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  2. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently I am playing Injustice 2 for PC. I don't have many characters leveled up yet but I am enjoying playing it.
  3. Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    3rd Season ended last weekend. Onto the Season 4 this weekend! Been watching weekly for awhile now. I prefer completed anime but I kinda threw that aside considering how long a wait that'll be for DBS. Dub is 77 episodes behind as-is and don't really see the series stopping quite yet. Although I saw on Twitter people talking that DBS is going on hiatus in March or so, likely to focus on the next movie before continuing. I guess that'll give time for the gap to shrink, lol. This weekend (Episodes are Saturday @ 11PM PST I believe) is the weekend. A few weeks got skipped/episodes pushed due to holidays/events There was one because of the World Cup (Around Thanksgiving?) then 2 weeks in December because I guess maybe not as many people would watch close to Christmas... I'd be down for some Gogeta~ I hated in it in the movie (Fusion Reborn), such a tease +1 I kinda worried a bit post/early DBS when I saw a clip of Arale poking some poop or something like that. I think it might've been in the BOG movie but it's definitely not in the series luckily. Not a personal fan of toilet humor. They have upto Episode 34 available at the moment. Which is S1/S2 complete and the beginning of 3. (1 = 1-14, 2 = 15-27, 3 = 28-46) Well, Season 3 just ended last weekend if you're still interested. Watching Season to Season rather than Episode to Episode? Sensitive hearing isn't really an issue for me but I feel the same. I always wait for Dubs if I started the series Dub regardless but I also just don't really care for JP when watching fighting anime like DBZ. I don't want to read subtitles while everyone's trading blows and what not. I don't really get into the action the same having to do that. I did watch one episode subbed though... (The DBZ OVA, Yo! Son Goku & his Friends Return) and I didn't like the JP voices frankly. I ended up watching the other 2 OVAs (Episode of Bardock / Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans) Fan dubbed since there was no Dub available. Not bad at all.
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  5. Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    I also agree about Godzilla - Planet of the monsters - i have only seen the first 10 minutes, but it's awesome! It's got a battlestar galactica (new one) vibe.
  6. Hello

    Hi everyone, this looks like a cool site I'm very interested in anime, thanks for letting me be part of this community.
  7. Netflix is listing a February 9 premiere for the second half of Fate/Apocypha in the United States. The first 12 episodes debuted in the United States and Canada in multiple languages on November 7. It debuted in all other territories outside of Japan, the United States, and Canada on December 2. The anime premiered in Japanese television on July 1 and on Netflix in Japan on July 3 and aired a total of 25 episodes and one recap episode. In the story, there was once a Holy Grail War waged by seven Mages and Heroic Spirits in a town called Fuyuki. However, a certain Mage took advantage of the chaos of World War II to steal a Holy Grail. Several decades have passed, and the Yggdmillennia family, who took upon the Holy Grail as its symbol, defected from the Mages' Association and declared their independence. Furious, the Association sent a force to deal with the Yggdmillennia, but they were defeated by the summoned Servants. With the Holy Grail War system changed, war at an unprecedented scale, with seven versus seven, breaks out. And so, the curtain rises on the epoch-making Great Holy Grail War.
  8. Sentai Filmworks revealed an English dub for the Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side anime series on Thursday. The teaser video posted to Twitter shows ADR director Kyle Colby Jones and Ricardo Contreras working on the dub. The 12-episode spinoff anime premiered on April 14. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series and streamed it on Amazon's Anime Strike as it aired. Anime Strike shut down earlier this month but the series is still streaming on Amazon Prime. HIDIVE streamed the series outside of the U.S. The anime is an adaptation of Fujino Ōmori and illustrator Kiyotaka Haimura's spinoff light novel series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria (Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darō ka? Gaiden: Sword Oratoria).
  9. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Released: [MK] Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio] Surprise release?? I don't know. Highly recommend grabbing HTT's 1080p release for the superior video and audio quality. Much thanks goes to SmugCat and HTT for the sources and hard worth they put into this. I'm onto it. Looks like the subs are going to be a likely hybrid of FFF and Commie seen as some both groups TS'ed different signs. Best of both basically. Heh, thank you :). Credit goes to @Catar's Symphogear release for incorporating it first. Also @Ryutai's index also has something similar, but is not finalized yet: https://kametsu.com/topic/56737-im-hide/?tab=comments#comment-519488
  10. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Baby Driver. I LOVED it. It's one of the best movies of 2017 tbh.
  11. What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    -The freaking DCEU because it's a mess and the foundation for all the events in the series is flawed. They should reboot the timeline in upcoming flash movie tbh. -Spawn; it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either and the graphics have aged terribly. For all the dark and gritty comic book adaptations, I think it deserves another chance. -Fantastic Four, but done by Marvel Studios. -Logan's Run -Ghost Rider. -DUNE -Alien Vs Predator. -All Quiet on the Western Front. -Doom. Keep Karl Urban, but make it about the same story as the goddam game it is based on, not some BS about a shady corporation meddling with genetics. -Aeon Flux. The original movie sucked but it had a lot of potential -Max Payne. The game series is well written and compelling. The movie sucked big time. -I, Robot with a faithfull story and script. I enjoyed the movie but i heard that Asimov's book is way different and way better. -Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. -World War Z. The movie isn't bad but i want to see a remake with a faithfull storyline that follows the story in the book. -Suicide Squad - Base it on Assault on Arkham and fix the godawful editing. -Eragon
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  13. Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Lego batman: It's more enjoyable than other DC movies. The End of Evangelion (re-watch) 10/10
  14. Game Sequels you'd like to see

    A sequel to Deus Ex:Mankind Divided. The story isn't finished and i need closure dammit.
  15. Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Hello, everyone. I just created my account, but I am looking forward to being a part of this community. I hope I can be of service to those in need whenever possible!
    1. Vila


      I am 100% certain that was the CNGO version that's still on their server (has constant bitrates, and CN logo, similar to CN Video USA). He later updated the iTunes Mexico WEB-DL rip (the first one were WEBRip (Even tho it said WEB-DL) and HDTVRips). 

  16. The best web browser on windows operating systems

    Hard to believe that Chrome and Firefox upstages Internet Explorer in many ways.
  17. Random Talk.

    My birthday is coming up very soon! And a good way to celebrate it is to go to a doctor's appt lol
  18. Did someone have the Starz Encore channels ?

    Are you with the cable company? They removed those channels for weeks now. I'm so happy to be with Fios!
  19. Did mediafire get slow for anyone

    Sounds like Rapidshare, lol. No problems from my end.
  20. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    I saw Speed the other day. Gotta love a few comical scenes here and there.
  21. What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    The movie was touted as magical, even though the flowers growing scene didn't convince me at all. That's what I believed, but it was more drama-driven due to me. The environment itself looks horribly dated and it doesn't hold up very well today. Maybe it's the design of the mansion or how the movie was shot? Who knows!
  22. About torrenting...

    I prefer torrents over DDL to be honest. Gives me something to contribute back. I've been doing it for the last ~6 years now and never had any problems. However, today I exclusively use private trackers and torrent behind a VPN. When I started torrenting it was on public trackers with my home connection. After a few months I got my VPN and a year later I got involved with private trackers. Never received a warning or anything form my ISP, but If I would've done public trackers + no VPN all these years, then Im sure I would've been flagged by now. Also, I don't DL 0 day items. I prefer older/completed content. If you're going to go with public trackers, then I recommend using some sort of VPN. There are free options you could search around for. However, if safety is your biggest concern, then consider getting involved in private trackers and using a paid VPN (They're as cheap as 35$/yr). For anime, then Animebytes would be your best bet. Lots of content and it's easy to upload. It's also a really good tracker for starting in then branching out to the more elite trackers. That's where I got started anyway.
  23. Game Sequels you'd like to see

    Hopefully in the next installment of Pokemon, there will be a true sequel akin to Black2/White2.
  24. Cartoons are awesome!

    I am personally grateful for having watched cartoons during the 90s era because CN aired vintage cartoons when I was catching up with what I missed out on in 2001.
  25. What are some of your favorite cartoons from the 2000s?

    Spongebob and Kids Next Door. < This one had exciting missions and monotonous villains lol.
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