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  1. Mr kimiko cannot receive messages??

    1. Mr. Kimiko
    2. Koby


      heh, I was full of PMs too... had to wipe out a bunch..

  2. I know a 480p version exist here but thanks anyway.... I am hoping that maybe a 540p version exist on some private tracker like spider man TAS. Can you help me with X-men evolution highest quality.
  3. Hey......Thnx for the torrent. Jst wanna ask that do you have X-men series in highest quality
  4. Jst grab the philosophy raws release if you want sword art online in flac audio. Search it on nyaa.
  5. others can do these but not as good and as awesome as yours, you will do these at the highest quality possible i have the dvd-rips but i will have another copy of this on my HDD just bcoz it was done by mr. kimiko(i.e. if you ever gonna release them)
  6. try to find it. If it doesn't exist, go with aac....... bt just a request if you ever gonna do this, do it from mawen's release as it is the only bluray source i could find and you only picks best sources.
  7. hey can you do Revolutionary Girl Utena from mawen1250 release or may be at some point in the future, you may do it. is it in your list? i heard that @deanzel had already done a remux for this bt didn't have subs/signs for it..... Do you have any plans for it?
  8. can you share that torrent bcoz everytime i try to register on u2, i couldn't get pass through registration question, always a tricky one it is also on TSDM, i'm registered there bt i don't have 200 prestige points to access that content
  9. no prob...... plz do check for availability from your sources whenever you got time .......... i vll wait
  10. hey do you have Kurokami The Animation from yousei raws........ they released it with english audio so was curious to have them i downloaded the torrent but was able to download only 3 episodes bcoz of 0 seeds you grab a lot of stuff from yousei raws so i thought maybe you have kurokami in your list?
  11. thank you so much ....... really appreciated
  12. i owe you for this...... i thought you may have deleted it....... thnx nd i'm waiting .....
  13. @Beave can you provide this please....... i found it everywhere ........ bt i got nothing ........ i hope you can help me