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  1. I've download various episodes and the quality it's pretty amazing. Does Codename: KDN is in your plan ?
  2. It's available on Amazon Prime Video too.
  3. Does anyone knows something to convert .wmv to .mp4, .mkv or even .avi, please ?

    Of course, without losing quality.

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    2. aliqandil


      use ffmpeg as a command line like this:

      ffmpeg -i input.wmv -map 0 -c copy output.XYZ

      depending on the container you choose, some streams may get omitted. (like srt in mp4)

    3. Sheldon131


      .wmv .mp4 .mkv and .avi are containers, not codecs. You can use mkvtoolnix to simply remux into an mkv container.

      Already tried :|


    4. NeutralHatred


      .wmv is an old video codec. I don't think you can convert it. At least not without significant quality loss.

  4. +1 and for Pac-Man
  5. I believe it when I see it. But, if this will come to fruition, hopefully they will feature Legion of Superheroes, Doom Patrol, Raven and more Batgirl.
  6. Stop wasting money on awful 4:3 rips. If WB released LoSH and XS in HD, in the end, they will probably release this too.
  7. The animation is similar to one of these mainstream anime, but cant put my finger on it.
  8. The entire series is available on watchdisneyjunior.com.
  9. Are you willing to split the costs with someone ?
  10. Mainstream live-action series arent allowed. Next thing you know, The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory would be uploaded here.
  11. Hi, everyone. Can someone tell me a sowftware to cut parts from video files (.avi, .mp4, .mkv etc), please ?

    1. PM62


      I tried to do this recently and the only software that did this properly was MKVtoolnix:



      Drag the video file into it and put the parts you want in Output>Splitting



      This setting for example cuts the part from the 11th to the 12th minute, resulting in a 1 minute video file. It however always outputs to MKV which you might not want.


      I hear that this program is good if you want to keep the source format, you'd have to pirate it though:


      No guarantees myself since I haven't used it.

    2. Sheldon131


      Oh, there's no problem if the output will be .mkv. I do not want that the parts that will be cut to be reencoded, that's all.

  12. @Sheldon131 Please check our PM, I replied back to your response.

  13. Or, hopefully in the near future the series will be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes or hulu.
  14. Here you go: http://tracker.tvnihon.com/index.php?category=27 PS: it's subbed.
  15. +1