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    If someone sends you a Private Message advertising other sites, please report it to us. It would help if you forwarded the message to one of our staff members. Let us know the member name who has done the advertising, and the site in which they have tried to advertise. All PM Advertisers will be BANNED immediately. Our rules are very strict when it comes to Private Message Advertising. Thank you for reporting, and not PM advertising, we appreciate it.
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    Thanks you all. Thinking of doing color next.
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    If you look under the Notification Options in Settings "Notify me of replies to my status updates" is there.
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    I also have to agree with this, it is just another form of spam and it is morally wrong to advertise for another site when on a great site like this which deserves respect and loyalty
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    I have to say, I think the one with (I think) the Kagamines looks rather pretty I agree with Poe, the two she picked we're also two of my favorites! Keepup the great work~
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    I agree with this completely. It is just another from of spamming. I definitely wouldn't want somebody to PM me with advertising. PM is meant for conversation not to advertise.
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    I voted for Denmark because scythes are like my favorite anime weapon. Also I like the cross.
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