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    woooooowww cute baby shes precocious congrats to you both on such a healthy happy baby!
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    Shazi, I understand what you mean. Thou, when I hear hoodies...I look like I'm fat cause I got huge ones...36G.
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    I've been playing Eternal Sonata and Hitman: Blood Money. Weird pair, huh? ^.^
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    these are surprisingly yummy, i buggered up the shape so it made them hard to turn. for the mash, it needs to be as dry as possible so no extra milk or water or whatever you use to make the mash smooth Potato Croquettes 2 large spuds, mashed 1/2 cup rice 1 red onion, finely chopped Garlic Parsley Sesame Seeds cook the rice, and mix in with mashed potato Mix onion, garlic and parsley to taste shape the mixture into croquettes or mini logs and roll in sesame seeds shallow fry each croquette on all sides until golden brown all over
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    By default most of the characters I play are female. Don't really think about it much while playing to be honest. Partly because the game developers actually put more effort into the models. Partly because I don't identify with big burly beefsteak jock. And oh, because when I started playing games the girl characters were usually the more survivable. Had to do with a lot of the rogue-like games and whatnot giving girl characters a higher DEX or whatever increasing their dodge, speed, and accuracy.
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