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    DanMachi season 3 was announced.

    Psycho-Pass 3 was confirmed to be 8 1-hour long episodes.

    Fire Force episode 12 won't air till 10/11 due to special programming.

    1. RyanEsau


      Also got A Certain Scientific Railgun T (AKA Season 3) confirmed for January 2020. 

      Fire Force delayed but got a new Key Visual if you like those. https://www.funimation.com/blog/2019/09/27/fire-force-new-key-visual-art-fall-2019-anime-funimation/

      And the SAO Premiere at NYCC is confirmed to be Subbed. https://twitter.com/AnimeFestNYCC/status/1177284871837949952

      Bummed about the last one, since US Location/Dub VA at Event, I assumed it was going to be Dubbed. Which I also hoped was a sign that the Dub broadcast wouldn't be far behind Sub.

  3. Well here goes nothing I guess. I've tried my best to fix all the issues. But if there are still some... don't yell at me for them and just tell me about them. I'll see what I can do to fix them or at least try to fix them for the next stream I do. For now... what does Yuna do after defeating Sin? Well... 😅 Come and find out I guess. Also... you can pretty much call this game 'the death of me.' I'll explain why in stream. The stream will begin at around 5:30 p.m. EST. Also... let me know how you like/how it is for my new method if you want.

    1. CardGames


      Stream's over. I think it went okay for the most part...? 😅

    2. CardGames


      Sorry for the delay. I got busy. Either way the YouTube version is now up.

  4. The moment of truth is finally here. The 1 out of 2 hardest Main Story bosses in the game. Can I defeat Seymour Flux? Or will my 'no Game Over' streak end? Come find out live I guess. Also give me advice live if you want. Maybe other stuff too? Either way... link in the thread as always. Stream begins at around 5:30 p.m. EST.

    1. CardGames




      Well... that was anticlimactic. Maybe I should stop worrying at this point? Oh well. I guess. Stream's over. 😅

    2. CardGames


      Sorry for the delay. YouTube version is up.

  5. Here we go again. I overreacted. Clearly. Though that doesn't mean that there aren't difficult bosses. Just not likely in this possibly boring stream. Another FFX HD stream coming starting around 5:30 p.m. EST. No... we totally won't see an evil religion or a main boss. I swear. 😉 Link in the thread as always.

    1. CardGames


      Streams over. Sorry for where I stopped. Thunder Plains is annoying and nobody wants to see that. 😓I want Jecht Spheres but I don't want to have to deal with Dark Aeons so after a boss in Macalania I'm going to have to go ALL the way back for all of them except one so I don't have to deal with Dark Aeons. So I didn't want to put everyone through that. 😅

    2. CardGames


      YouTube version is up.

  6. @DJHulp When is your birthday bro? I'm trying to keep track of my friends' bdays.

  7. Nominations for AotS Spring 2019 have begun:


  8. Finished episode 36 of DBZ Faulconer Revival!
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/QzMxIj2
    DVD Cover: https://i.imgur.com/rQMqXH0.png

  9. hey,


     How u doin buddy!! I just read on internet that kametsu stopped the dl section , well it was a surprise but yup understandable by all means. Anyways as long as kametsu is around I'll keep lurking it . Its one of those old place that shud stay alive .


     There is one think I wanted to ask you, a friend of mine asked me , what is the best add company for an anime site? well I have been out of loop for so long now that I have no idea, you got any clue mate?



     Take care

     best of luck to kametsu

    1. Koby


      I don't know much about ad companies other than I have had bad experiences with most of them that I tried and ultimately decided they were worthless, especially in todays internet world full of adblockers and virus infested ads. It's much better and safer for your visitors to try to remain ad free and let the userbase support the site in their own way rather than trying to force them to view adverts.

    2. EvilServo


      well you got a point but still sometimes donations are not enough, my friend was running website on donations for past 6 years and I think he has had it enough now lol


       so what are the future plans for kametsu/ I remember kametsu had its own encodings

  10. Playing this game without cheating is still really weird. Plus I'm still incredibly worried about doing so. Oh well I guess. Too late now. Final Fantasy X HD stream beginning at around 5:30 p.m. Come and give me advice live! I guess. Or come and cheer me on since I seem to have a self-confidence issue or something. Link in the thread as always. 😓

    1. CardGames


      Stream's over. HOW DID I BEAT OCHU?! HOW?! I'm doing far better in this game then even I was expecting. The Overdrive grinding seemed to help. I already have Slice & Dice. OP? Maybe? 😲

    2. CardGames


      YouTube version is up.

  11. Got date for DanMachi Season 2 Dubcast. August 2nd 😃


    1. Beave


      Cool Thanks!


  12. Finished episode 35 of DBZ Faulconer Revival. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/MXWblLw

    1. Masquerade
    2. Ashurbabel


      Dear theMaestro, I'm in love with your project. Could you tell me where I can find the episodes with the Faulconer music?

  13. This is it everyone. The end of it. For good this time. How will this game end? Honestly... I'm still worried. But... I guess I'm about to find out now aren't I? 😅 Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory Final Boss & Ending. Starting at around 4:30 p.m. EST. MAJOR SPOILERS INCOMING. So... for the final time... if you want to play the game and experience it for yourself... it's recommended you avoid this stream. If you don't care... then it's up to you. Stream link in the thread as always.

    1. CardGames


      Stream's over. If I had know it would have only taken me an hour I would have waited an hour. Oh well.


      My reaction to the ending: 😭

    2. CardGames


      YouTube version is up in the thread

  14. So... um... I'm at the end of Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory. Is anyone legitimately interested in seeing me stream the final boss & ending of this game? Now the problems with this are kind of obvious. If anyone actually wants to play this game for themselves... it would be MAJOR SPOILERS. So if you want to actually play the game and experience everything for yourselves... you'll want to avoid this stream. However there are those who don't care too I guess. So I'm asking. Anyone want to see me stream the final boss & ending of Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory? If so... either reply to this update, 'like it and/or give it reputation,' or whatever method you feel is easiest to tell me you want to see this. If there's enough of it... I'll do it. If not... I'll just go forward with my original plan of just doing it myself. Let me know I guess? 😅

  15. Did you know that it's almost three years and two months are past.
    While most off us are watching Hunter x Hunter! ;)
    First Episode: April 16, 2016.
    Last Episode: June 22, 2019.

    Life is funny that way! 😋

    1. CardGames


      Yep. It's finally coming to an end. I've been lobbying on the Funimation Discord for Fairy Tail to replace it. We'll see if it worked. lol. (not likely but hey I tried) 😅

    2. Koby


      For most of us the correct dates are:

      First Episode: Oct 2, 2011

      Last Episode: Sep 24, 2014

  16. Our dearest member @PannenkoekenNL is no more! May his soul rest in peace!

    1. Koby


      rest in peace.

    2. 3Teja6


      Rest in peace. 😥

  17. I found out I have severe pancreatic cancer, that has already gotten to my liver, and have at best a few months to live.  I am sorry I will not be able to help maintain this forum with my tomes again, but
    I wanted to say goodbye.


    I will try to check in from time to time while I am still here, but this is the worst form of cancer it seems and I have the worst variant of it, so time is not on my side.


    Take care and be well everyone, ad treat this forum as the precious place it truly is.



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    2. YukinoAi


      Thank you for letting us know. I hope you can some peace with your loved ones during this difficult period.

    3. IkarosBD


      @Bluenoser I might not have known you personally, but regardless, this is not easy news to take even for me. Cancer really sucks :( :( :(


      As Koby said, don't worry about the forum. Everyone here - especially those that personally knew you well - will keep you in their hearts. Focus on your family, right now that's the most important thing for you.


      I sincerely hope you're able to live out the remainder of your life in peace and comfort with your family.

    4. SPIKE1989


      I'm incredibly sorry. I'm wishing you peace and comfort. and thank you for all the amazing work you've done helping to maintain this forum.  you'll be greatly missed. 

  18. Sentai announced DanMachi Season 2 for Dubcast on Hidive in July!

    1. lucaslink2


      Thanks for the update Koby

  19. Happy Birthday Eve! ❤️

  20. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

    August 30 NetFlix Confirmed!


    1. Grundy


      Wow , did not know that there will be a prequel series . Love the original though , great cult classic .

  21. Here we go again. For possibly the last time. Another possibly boring Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory stream. One thing is for sure though... A LOT has changed and I actually have quite a bit to talk about. Come if you want but only if you can handle the occasional 'boring' parts I guess. It'll start at probably around 5:30 p.m. EST. Stream link is in my thread in the gaming area on here.

    1. CardGames


      Stream over. Digimon in the real world is TOTALLY the worst thing ever. (it's not. it's THE BEST) 😍

  22. Are you alive boss?

  23. havent been on this site for a year and came back to download some anime but the section is gone! what the hell?!

  24. Hey all anyone still about these parts :) 

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