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  1. The title says it all,Is it worth getting at all,cause there is a few games I definitively want to play on it.One Being Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and another being the two Dissidia Games.
  2. Okay I see,I didn't know Born skipped the 5 and changed the plot of the 7th LN that Sucks,But still I'm going to take my chances and watch it(When I get to season 3)to see how it is,Cause the previews that Funimation puts on their YouTube channel makes it more convincing to watch,and did they at least cover the 6th LN in some way? and I don't have the LNs to DxD,Might consider on getting them though.
  3. How much does the anime cover the light novels?,Does it cover everything?,or does it leave some parts from the novels out?Im just starting to watch it so I'm curious as to how much all three shows cover the light novels,Since all three seasons has 12 Episodes each.
  4. Ok I'll start riping it this afternoon
  5. Quick question:What Channel did you get the Kirby Episode From?
  6. I have the Cappy New Year Dvd,I could rip it for you if you want? Sadly i thought i had the Movie but i don't
  7. Still any luck yet?
  8. Any luck yet?
  9. Does any one have this show complete on DVD of tv rips of it?I love this show so much but it's kinda hard to find,if anyone has it can you upload it to MEGA?Please and Thankyou.
  10. As the title says it all,I myself am a Huge SAO Fan,And I just recently got myself Re:Hollow Fragment and I'm enjoying every second of it,Just want to know if getting Lost Song is worth getting or not,Heard a lot of Ups and Downs about this game,Is the Story Short,Long, or In-Between,and is the controls easy or difficult?and lastly does it have a lot to offer or not much? Just want to hear it from you guys before I get the game myself.
  11. Ok,i keep a small fan behind the PS4 just to be safe,Is that ok?
  12. Slightly Warm.
  13. I just got a new ps4 for Christmas,and I having a problem on where it keeps on getting warm every time I turn it on,10 mins later it gets warm and I got a USB Fan for the PS4 but still I don't know if it would work,Is their anyone that has a PS4 know how to keep the PS4 Cool and not warm? Solutions And explanations would be nice.
  14. Does anyone know how to do it?Ive looked all around the Internet and I couldn't find anything on how to do it,I have a few iTunes videos that I want to make MP4 but have the DRM in them,So once again does any one know how to remove the DRM?and if you do teach me how?
  15. Alright voted for Sailor Moon.