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  1. Past hour
  2. I just made a ham and scrambled eggs sandwich with my weed waffles fuck that shit was so good
  3. Yeah I thought torrents would be my best bet at the moment, but was also having no luck tracking down some of the ones I read were good releases of the movie.
  4. Open a lemonade stand
  5. If only I could open up a weed waffle house
  6. LOL, you have a point.
  7. I'll manage, I made it this far right?
  8. How are you gonna hold up till September. Wake me up when September ends?
  9. If I knew of kids to babysit I totally would that's the best job ever. I wish I had one growing up, a sexy female one obvhopefully when september starts some of the people in the supermarket have to go back to college and more spots'll open up
  10. Today
  11. Start babysitting kids
  12. Stop being an American about your job
  13. Then we'd start bitching and throw a hissy fit, nobody'd take action tho
  14. What if he increased the taxes
  15. Besides it'd never happen not even 1/10 as many people required would be willing. If Trump being elected didn't cause one nothing will
  16. Not the right times for a civil war bro hold it for later
  17. They're probably using it to the read this as we speakand by they I mean Russia
  18. Which is why the 99% need to force it with a revolution if they want it
  19. Redistribution of wealth is never gonna happen
  20. If everyone thought that way we could. Don't you think it's silly that 99% of the country bitches about being poorer than 1% of the country? You make up 99% of the fucking country, if you hate it so much start a revolution, you make up 99% of the population you're bound to win. It's not like the government and the 1% could bomb us cuz then they'd be bombing themselves too, reduced to just guns I think the 99% would dominate even with the government and the 1% having all the advanced military tech. Like unless they have that camo shit that makes you invisible from GitSyou never know the government's tech is 30 years more advanced than what's available to the people
  21. You guys can make it happen
  22. Now if only we've gotten an anime about males complaining about the size of their genitalia.
  23. That's an excellent idea. I always thought our president should be capable of fighting his own war instead of sending off a bunch of teenagers with guns to do it. Arnold Schwarzenegger would probably be all for that
  24. The president should be elected through hunger games
  25. I can't stand people who are like "oh you're so mad Trump's president? Did you vote? No? Then it's your fault he's president" I didn't vote cuz I live a ny, a state the democrats are guaranteed to win so there's no point. Hilary won my state, big surprise. That's why I didn't vote. That and the popular vote means nothing as I said before
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