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  1. This is a question and a request. Are the airings of Samurai Jack on Toonami in HD? If so, then can someone please upload them? Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  2. Is there any specific shows you want?
  3. I might be able to buy volume 5, since I know someone that's currently over there. http://www.cap.co.th/product/7771/Chowder___Vol.5_(Region_3)/ It's apparently full screen (4:3), so not widescreen like I thought it would be. Is there a reason why you want these?
  4. For some reason this isn't on Itunes Australia. So I'm looking for this in 1080p. Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  5. I need season 6, episodes 22-29 of season 7 and S08E14 (download failed).
  6. Does anyone have a live stream of Toonami asia? Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  7. EDIT: Tooncore reuploaded all of them. But the only episode I need (which is missing), is S08E27-28. Sadly @Tooncore's links have being taken down. I only have a few seasons left to download and I need to redownload a season 8 episode. Thanks, TheOneWhoSees
  8. I agree with this. Please do not leak the finale of Regular Show. I wouldn't mind a leak for 'Cheer up Pops', but please don't for the finale. I live in Australia, so I have to wait until someone uploads an episode. I'll be avoiding social media on the day until I watch it, but I don't want to see spoilers now.
  9. Do you have the full version. Happen to have the serial key?
  10. If anyone wants to watch the english dub of DBS when it airs, then you can watch it here
  11. Are you using chrome? also have you used a Japanese VPN recently?
  12. I'd like to see this too. I've been wanting them all in one collection. I've being downloading the episodes from [HorribleSubs], but the only problem is that the first 70 something episodes is not even a torrent and it takes 1 and a half hours to download a 500mb file (Usually takes 10-15 with MEGA).
  13. I checked it out and it's a WEB-DL. I must've skipped it a while back, because I was busy. The movie isn't in 480p, sadly. It's 360p. Kind of shitty how they didn't release this in 480p, yet they released the series in 480p. I can't understand CN releasing stuff in 360p on Itunes.
  14. I already checked that one a while back and it was a TV-RIP.