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  2. What kinds of shows and comics?

    Oh that makes sense
  3. What kinds of shows and comics?

    I said this in another thread, but it's worth repeating: VIP is a misnomer, since it's not really intended to be an exclusive area. It's simply as a stronger measure to block against sharelinks being leaked out to public sites, by having a much more lengthy requirement to get to the section. Anyone at Kametsu is still welcome to it, but because of a few bad apples we unfortunately have to push back its availability a bit, unlike the main anime/cartoon sections.
  4. What kinds of shows and comics?

    Oh ok I noticed the post was moved, so it doesn't matter if it is for VIP it still goes under Feedback and Assistance and np - so i guess the ones there are old lol
  5. Cartoon Network Unofficial Previews

    [NEW] The Amazing World of Gumball S06E05 - The One U.S. AIRDATE: January 19, 2018 (TV) SYNOPSIS: Tobias tries to be Gumball's best friend. PREVIEW + IMAGES: https://previews.ctoon.network/details/1178845
  6. About torrenting...

    They don't do anything more than warn because, why would they want to risk losing you as their customer? They just want their money. They do what they have to but, they'll try not to cut off your service and lose money.
  7. Dragon Ball Z: ISO's & Extras

    Can anyone reupload the Bardock and Trunks Nicktoons Webrips?
  8. Saw Blade Runner for the first time and then its sequel. Now Im feeling the urge to rewatch GITS...

    1. CyborgIcarus29


      Check out GITS:SAC after you finish the movie. It's not very similar to the movie but it's a  fantastic sci fi/ political thriller.

    2. warlord8


      Seen  SAC, meant the 1995 film though

    3. emjay911


      I also saw the first Blade Runner more than a month ago ... to be honest watching it was a drag.

  9. xdelta3 GUI 2.0 v2.0.8 - A patch maker for all!

    Thanks to @CaptainJet for finding this out (and @Etzimal for relaying it), updated to v2.0.8 to fix the 3.Apply Patch-Windows.bat creation and adjust it to look in correct directory for xdelta3 executable. I thought I was on top of it by updating the code that copies the xdelta in the first place. . . oh well.
  10. [INDEX] Uploads by Cartoons

    does anyone have Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (1080p iTunes WEB-DL) complete series.
  11. About torrenting...

    yeah i think mostly they focus on 0 days releases. as neutralhatred said they cant catch everyone and 0 day releases are mostly where the money is. not in US though and i cant really comprehend why an isp would care if you pirating and i think telecommunications are under confidentiality. i thought its copyright trolls that send a letter to isp with the ip in question, and thats why isp warns users. and idk how is it in US but afaik from europe, they could only build an actual case about a seeder, else its just a guy having useless incomplete data in his hdd. well I'am not the right person to speak. at least here a troll/company would have to go to court vs isp in order to maybe obtain ip info and then start another procedure vs the user, so they just dont do
  12. if you want to download it weekly.. (sometimes he uploads 2-3 days late :3)
  13. What kinds of shows and comics?

    Any question regarding rules here, bug reports or is otherwise about Kametsu itself goes in Feedback and Assistance. Even though it's for a VIP board we'd still like it to be in there. As for what's specifically allowed, it's a bit nonspecific, but it should be obscure, old or kids-oriented for live action. For comics I'm a bit unsure myself since it's way outside my expertise, sorry. When in doubt, please PM a moderator or ask in the Feedback board if something's allowed.
  14. I would post this on a discussion forum but.. since it's about VIP (and what shows and comics..) I guessed it would be better here.. - as far as shows what kinds of shows are ok besides the normal Disney, Nick, etc since I've seen Twilight Zone, Gilligan's Island, Three Stooges and such.. and on comics.. are magazines included like game magazines or just comics and any kind of comic? (If it's in the wrong forum I guess you can move it lol I figured it would go with VIP but not sure completely.. anyway.. Thanks
  15. Hi, my question is which is the best way to resize 480p video from a DVD (MPEG2) to 1080p (AVC). Which is the best tool to use without losing quality: ffmpeg, Handbrake, AviSynth? My video says it is Progressive though I've noticed some flickering or I don't know how to say it, and I don't know it that's poor deinterlacing or the program I use to play the MKV files. Also the hole purpose of this is for burning the files to a Blu-ray at some point. Is 720p good? Should I better upscale the video to that resolution? Thanks in advance, hope you can help me.
  16. About torrenting...

    ISPs and the government primarily focus on popular media, such as Game of Thrones or Stranger Things or hit movies that just released on a BD. They generally won't bother you for a few anime torrents. ISPs mainly dislike uploading as it clearly means you are pirating or at least aiding in it. I've had a few warnings from Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) regarding torrenting but, it was due to my brother torrenting those said popular titles. Networking and torrenting in general isn't my forte but, over the years, I've learned how they seem to operate. They can't possibly catch everyone. So they aim for the important targets. My advice is to get a Seedbox if you'd like to upload a lot. Otherwise, seed til the torrent is seeded then remove it from your client. The least amount of time you are seeding or downloading in general, the less likely they'll see what you are doing.
  17. About torrenting...

    This is a dumb question but what are the big chances of getting caught by uploading torrents to nyaa or on a cloud storage that you can share? I'm afraid of knowing in the back of my mind that one day I might get caught in big trouble from my provider for doing all this torrenting/downloading, especially anime in particular... I'm not sure if the US is a country that can detect piracy or torrenting easily or you can suffer major consequences if you do get caught.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    You're only the third person to mention this LOL He's gonna look into it. Already added it to the sheet of active projects.
  20. Moodkiller's Topic Index

    Beatrice-raws just released their raw of this show which has FLAC jap audio. If you are still planning on doing this, their raw could be a potential source. P.S. nice OP background , dont think I've seen that on any other release index.
  21. Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    What's up! I know this a great resource for download links, but I hope I can be of any help to this forum.
  22. EJF Index Page

    well i tried to sync them but seems like urotsuki might be missing or adding a frame here and there. there aren't many signs though so it shouldnt be big deal. but they should be checked one by one
  23. EJF Index Page

    I just rechecked and it has timing and scaling issues. EJF will be doing this properly with Dekinai's improvements. we've already discussed on IRC.
  24. EJF Index Page

    you sure? if its the old one surely it has timing issues. im the one who timed the subs but did so fast without QC i didnt expect someone would use them without QCing further anyway for oyasumi you gotta check signs 1 by one to fit urotsuki
  25. EJF Index Page

    That scared me. Just a little. But not with dekinai subs/signs. Especially for signs dekinai's improvement on Oyasumi is just perfect.
  26. EJF Index Page

    STOP RIGHT THERE! because SRLS already did this project =P It's currently available via XDCC bot over here. @blondvillain pls. ignore this. edit: actually this release is a little flawed, doesn't have a Signs track for the styled subs. So it does need some minor improvement. I may throw that together myself and post real quick.
  27. This was his first post, so he couldn't see the download boards yet. even so, rather disappointing. @KametsuViking please make sure you're posting in the correct section from now on, and search for threads before asking when you can. Thanks.
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