My suggestion is moar people! Like hardly anyone voted compared to last time. I think we had a couple pages of voters last time. :<
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    I completely agree with that. There isn't anything wrong with a guy playing a female character. Most guys don't want to stare at a man's backside. Eye-candy would be much easier to stare at for a guy. I certainly don't hold it against Mink for playing a female character.
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    It'd be hilarious if Koby was secretly rich. These are the final results unless someone wants to sneak in any more votes! ====== If you call yourself something, it's true--lolrawr is the funniest! Job and idl will have to fight it out over who's the most perverted! Rand, Rei, and Kro--some pretty weird people! Hagi, HannahTheWriter, Elchzard, Ren, Mute, and Nachu--our quiet members! Hawkester, PLGF, Rei and her baby, and FMR--you guys sleep too much! Ren is our forum clown! All that trolling around statuses has caught up with him. VeritatisCupitr, Cale, and idl--stop flirting so much! Llama is our forum workaholic--isn't he on vacation right now? Party at J-Lord's! As your forum drama queen, I demand a crown and a weekly tribute of cute kitty pictures. Bluenoser and I glaze over the eyes of many with our posts! Rand and Mink--couple of confusing guys! Mal has mastered the art of short and sweet! Nemarious and I are here to keep you guys informed! Dan Den, Nik, idl, and Shazi--guaranteed to make you chuckle! Mute is far and above the most athletic! I'm so helpful, guys. Java is a pretty knowledgeable guy! He better be, he was an instructor for a few years! Trend, Metamorphosis, fruitparfait, and Rei--awfully awkward! Koby--silently intimidating the entire forum. Gero50, Toddler Naruto, Zanco--what in the world are you guys wearing? Ren, Rune, Loki, Trend, and Eve--watch out, the swag might blind you! Rei is the most energetic member here! All that new baby energy! Apollo continues to dazzle us with his dance moves! Koby--maybe that huge arsenal of yours is why you're intimidating? Bonus! Zanco has been nominated as the least armed member. Java, Ren, Mink, baby Sakura, and Eve--wake up, the world is ending! Rune is our resident cannibal! Hide your babies! Hawkester, AnimeCrazy, Rune, lolrawr, and Ren--you guys aren't planning a coup right now, are you? Watch your feet, Rei! AoD may very well be protesting at the capital at this very moment! Poe, we need to see your tax returns to make sure you aren't secretly rich! Rune is definitely a supervillain. Hide your babies! We have reason to believe Shazi is actually a typing cat. Meow! Rei, Koby, Apollo, and I--supplying the forum with rainbows every day of the week! Baby Sakura and Rand--someone is the reincarnated soul of Genghis Khan! ====== Numbers Funniest: lolrawr [2] | Rune Perviest: Job [2] | Seira | idl [2] Weirdest: Rand | Rei | Kro Quietest: Hagi | HannahTheWriter | Elchzard | Ren | Mute | Nachu Sleepiest: Hawkester | PLGF | Rei | Sakura | FMR "Class" Clown: Ren [2] | Dark_Angel13 | Apollo Flirt: VeritatisCupitr | Cale | idl Workaholic: Llama [3] | Mal | EO Party Animal: AoD | J-Lord [2] | Rune | Nero D. Ace Drama Queen/King: Nachu | EO [2] | Loki Long: Dae | Bluenoser [2] | EO [2] Confusing: Rand | Mink Pithy: Mal [2] Informative: Nemarious [2] | EO [2] Entertaining: Dan Den | Nik | idl | Shazi Athletic: Leviathan | Mute [4] Helpful: EO [3] | Job [2] Knowledgable: AoD | Rikuo | Java [2] | EO Awkward: Tend | Metamorphosis | fruitparfait | Rei Intimidating: Koby [5] | Mute The weirdest taste in fashion: Gero50 | Toddler Naruto | Zanco So much swag: Ren | Rune | Loki | Trend | Eve Too much energy: Dark_Angel13 [2] | Rei [3] | Mink The best dance moves: lolrawr | Dae | Apollo [4] Way too many weapons in your household: PLGF | Zanco [-1] | Koby [2] | Rune Sleep through the apocalypse: Java | Ren | Mink | Sakura | Eve Resort to cannibalism first: Trend | Llama | Rune [3] Stage a coup: Hawkester | AnimeCrazy | Rune | lolrawr | Ren Trip over nothing: Koby | Rei [2] | EO | Shazi Lead a protest at the capital: Dae | PLGF | AoD [2] | Kro Secretly rich: AnimeCrazy | Poe [3] | Koby A supervillain: Rune [2] | Job } Reptoholic Actually a typing cat: Nachu | corocoro | Shazi [2] | Mink The source of all rainbows: Rei | Koby | EO | Apollo The reincarnated soul of Genghis Khan: Sakura | Rand ====== Next quarter's superlatives will take place in December! In the meanwhile, I'll draft up another set of superlatives--now that I have a written copy, expect fewer repeats. If you have any suggestions or corrections (I have a huge headache--I might have missed something), go ahead and post them here.
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    i do it all the time as i put it to all my friends and shit ask your gf this if you had a choice as a woman to stare at a mans ass or a womans ass which would you pick the man's right? the smae with me id rather stare at the womans ass then a mans especially if theres no difference between class types
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