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  1. Yesterday
  2. Dimension W 10-12, OVA (wait, what?), and bonus stuff tomorrow.


    Gosick or Pandora to encode Tuesday.

    1. Bulletgazm


      Was the Dimension W ova dubbed? 

    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      Must be. No one was expecting this even had an OVA.

    3. Bulletgazm


      On some streaming site they had a OVA listed.

  3. Can you access Cartoon Network Anything MX's server? Because obviously there're some Villainous clips on that server, but I can't access it even within the app with a Mexican proxy. It always says time out here.

  4. Can I get some opinions on these comparisons-- does either source look better to anyone? (Jensen = BeatriceRaws, btw)






    Here are the RuTracker links as well, in case anyone wants to take a look at the MediaInfo:


    Beatrice - https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5288382


    Yurasyk - https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3683640

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    2. PDoggy77


      I already synced up subs from niizk, but I've also combined niizk signs with THORA subs for anyone that prefers that (THORA hardcodes signs, for whatever reason).

    3. PDoggy77


      Also, lleur? Even over BeatriceRaws or Yurasyk?

    4. Catar


      Like I said, haven't done any comparisons. That's just based on my past experience with those encoders on other releases. 

  5. Hey there! I saw you on some of the different Uncle Grandpa threads, have you got any WEB-DLs for S03 (aka Volume 4 if I remember correctly)? I cannot for the life of mine find it and seeing another fan of the show urges me to ask about this. Every link I have found were dead. Thanks in advance.

    1. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @Somebody_Mister Nope I'm afraid not. I'm desperately in need of S03 myself, which is Volumes 5 and 6 actually.


      You're wanting S02, which has Volumes 3 & 4.

  6. Last week
  7. One of those days where I can't decide what to watch. Maby this, maby that.......

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    2. Moby


      ^2 = we have no life

    3. Koby


      Could just work on anime like the rest of us instead of watch it. xD

    4. (AC)
  8. So, I went ahead and bought a 5TB premium Onedrive account. I can only use 2TB of 5TB (due to some...expert hacking), the other 3TB I may have to open up more browsers cuz 1D can't open in Fire/Water/Cyberfox for some reason.


    Anyway, I do have a referral link so if anyone who wants to join Onedrive and get an extra 500MB storage to start PM me, but ONLY TO PEOPLE THAT EITHER CONTRIBUTED TO SOMETHING. Limit is 20 people.

    1. EndlessWorlds


      That's so great to hear, apart from the missing? 3TB or w/e, I feel bad for not contributing somehow as I always go on about how great Onedrive is so I wont ask for a ref link, but I assume joining means paying, the 500mb can't be used with free accounts right?

    2. Afternoon Nap
    3. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      1.) Onedrive just has that rule where it's 1TB for you and 4TB for other PCs (I guess 1TB each...some Microsoft Office deal shit), but if you're using different browsers you can make different accounts, each account will only get 1TB so you'll have 5 accounts on 5 browsers each with 1TB.


      2.) I think the 500mb can be used with free accounts (although you start with only 5GB for free).

  9. Koten Gars is on a temporary Hiatus until I get a new computer or I get a backup encoder.

    Also about the rumors that 'Koten Gars is dead' don't listen to it.

    1. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      Koten_Gars is still very much alive, and I may be able to be your backup encoder.


      Depends on how fast my first PC is after it's been built and if I have the free time.

    2. mrbaer


      you have a life to

  10. Raspberry Pi3 and 10-bit does not make a good mix. Any solutions?

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    2. ThePJzer
    3. emjay911


      Thanks will check out the video when i get home and give an update

    4. Catar


      To get the 10 bit to play correctly in Kodi, you need to switch off Hardware Acceleration in the video settings. Change it to Software. However, the Pi probably can't handle it at base settings. I've heard people having better results with the newer Pi and overclocking, so you can look into that too. 

  11. My PC is getting a bit slow, Dimension W 07-09 BD may be delayed till tomorrow morning.

    1. mrbaer
    2. astrlnv


      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it.

  12. After Dimension W, between Chivalry and Pandora, which I should do next?

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    2. mrbaer


      he only does 720Ps

    3. astrlnv


      Ah, that's a shame. Thanks for the info, mate!

    4. lucaslink2
  13. Is anyone doing dual audio release of School-Live! (Gakkougurashi!) when the US BD comes out next month or sooner as Sentai shows seem to be out before the release date usually.



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    2. Inverti


      @Hark0n Thanks. I'll be looking forward to this. 

    3. Hark0n


      Sorry for late replay, had some internet connection issues.

      After comparing FFF and JP BD, I am not too eager to use their video - noise present in the source is removed and there are visible loss of details in darker scenes (likely caused by noise removal). So, if I were to do this, I would probably go for different video source or new encode.

      @Koby, @Catar Do you know if someone plans to do School-Live! (Gakkougurashi!)?

    4. Catar


      No plans here. I don't know if anyone on the Kametsu team is interested. Were I to do it, it'd just be the simple FFF remux you weren't happy with =P

  14. Anyone else play Clash Royale?? B|

    1. EonJone


      Now days no ..i played when it launched ..btw i like clash of clan..i am playing from 1 years..nice concept

    2. Killua


      I used to play when it came out. I stopped playing when i became level 8 (arena 6). Now when i go on clash royale i just open the chests.

  15. Do people want the dub for Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor? I said I'd do a dub only release if no decent groups pick it up. Buuuut, I'll pass if there's no interest.


    I inquiry simply because it seems to be doing well. As far as MAL score is concerned, anyway.

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    2. Moodkiller


      F**k you!
      Who comes up with this!!??

    3. NeutralHatred


      Evil, kawaii, YouTube AIs.

    4. Moodkiller


      ... a bit like Pollux, I'm lucky to be alive ~_~

  16. Any update for the complete 4Kids dub of One Piece? I'm looking for episode 66.

    1. PDoggy77


      That was really more of an archival thing-- I only have stuff that's available publicly from other sources/uploaders.

      That said, I do have episode 66. It's a TVrip by {C_P} from way back when it was airing. From skipping through it, it looks like it's not 

    2. PDoggy77


      (sorry, accidentally hit enter)

      it's not broken or anything.

    3. Gilblitz112


      Well, I (or we)'d like to see it when you have the chance to upload it. 

  17. Ey, did you get those r&s german dvd's? you said a while back that you would get them for a restoration

    1. TheJasbre202


      I have the blu-rays, but I tried to do this thing for my blu-ray to play region B but it didn't work, so i'm stuck on what to do for that.

  18. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya


    Have to say, I'm actually enjoying watching this more than I though I would.


    1. Etzimal


      Lesbian lolis. + Imouto...



  19. Pro tip: Remove the plastic cover on the base of your cooler before sticking it to your CPU. Or else you'll feel you need to retake your A+ certification test because you're dumb as shit.

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    2. Faronil


      xD Did you put cooling paste on the plastic as well just to top it off?

    3. emjay911


      Did you put the paste at all?

    4. NeutralHatred


      I just forgot to peel off the plastic. Probably explains why my CPU was spiking to over 60c when I ran Rise of the Tomb Raider's benchmark for only 30 seconds.

  20. I got a new thing.


    Well, several. Like a whole setup thing.

    ...I built a new computer. There.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Pollux


      Nice amount of drives there @Moodkiller. Lol!

    3. NeutralHatred


      MK has a storage problem.

      Then again, with that many, maybe he doesn't.

    4. Moodkiller


      @NeutralHatred Ah! So you have one of these? My bad, interesting that Speccy picks up and determines the Intel 600p to be M.2/NVMe :confuse:

      Heh, well, I will take that those HDD comments as compliments :D 

      Moodkiller stares at that 465GB HDD while its 4TB replacement sits in its box on the floor... 

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